Saturday, December 26, 2009

ever so quick post

just a quick post to make you smile. some of the highlights of our Christmas. my family make me smile. we are off on our annual holiday tomorrow! cant wait to feel the sun on my skin and the sand beneath my toes. i am going to brave the ocean with my Mia and we are going to conquer those waves! i will miss visiting your blogs but will be back sometime in the new year.we had laughs and cuddles on Christmas eve with my family. we gathered at my fathers house for a lovely dinner. my girls with their cousin Chelsea. Claudia having a cuddle with my gorgeous niece Katie. some of lil's Christmas presents... some of Mia's presents.... the Christmas tag that Mia found on her present from Santa...the girl in the picture looked just like Mia!!
the tags that were on the girls presents from Santa.
something that the girls found in the window sill from the fairies that live at the bottom of our garden..they were so excited, lili had left a note wishing them a merry Christmasbut wasnt expecting a gift!!
the fairies always leave a little note :p and a little snowman each that were hand made by my niece Renata..she has a blog but doesn't update it often enough!! (hint hint) they are really sweet but need a bit of facial surgery :0)
that is all for now...
take care and have a blast on new years eve!
p.s. pop over here to see what i made over Christmas.

Monday, December 14, 2009

the tooth fairy makes a visit...

yes ladies and gentlemen, Mia is officially a 'big girl' as she lost her first tooth 2 days ago!! i just love how children think...lili is waiting until she is 8 and a half to move into the spare room by herself, cause she will be more mature by then :) anyhow before all the excitement of the tooth fairy visit we had more important business to attend to. i have struck up a friendship with our lovely neighbour across the road and recently she looked after my girls for a few hours while i went to my staff party. anyhow while i was away she cooked the tastiest curry for my family so that i wouldn't have to cook dinner that night!! we had been trying to organise a time to share a meal but this time of year seems to be so hard to find time for anything so i promised to bake a cake for her 2 year olds birthday. we decided to go with a fairy theme and invited them over on Friday for afternoon tea... we have made a few fairy cakes in our house full of girls so we were armed and ready to make this special for little Jayana. the following photos show the making of the raspberry swirl fairy cake... start with the best packet mix cake ever..raspberry swirl cake (sorry to all of you gorgeous domestic goddesses out there gasping at the thought) top some marshmallows with those sparkly hard coush thingys while the fairies sit around waiting add some green coconut for grass and some sugar flowers and flakes for logs and you are ready to... to place the fairies on top, light the candles and have the cutest 2 year old on the block blow them out! she really is the prettiest little girl and her mother has become a good friend to me. it was lovely to share this special day with her and best of all each of the girls got to keep a little fairy as a keep sake.
fast forward a few days and after a long few weeks of wobbling Mia's tooth finally fell out. boy what a drama the last 10 minutes hindsight i should have taped the whole process, who knows i could have won $10 000 as it made me laugh my head off!
anyhow the photos tell the story, click on the tooth fairies letter and see if you believe her..
if you ask me i bet the fairy just plum forgot!!
i still have a vivid memory of when i realised the tooth fairy wasn't real...i hid under the dining room table and kept an eye on the glass that held my tooth...i watched as my step mother put a shiny 50cent piece in its place...i wonder how long it will be before my girls catch me?? i will try my hardest to hold that day off as long as i can!
anyhow looking forward to a lunch with my husband tomorrow, little one is at day care and the two older ones will be swimming the day away with 'aunty juls' perhaps the rest of the shopping will get done as well!
have a great week, mmmwwaaahhhh

Thursday, December 10, 2009

mirror mirror on the wall...

the 23rd of this month marks my 9th wedding anniversary...i know what you are thinking...why so close to Christmas??!! it is sort of a sentimental reason behind that date. my mother and father were married on the 23rd of December and dad always says that had my mother not died at the young age of 39, they would still be going strong. so i guess that date holds a special meaning for me and i hope that my mister moo and i can have a long and happy life together...
i guess the joy of December means that i get 2 gifts, one on my anniversary and one for Christmas morning. seems as though my anniversary present has come a little early...
just by chance the girls and i popped into a little second hand store and spotted this beauty.
i wasn't sure if i should buy it as we had promised each other no extra spending. after finding out that it was only $30 i was tempted to buy it but thought i better not. i thought about it all day and rang mister to have a look on his way home and if he thought it was a bargain to buy it for me. by the time he got to the store they had popped a price sticker of $35 so he was confused and rang me to check if it was the right mirror...needless to say he talked the fella back down to the original price and brought this beauty home for me as my anniversary present.
it is perfect in every way, no chips or cracks.
i love it and just know that it will be a perfect addition to our new room. i have a feeling i am getting something else as well...
the girls were home today as holidays are in full swing and they actually played quite well together. Claudia was pretending to be doctor with the glasses and stethoscope and little comedian lili popped this lightening bolt on her head and said look mum harry potter. Claudia didn't get the joke but we were all in fits of laughter.
she is so cute!
Friday is just around the corner and marks the beginning of micks holidays...yippee!
%*_*% rosey

