Wednesday, June 30, 2010

tuesdays treasures

hello all and welcome to my very first treasure Tuesday. it is the brain child of the gorgeous Clare of Clare's craftroom and if you click on her link you can visit many other bloggers showing off their treasures too. as you can imagine choosing just one treasure would be hard, so Clare is going to make this a weekly event so we can go through our whole life's history and show off what is most precious to us. my first treasure is very personal as you will see. i don't have a photo of it as i don't actually have it in my of my gorgeous sisters owns it. it is the travel diary which belonged to my mother who passed away before i turned 4. a few years ago now i borrowed the diary, typed it out and presented a copy to each of my siblings so that we each had an idea of how much love mum had not only for us but for her husband and the romance of countries she had always wanted to visit. i have printed the very first page which is not her writing but an introduction that i had written which explains why is is so precious to me... Travel Diary Property of J & B Jandrasec (Continued by the one with the M in front) My mother, Joyce Beverly Jandrasec, prior to her death in 1975, made the following entries about a family trip to Rome and Zagreb. I have typed the entries as they were straight from her personal diary. I’m sure you will agree my mother was very articulate and paints a perfect picture for the reader. These entries have made me giggle and have given me a little insight into her character. Along with the laughter I have cried. I know that my mother must have held me as a child, but of course I have no recollection. But when I read the following entry I cried, I realized that she was actually holding me!! –“What a picture, the little bald bell’boy’ and his wheelbarrow, followed by myself and Rosemary and in Indian file Melissa, Anita, Andrew and Boris with Narelle on his shoulders.” What an amazing feeling those words have given me. I love picturing what she has written; it gives me a memory even if it is manufactured. My most favourite is to picture Narelle, Anita and Melissa throwing snowballs at Mum and Dad on the mountain in Sljeme. Even though this is not her original handwriting, these are her original thoughts. I am comforted in the knowledge that I will forever have a little piece of my mother, and my children will have the same insight into her spirit as I do, and rest assured I will always keep that alive. there you have it...the thought of my mother holding me is my most precious treasure, even as i type that a tear slips down my cheek. i love reading her words and if it wasn't 19 pages long i would pop it on my blog for all of you to read. anyhow i guess my message is that treasures do not have to be tangible a mere thought of what was and what could have been are just as able to nourish your soul as a ring or a trinket... ok peeps, that's it from me smooches for a wonderful day/night xxrosey

Saturday, June 26, 2010

fancy going to a mad tea party?

if you have some time on your hands and you like an adventure...why not head to lilly cottage for a whimsical party that will have you wanting more! i was invited to take part in Linda's gorgeous and mad party and as usual the hostess with the mostest left us with a parting gift.
each of her lucky guests left with a pansy cupcake! this little gal has sprouted another pretty flower, in my favourite colour of course.
this party inspired me to have a tea party of our own to celebrate a birthday for a very special friend...the table was set with some pretty little friends.
tiny deer and bird salt shakers, not a matching set but they play so well together i just had to bring them out.
a nest of pretty birds seemed right at place on our table.. these beautiful creations cannot be eaten but they certainly make a statement for those enjoying a tea party or two. the gorgeous kylie cupcakes made these and will make some for you too :) we soon filled the rest of the stand with lemony cupcakes, mmm delish jellyfish! shouldn't that be drink me? i hear you say..well this pretty tag made by the lovely linda is actually right. this teapot is filled to the brim with individually wrapped dove chocolates %*_*% squeal!!!
and what party would be complete without a present? i made the tag myself and the present too. what a fun time we hadand these 5 guests had a ball!
do yourself a favour and head down the rabbit hole into a wonderland of tea parties hosted by the amazing vanessa of a fanciful twist.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

happy unhappy day

having a blue day?? well let this story teach you that with a little love and support even the bluest days can turn purple :)
there once was a hard working, dedicated and all round gorgeous guy who was feeling down about the monkeys that he had to teach day in day out. now these monkeys are no ordinary monkeys they are the teenage type..yep those who think they know everything and have a hard time listening to direction and have manners of a pig. sensing the blues were on their way a little angel whispered into my ear...
why don't you make today happy unhappy day and turn that frown upside down?!?
what a brilliant idea, we decided to make a scrummy pie...
and take our mr blue over to mr happy and cheer him up with some fine conversation and tasty pie.
mr happy did a wonderful job of making us laugh and we went away feeling much better than when we first arrived but that was not all that we had in store...
our sweet neighbour from across the road invited us over for a traditional curry, so armed with wine and sweet treats we made the short trek across the street and had a wonderful night full of conversation and laughter..
these two faces could make anyone happy!
then to top off our happy unhappy day we presented mr blue with the second passion fruit from our vine
and guess what?
yes you guessed it he found his smile.
our happy unhappy day lasted all weekend and mr blue said that the following week was so much better and that he is not feeling stressed at all.
the angel was right, love and support is all that you need to get you through the darkest days.