Saturday, November 28, 2009

we have a winner...

ok folks this is going to short and sweet cause i am real tired and plan on heading to the beach tomorrow...thank you for your interest, those who emailed me as well, however there can only be one winner... give a big shout out for ~sassypackrat~ if you could email me with your address i shall post your little parcel off on monday. my email address is on my profile to the side of this post. thank you once again and have a great weekend, whats left of it. xxrosey

Monday, November 23, 2009

time for a giveaway

i cant believe that over a week has passed since i have had a chance to get back to my promise of a giveaway!! this post will be number 202 and i have enjoyed every entry i have made. this blog is like an online diary and hopefully something that i will be able to access for years to come. it is really hard to find the time to post at the moment but when i do i feel like my soul has been nourished, it is a bit of me time that i really enjoy.
OK enough of that, onto what you could win...
i had promised the chance to win some bunting...unfortunately i have already sold one set and the other makes up part of my market stall and i simply cant part with it at this stage, however i think you will be happy with what i have planned instead.
here is my lop sided babushka :) cuddled up to a gigantic marshmallow Santa!! he looks so tasty, almost too good to eat (i did say almost)
i will also pop in a few chocolate treats into ONE of these...
a home stitched mini Christmas stocking, the sewing machine is quickly becoming my best friend @_@
i stitched a sweet little crocheted flower to her hair, remember she is NOT perfect but she is still very pretty.
this babushka is a ONE RED ROBIN pattern. you should visit jho's blog, she will blow your mind with her plushies.
isn't he too cute?!? i think i had better hide him from my little rug rats...
so i am going to keep this simple, all you have to do to be in the running for this little gift is to (1) follow me and (2) leave me a comment. (3) if you don't have a blog leave me a comment with an email address or email me (email is on the side bar) this is open to anyone who is interested anywhere in the world :P
i will keep this giveaway open until Saturday the 28th November, 10pm my time.
OK i am off to twitter about this, good luck and catch you in cyber space
%*_*% rosey

Sunday, November 15, 2009

a close encounter with pixies...

we really do live in a magical place, not only do we have fairies in our garden, but a mere 5 minute drive takes us to the petrie markets where this can be found...
click on this to read the print
i wanted to treat the girls to a different experience and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. morning pixie played amazing tunes on his little flutes and greenleaf elf made gorgeous pretties with the girls and read them enchanted tales this lovely elf has such a wonderful nature and made my little ones feel safe and had them totally enchanted. each of our girls made a little 'wish catcher' which have been hung above the fairies that hang in our lounge room. i love this sneaky shot... if you get the chance head out to the petrie markets on the north side of Brisbane. the pixies can be found on Saturdays and of course our favourite shop Lilly cottage is open wed-sun and it is a magical place to visit too. and when we came home we found this wild flower which had bloomed in our little garden, the fairies have certainly been sprinkling their love everywhere!
now onto a sneak peek of some of what could be won in my give away... yes little miss lop sided babushka is looking for a new home and since she is looking a bit chrismassy i will add a few Christmas goodies too. and yes that is christmas bunting made by MMMEEEEE, you can choose one of those sets. i will also add them to my etsy shop, $15 for a set of 7 flags. (a cheap investment for something that should last forever)
i will be back in the next few days with the full scoop!
smooches for a great week ahead
%*_*% rosey

Friday, November 6, 2009

i dont like doctors @_@

once again i have had a busy week full of 'high lights' and 'low lights' (not sure if that is a real word) last week i visited the doctor for a very overdue female check up in which she sent me for a full blood test. i went back this week to check out the results only to be told that i am low in iron (explains my tiredness) and high in cholesterol!! so i guess these are out of the question...
we have been indulging in iced coffees and iced chocolates at least twice a week @_@ iced coffee is my favourite, i guess i can still enjoy them using my NO FAT milk and LITE cream...
the extremely thin female doctor proceeded to tell me that i have put on a kilo a year over the past 6 years and that if i don't start watching what i eat and start exercising i am facing heart problems! so instead of saying no to the pleads from the children to go for a bike ride i have said yes and i have even had two sessions with the exercise bike and sit up bench. i hate getting old...i realise now that it is going to take more than 6 years to get those 6 kilos off!! for some strange reason i have almost put 1 kilo on this week alone!! is there some sort of unspoken rule that the closer you get to 40 the faster the weight comes on? long service is great for the soul but not for my fat ass!! i have 3 months to do something about my iron and cholesterol, so i am hoping to be under 60 kgs by then...fat chance i know, but i guess i have to have a goal.
so that was the low point of the week which was soon forgotten because mister moo and i snuck away to montville on Wednesday (shh don't tell anyone) for a walk around and some much needed US time. we bought a gorgeous bell for the new front door and another tin fairy painting. i will post a picture of them when they have found their new home. another high point was that i had to go to the coast a second time as i had to pick up my pillow from the unit that i had stayed in last weekend. i decided to take the girls out of school and spend the day at kings beach. we had such a wonderful time yesterday, the girls were so well behaved. we walked A LOT and my back is punishing me today, but it was so worth it and we have now started the count down to our holiday in earnest...51 sleeps!!! almost as exciting as the visit from the man in the big red suit <0_0>
i also had to share this last photo with you
this is Claudia's very first real 'picture'!! it is a pig, isn't it THE best pig ever!?! Claudia is such a clever little 3 year old and the moments of her having more self control are growing. i just love my little family and especially love the alone time i share with my husband.
before i sign off, this is my 200th post so i guess i will be back with a giveaway...
have a great weekend
xx goldsworthy