Monday, December 7, 2009

nothing says summer like a pool party!

gotta love a Queensland summer...actually i don't really love summer here in Queensland, it is far too hot and when the humidity rises it is actually unbearable however if you have a pool things don't seem so bad. we don't have a pool but installed air con last year so at least we can find some refuge on those hot hot days. i love air con and prefer it over a pool any day but through the eyes of a child my sisters place is a paradise made for them! narelle and mike added a pool a while ago and decided that their youngest was at an age this year where a pool party was possible (with constant adult supervision of course).
i of course made the fatal error of telling my children about the party the night before, so an agonisingly long day passed before it was time to join another 13 children for a fun afternoon of splashing, laughter and fooooood! a pool is the best party, no other games were needed as they spent the entire 2 hours in the pool and cut the cake as parents were arriving. the best part was my gorgeous niece Katie and her lovely friend Carly looking after my two youngest in the pool for me!
birthday girl Chelsea...not officially 9 until later this month but she wanted to get in before the school holidays began.
no party would be complete without jelly!
Katie did a wonderful job of layering these sweet treats which were enjoyed by....
you guessed it. hamster gobbled it up quick smart!
there was lots of fun to be had. (i have tried not to show children that i don't know)
Mia, Chelsea and Carly. Carly did a great job of caring for the less able swimmers.
my niece Katie having a cuddle with lili. she did a great job looking after Claudia for me when mick wasn't in the water.
lili, Katie and Emma having heaps of fun!
after the cake was cut and eaten...
( our eyes were bigger than our mouths but it was yummy)
they jumped back in the pool until their parents came to take them away....
i didn't think we could get Claudia out of the pool, she was having such a great time on her daddy's back!
we managed to get the girls out and went home happy, cool and satisfied...
of course we can go over any time party or no party :)
hope you can stay cool in this heat or warm if the case may be. i hope to be back to show you our christmas tree and all the trimmings around the house.
have a great week
%*_*% rosey

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

spoilt rotten

hello my bloggy friends and welcome to summer here in sunny Queensland Australia! i say the with a sprinkling of guilt as our trip to the beach left 4 out of us 5 sun burnt...i covered Mia in sunscreen, mick covered Claudia while i left lili to do herself...bad mistake! i am positive now that she covered her arms and legs but NOT her face AT ALL! she was as red as a beetroot and sore to touch but of course a few days later and it has all but faded away. no permanent damage, no blistering as i remember from my childhood. mick really didn't put much on at all so he has quite a red back and belly...Claudia and Mia managed to get off with red noses and i, because i wore my hat in the surf and all day, did not get red at all.
despite the sunburn we had a great time. i am not fond of waves but am determined not to pass that on to my girls. so with that in mind i held tight to Mia's hand and we squealed with every crash and we giggled over every floating wave. i cant wait for our 2 weeks away, it will be so much fun. Claudia held tight to mick who had his eyes firmly on lili who likes to go out as far as possible!!! i am not kidding the girl has no fear...
anyhow we headed home straight into a storm but managed to get to safety without any damage (luckier than some i hear). it was an exciting end to a lovely weekend. on Saturday i worked at the lovely Lilly cottage where Linda has allowed me to display my handmade pretties. i sold a few things on Saturday and Jan reassured me that it was fine to leave the display up for Sunday trade. while i was at the beach the lovely Linda text me to say that a few more items had sold!! how sweet to make my day like that. this gorgeous family have spoilt me silly not only with their kindness but with little treats like these..
Jan stepped out and bought me these!!! pink roses all for me :)
i stitched up this brown paper stocking which i will fill with chocolate treats for the girls teachers.
here is my lili with the roses
and if that isn't enough, a few weeks ago Linda came for a coffee and came bearing gifts... cupcakes and this little fella for me!
this picture does not show how really cute this guy is. thank you so much linda, not only for this but for EVERYTHING you do for me and my girls. so now i am off to restock my display. if you have some time on your hands this weekend you can share yourself between the brisstyle indie designer markets at hamilton and visiting lilly cottage friday night, saturday or sunday out at petrie.
kisses %*_*% rosey