Tuesday, December 1, 2009

spoilt rotten

hello my bloggy friends and welcome to summer here in sunny Queensland Australia! i say the with a sprinkling of guilt as our trip to the beach left 4 out of us 5 sun burnt...i covered Mia in sunscreen, mick covered Claudia while i left lili to do herself...bad mistake! i am positive now that she covered her arms and legs but NOT her face AT ALL! she was as red as a beetroot and sore to touch but of course a few days later and it has all but faded away. no permanent damage, no blistering as i remember from my childhood. mick really didn't put much on at all so he has quite a red back and belly...Claudia and Mia managed to get off with red noses and i, because i wore my hat in the surf and all day, did not get red at all.
despite the sunburn we had a great time. i am not fond of waves but am determined not to pass that on to my girls. so with that in mind i held tight to Mia's hand and we squealed with every crash and we giggled over every floating wave. i cant wait for our 2 weeks away, it will be so much fun. Claudia held tight to mick who had his eyes firmly on lili who likes to go out as far as possible!!! i am not kidding the girl has no fear...
anyhow we headed home straight into a storm but managed to get to safety without any damage (luckier than some i hear). it was an exciting end to a lovely weekend. on Saturday i worked at the lovely Lilly cottage where Linda has allowed me to display my handmade pretties. i sold a few things on Saturday and Jan reassured me that it was fine to leave the display up for Sunday trade. while i was at the beach the lovely Linda text me to say that a few more items had sold!! how sweet to make my day like that. this gorgeous family have spoilt me silly not only with their kindness but with little treats like these..
Jan stepped out and bought me these!!! pink roses all for me :)
i stitched up this brown paper stocking which i will fill with chocolate treats for the girls teachers.
here is my lili with the roses
and if that isn't enough, a few weeks ago Linda came for a coffee and came bearing gifts... cupcakes and this little fella for me!
this picture does not show how really cute this guy is. thank you so much linda, not only for this but for EVERYTHING you do for me and my girls. so now i am off to restock my display. if you have some time on your hands this weekend you can share yourself between the brisstyle indie designer markets at hamilton and visiting lilly cottage friday night, saturday or sunday out at petrie.
kisses %*_*% rosey


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Sounds like a great day at the beach If alittle burnt.
I love waves...The bays here are so still it is boring!
Hey that Little birdie is too too cute!
I think the friendship you and Linda have is a keeper...Gold for sure!

babalisme said...

You are in Australia!! Now we're getting closer, literally! hahaha, any chance dropping by to Indonesia??
Sunny all year here (it's getting boring, really)!

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh Rosey, you make me out to sound so nice! You are more than welcome for your little treats....we need little surprises every now and then and it is more fun for me to give than receive sometimes, especially when I know how much you like your new treasures. I adore those little birdies...I have snavelled Marissa's as well...just looking after them.
I have roses the same and they smell so divine...I think fresh roses and chocolate croissants are my Farmers Market must haves.
Speak to you soon,
Kiss Noises Linda

julia said...

Despite the sunburns, it sounds like a wonderful day at the beach. Those stockings are just the perfect gift for a teacher.

Darren From said...

Isn't it great to have such good people around you. Congrats Rose.