Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tuesdays treasures

hello and welcome to another installment of 'Tuesdays Treasures'. as much as i would like to play along with Clare each Tuesday, something always pops up and before i know it Tuesday is but a memory...anyhow this time i am showing some items of clothing that hold sentimental value to me.
is it just me or when it comes to fine details of events does your memory fail? i am not sure if what i think is accurate but i believe that this little item of clothing was made by my mother out of her wedding dress...not sure if i wore it or whether it was intended for a doll or teddy. in my memory i believe some friend of the family gave it to me when i was in my late teens and told me that my mother had made it, they had kept it to give to me...sounds silly but that is my memory. (if any of my family read this, not many do, maybe they could tell me the truth)
the second item of clothing is much clearer to me.
this is the slip that my gorgeous grandmother wore (maternal) every day of her life, well maybe not everyday of her life, but to me it seems like it. when i look at it i am transported back in time to her little room at the nursing home. i spent many an hour making her cups of tea eating biscuits with her and laying on her bed while she sang or stroked my hair. i would sit in the old arm chair and read the readers digest and listen to her complaints about this and that. the strap on this slip would always hang down her arm and i would pop it back into place. i loved walking around the nursing home, past the dining hall, the entrance and the infirmary (which always scared me). i know it seems strange to keep them, but to me they are a piece of my history, even if i don't remember it all that well.
i like to think i was a good granddaughter, others may have different memories to me, perhaps there were times when i didn't want to visit but when i was in university i would drive myself out and take her some panadol and some tasty treat.
it was fun showing the girls and telling them how ladies always wore a slip under their dresses for fear of revealing too much flesh. boy, gone are THOSE days!
thanks for reading along, head here to see others treasures.

Monday, September 13, 2010

lets celebrate

we celebrated a religious milestone on Friday night, lili received the first sacrament of reconciliation after many weeks of preparation. it was a lovely ceremony that ended with the releasing of balloons into the night sky and a big fat piece of cake. we presented lili with a lovely cross before we left for the church and headed out for ice cream after it was all over. lili was pleased as punch with the whole event and has a wonderful memory of this special occasion. her lovely teacher made the effort to be there to support her and the other children. i am so glad it is over though as the guilt of missing one Sundays mass is enough to drive me to drink 0_o the photos below show some of the fun we had.
lili loved this little cross which is now hanging above her bed.
having a cuddle before we head off, i straightened Mia's hair very quickly so it looks a bit funny...
lili took this photo, i really don't like being in photos... heading out to set the balloons free along with their sins.
tasty cake!
lili with her lovely teacher Mrs Williams and here she is with Father Chinua
congratulations lili, we are proud of you and your love for being a good girl.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

book week surprise win

it is hard to believe that another week is almost over, some days the sun goes up and down before i even know it!! i am still enjoying my relief teaching days but am yet to have two consecutive days in a row. that day off is always filled to the brim with things to do and still i find no time for crafting or sewing..how is this possible???
anyhow this week was 'book week' at my girls school and on Wednesday they had to dress as a character from a book and if they were lucky enough they could win a certificate and a prize. i never go to any expense for these day and usually find something suitable in the dress up box or something from our cupboards. this is what we came up with and amazingly enough one of the girls won! can you guess who??
Mia was happy to go as Goldilocks and found a cute hand me down dress from the dress up box, popped her favourite teddy under her arm and carried a wooden spoon and bowl. i thought she looked super cute! lili went as Mr Pockets a character from one of the short listed books and look just a treat in mister moos over sized jacket and hat.
can you guess who won??
surprise surprise lili won!!! i was very surprised indeed. proves that spending NO MONEY can still get you somewhere :) she actually won the same thing when she was in prep and that was with a thrifted jacket from Linda. i think lili is very lucky and perhaps i should pop my lotto ticket under her pillow...
oh and i had to pop this photo in... ol' sour puss was very upset cause she wasn't involved in the day. she has to wait another year before she gets to go to big school and have such great days... isn't her sad face so cute? and before i go a big happy fathers day to all those wonderful dads and grandpas out there, hope you were treated well.

Friday, September 3, 2010


do you ever feel trapped?
my feelings at the beginning of the year were so distorted and overwhelming which led me to take a step back from teaching with a view to resign...
now that i have had time to talk to someone i don't feel so desperate. my BIL is doing well, he had a check up yesterday to be told that the tumors had not changed since stopping chemo 2 months ago so we have a little ray of hope...but i am left with this sense of what have i done?? i am thoroughly enjoying relief teaching and am hoping that the bosses in catholic education give me the nod to have next year off as well. as much as i am enjoying the time at home and the days of teaching here and there i have a new load of guilt to bear...society is set up in a way in which it is impossible for a family of 5 to survive on one wage, the weeks that i don't get a day of teaching we barely have enough money in the bank for bread and milk. i don't mean to whinge and i know that we are all in the same boat but why does it have to be this way? why cant i just be a housewife and relief teacher and not have the guilt?? a night fill job would be ideal especially over the school holidays when i will be bringing in zero dollars...that is my next step and ASAP.
well my fellow bloggers, thanks for your support and a shoulder to cry on...
maybe one day the cage door will open and i will be set free.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my other blog

just incase you didnt know i had one..here it tis itty bitty and pretty