Tuesday, March 1, 2011

cutest cupcake shop ever!

on the weekend Mia was invited to the most gorgeous cupcake party i ever did see. i knew it was going to be something special because the invitation was sweeter than sweet and included the business card which included a website...i jumped onto that site quicker than the speed of light and sat glued to the website for ages ooohhhing and aaahhhhing at every link.
here is Mia outside this tiny cupcake shop. the website is http://www.cupcakesbyk.com.au/ each of the 8 party goers received a hat and apron to wear and to then take home.
now when i say this is a little shop i am not exaggerating, however the owner has used the space quite well. the front of shop which would be the size of an average kitchen is wall to wall sweet cupcake, foody and girly type gifts to purchase, with the most amazing fittings that really make you squeal on the inside.
just look at this mirror!!! impressive is an understatement @_@ give me a chandelier and I'll give you my heart....isn't it stunning?!? and this is the best piece...how smashing would it be to have that item in your shop? eepp eeeep double eeeppp! OK, feverish squeals of delight have now died down to a tiny whimper....once the hats and aprons were in place, the girls were led to a tiny back room which was big enough to house a little sink in which the girls washed their hands and a table that had 8 chairs placed around for the party guests. the chairs were donned with ribbons and helium balloons filled the room along with tissue pompoms hanging from the ceiling.
rolling pins and icing ready to be rolled. yes the cupcake queen Kellie herself taught the girls how to decorate the cupcakes and they were able to take home 6 decorated cupcakes! i will show you a pic of that in a minute but first what party is complete without a cake...
here is the lovely birthday girl ready to blow out her candles
mmmm fresh cupcakes! after the party food was shared each of the girls got to take home their decorated cakes, how cool is that??? and here are Mia's cakes. the dragonfly is the only one she actually made herself but she used the available toppings to cover the other ones. pretty impressive dragonfly don't you think?
now all of this hoopla over cakes had me bringing out our wedding cake toppers (10 years old). my sister Anita made these hippos for the top of our 3 different types of mud cake and even though they are a little slumped they still look great. yes mine is topped with a tiara and the other one has a little silver tie :)
why hippos?? well i have a little tattoo of a hippo on my hip :) maybe one day i will take a photo of it and show it to you ~_~ Anita is so very talented and we hope to use her talents in a joint venture one day...fingers crossed.
so there you have it from cupcakes to hippos all in one post.