Wednesday, February 23, 2011

happy birthday to me!!

39...thirty nine...3 tens 9 ones...whichever way you look at it, i am 1 year away from the big 40!!! far from fearing that number i am embracing it...and the best way to embrace it is to have one hell of a party ~_~ after talking with mister moo about my visions for what i would like, i have realised that i best start putting away 10% of each pay cheque to be able to hold this shindig. i really haven't ever celebrated my birthday in a big way with the exception of my 18th when my lovely friends mother held a party for me at their house. it will be nice to do something special and invite everyone i have ever called friend.
anyhow back to the here and now...a few weeks ago i was given the most gorgeous belated Christmas present, wrapped in gold tissue and sweet lace ribbon. Linda gifted me this!
she reinvents (sounds like a good term) gorgeous vintage napkins with beautiful sayings. this one is perfect for me and our new room which has been named the family room. each of the crocheted hearts represent Lili Mia Claudia mick and me. (is that bad grammar?)
i have found the perfect spot for it, my tub chair faces it so not only do i see how pretty it is, i can feel Linda's love each time look at it.
now my birthday was a little low key but i still managed to be thoroughly spoiled by those around me. mick and the girls gave me some new shirts, the authority to buy myself something from the doll and bear show and this gorgeous MOOK (magazine/book)
it is a collection put together by the Frankie magazine group and apart from smelling delicious, in that paper book kinda way, the pages are inspirational to say the least.
sorry bout my photography skills...very limited :)
i am having a wonderful time slowly reading through the stories that come with the pictures and dreaming of the day that i do an interior design could happen right??
talk about being spoilt...i just so happened to do a day of relief teaching on my birthday and the secretary had organised a cake just for me!! how special is that? i love my colleagues they make the troubles of teaching disappear :)
after my day of teaching i came home to find these flowers delivered to my doorstep
one of my closest friends from toowoomba had sent me this pretty bouquet. thanks Miranda you are a doll!! (give Paul a big kiss from me)
on this occasion one of my sisters babysat the girls while mick and i headed out for Thai. because we were rushing around getting ready for dinner i forgot to check the mail box so it wasn't until the next afternoon that i discovered that this was in the mail box!
once again the lovely Linda had showered me with her special kind of love. this sweetly wrapped present and hand made card brought squeals of delight not only from me but my 3 girls who also happen to be Linda's biggest fans ~_~
such a special card!
and here is a rare photo of me modelling the gorgeous necklace that was gifted to me.
here is a closer look...yes it is a little bird cage with tiny eggs and a little door that opens and closes.
two special things about this gift...i spotted that necklace a few weeks ago and had mentioned to linda how much i loved it (she obviously stored it in her gift giving part of her memory)...the second and most amazing thing is that Linda has spent the last week in hospital and the days leading up to her admission too sick to work yet she still managed to get my birthday present to me...kind hearted is too little a sentiment to describe her nature. i am dreaming up ways of repaying her don't you worry.
anyhow, this birthday is now over and dreams of THE BIG ONE are growing...
sweet kisses to you all and blessings for a wonderful second half of the week.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

belated birthday...bad mummy

here i am basically 2 weeks after my eldest daughter turned 9 to post about her celebrations...i feel like a bad mother but as she doesn't read this blog yet, she wont know the difference ~_~i love this picture!
lili began her birthday like every other birthday in the bonser house by opening her presents on our bed. we each gave her a gift; clothes, littlest pet shop Blythe doll and best of all her very own camera. this camera is better than mine!! the best part is that is has a fish eye function which has kept us entertained taking turns laughing at ourselves.
as an extra gift this year i gave lili a sweet little bird which i had originally bought myself for Christmas. this little bird was made by Laura of billyangel and is so sweet and goes well with lilis growing collection of handmade pretties. we are going to add to her collection when we visit the doll and bear show on the 2oth of Feb which just happens to be just down the road from us.
another tradition is that we head out to a restaurant, birthday girl/guy gets to choose of course.
we got all dolled up and headed to a local steak house. playground and ice cream after dinner, what could be better??
then to top off her birthday WEEKEND we gathered family and close friends to share cake....
my sister who has lived in London for many years kindly decorated the cake for me and hand made everything you see....
little bees... oh so sweet!
this little fairy was reaching into the pond, how amazing is that! and yes the pond was edible.
looks wonderful doesn't it?!?
my sister is keen to start her own decorating business so if you live local and need a cake let me know and i can get my sister to help you out. she has decorated dozens of wedding, christening and birthday cakes and never ceases to amaze me with her talents.
and i just love this picture of my dad with one of my best friends girls and my little Claudia. Hannah and Chloe are such great company, my girls just love being around them.
we had a wonderful celebration, and even though we couldn't afford to throw lili a birthday party with her school friends we certainly had a great time and very much a party atmosphere. my family are great, i miss my brother who is still missing from my life but hopefully he will find it in his heart to start to talk to me again and we can celebrate the next birthday as a whole family.
i love watching lili grow, people say it happens so fast but to me it is happening at just the right pace. she is looking more like a tween than a young girl. she stands in front of the mirror a little longer and checks her hair more than once. the clothes we bought were in the young girls section rather than the little girls section which she was very happy about. she still has that innocence, but she matures more each year. she is dependable and sensible and easy to talk to. i love that she still likes a cuddle in the morning. she like to collect things; smelly rubbers, old tins, bears and dolls, handmade pretties and much much more. i am loving this journey as a mum, watching her grow and supporting her every step of the way. i know i am not a perfect mum but what i do know is that i tell her i love her everyday, i hold her everyday and tell her that she is wonderful and special to me. and i know that she is going to be an exceptional young lady in the years to come.