Tuesday, August 24, 2010


this went 'snap'
this went 'pop'
they say it comes in 3's..whats next??

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

all systems go...

hello my little friends, i can let you in on my little secret and if you click here you can even see what our new shop looks like (without all of our goodies inside of course).
Renata and i will be spreading our pretties out in some rooms of Couts Cottage in Petrie Market Town with the one and only Linda of Lilly Cottage!!
granted the shop wont be as big as LILLY COTTAGE was but it will have the same feel and Renata and i will add our little touches and i expect we will grow as crafters as well. so expect more of the same and new products as well. having a space means that we don't have to think of the elements which at times determines what we make and take to the markets. this way Renata can display her jewelery and art work without the wind knocking over her displays!
it really is going to be a grand experience, Renata and i both made a commitment of a full year to this market stall when we began in May this year and now with this newest development we will be able to extend that commitment...of course there is no way this could be a reality without joining forces with Linda. she has the credibility, business sense and reputation that we lack but we will not let her down, this is going to work and look great at the same time!
now all we need is to fit out the shop with shelving and cupboards and have a 'staff' meeting to iron out all the workings of the shop...it really is exciting to say the least. it feels like i am inching closer to my dream job!
all i can think about is the shop and with that in mind i am going to be doing up an old cot to turn it into a day bed of sorts which will act as a cupboard on which we can display cushions and string some of my heart garlands. we also thrifted this shelf..
which i will paint and 'shabby up' to house some of the smaller trinkets and art works. it has hooks on the back so it can be hung or stand wherever we feel fit.
tools ready... i will post an after shot for sure.
so if you live locally and feel a visit is in order come to Old Petrie Town and visit Lilly Cottage and Friends, we will open the doors the last Sunday of this month the 29th of August.
i can tell mumma cat is really impressed :) pretty isnt she?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

childs play

my screen saver at the moment is the photo below.
i created a 'light box' of sorts to use outside when taking photos of my products and little miss Claudia just had to 'play' with some of my props. i just love her chubby little fingers and if only you could have heard her made up conversation with the little people. when my girls play together it is pure bliss to listen to and watch. of course 70% of the time they are bickering which i assume is NORMAL.
anyhow here is lilis first 'patient'...
poor old Sid needed emergency care as he fell off the bed and broke a few bones...
even his tail was injured. lili has a certain number of toys on her bed at all times and in a certain order. reminds me of when i was younger and i would surround myself with the toys to keep the monster under my bed from reaching me. 0_o
and then there is this wonderful show on the ABC that is called 'Mr Maker' which runs for about 20mins and this fabulous guy shows the viewers how to make great little pieces of art and craft. i have often thought that as a teacher it would make a valuable resource to view the program and then have the materials at hand then let the children create! if you get the chance watch it, 2:45pm on ABC2.
i tape the show for the girls as it is school pick up time and when they get a chance they watch it and create :) look at these wonderful 'box creatures' that they made all by themselves...
Claudia's skinny twin :)
ooohhh arrrgggg I'm going to eat you!
how gosh darn cute is that!
i have lots of memories from my childhood and now i am watching my girls make their own memories. SWEET!
i have some news to share but i will only share half of the news until it is official...my market buddy Renata and i will be renting a space out at petrie markets which means no more packing and unpacking, we wont have to worry about the weather and part of my dream is coming true....of course we wont be in this space alone but that surprise will have to wait! very exciting!!
happy Wednesday

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

tuesdays treasures ~one day late~

playing along with Clare once again i have chosen to show some items that are dear to me. each of these items hold sentimental value to me and are quite old...
this ring belonged to my maternal grandmother Jane Morgan and i believe it was her eternity ring. each of my sisters received a ring from my grandmother Jane as well, which leads me to my next photo and a task that i need to attend to post haste.
these rose gold cuff links belonged to my grandfather Arthur Samuel Morgan (as you can see the initials are engraved) and my husband wore these on our wedding day. i am assuming they belong to my brother which would make sense that we received a ring and he received these links. they are still in my possession from our wedding day which is nearing 10 years now and i should really return them to my brother. the sad thing is that we had a falling out about 3 years ago and i am afraid that if i post them and he throws the letter away without reading it they might be lost forever...i will have to think of a way of getting them to him without such a catastrophe happening....
the last piece and most dearest piece of all is a locket the belonged to my mother Joyce Beverly Morgan (maiden name of course) given to her by Jane and Arthur who are pictured in the locket...when i look at it my heart fills with love, what a gorgeous gift for a young girl to receive. my eldest sister gifted it to me on my wedding day as my 'something old' and i wore it close to my heart. when i hold it i think of a man i never met...a woman who i got to love until god took her at the age of 94 and my mother who died far too young (39) but was obviously loved very much by her sister and adoring parents.
thank you for sharing in my treasures, be sure to head to Clare's craftroom and see all of the other treasures to be found.