Tuesday, July 27, 2010

whats in your garden?

we are convinced that we have fairies in our garden...we know for a fact that they use our hollow log as a school cause they told us in one of their many notes they have left on our window sill. while i was out taking some pictures for my online shop i snapped a few of my Mia getting the rock garden in order for our special visitors. i was being sneaky, she didn't know i was taking these photos... making a rocky path to the hotel door. ooops. she caught me! i cant imagine how luxurious this hotel must seem to visiting fairies! isnt she sweet, how could any fairy refuse a room at this house??
before i go, we had a quiet day at the markets on Sunday. it seemed to rain softly the whole day which wasn't great for sales but we both went home in profit so for that i am thankful. Renata's work is wonderful. if you haven't visited her blog please do you wont be disappointed.
here is a shot of some of my items for sale. the two mixed media fairy canvases were bought by two of the cutest little girls. one with brown hair and one with red hair!! and of course a little girl who was told by her mother to come back and buy it later was sad when she came back to find it was gone...guess i will be making a few more of those :)
anyhow. best go and watch my Mia dance, she has been begging me since i hopped on here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cury or straight? that is the question...

i recently bought myself a relatively cheap hair straightener ($68) after seeing the results of my nieces GHD...now i will admit that the cheap straightener is NOWHERE near as good as the real thing but look at the transformation of my little Mia.
from this to...
i might be a bit biased but i think she looks pretty...but i do prefer her curls :)
my attempt at a professional shot
i am now saving my pennies for the real deal.
p.s. my first day of relief teaching went really well, just like riding a bike.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

perfect weather for christmas in july...

the mornings have cooled down quite dramatically, just in time for our 'Christmas in July' themed market day tomorrow. i will be rugged up, thermos in hand, reindeer ears in place ready to meet and greet the lovely market goers. my sister will also be holding a stall with her sister in law, selling nappy cakes and other gorgeous goodies made out of babies clothes, bibs and cloth nappies. very clever indeed and i cant wait to see her stall up and running :)
i have a few Christmas items up for grabs, they can be used now for your Christmas in July parties or stash them away for the end of the year.
of course i will have all of my other goodies on the table and will also be offering a sale basket on some selected items.
it would be lovely to meet some Brisbane based bloggers...come by and say hello and take a peek at Renata's gorgeous quilled cards, they really are a work of art!
best be off to get some beauty sleep...not sure how i am going to get out of my warm bed in the morning...
ho ho ho merry Christmas

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

all good things must come to an end..THANK GOD

school holidays are over and while i enjoyed them, i am so glad to be back into my routine...we seemed to have had a jammed packed holiday yet again, my head is still reeling! it seems so long ago i have forgotten exactly what we did :) the first week mick took a road trip with his brother paddy to visit his father and new wife in their new home in Hervey bay. that meant that i was left with the girls from early Tuesday till late Friday...it wasn't that different not having mick around cause he doesn't do a hell of a lot of house work but we did miss him. the middle Saturday was Claudia's 4th birthday which was a wonderful celebration, we rested up that night because the very next day was lilis special day!
lili was a zookeeper for the day at the famous Australia zoo. she had a blast and memories that will last forever. while lili had her 5 hours of fun we drove a little further up the hill to monteville where we spent a glorious day. i must admit i was a little worried that my 4 year old would destroy every shop in the street but she proved me wrong and was on her best behaviour EVER! we had a really really good time and i cant wait to go back.
it is a bit hard to see but that is lili, claudia and mia standing in front of a big sign with steve irwin jumping over their heads.
lili fed echidnas and
elephants. she really wanted to clean up their poo but didn't get to. strange child...
she got to watch the live show, in this photo which is on its side for some reason you can just make out terrie irwin bending down and bindi and bob off to the side. lili loved every second of her day, there were heaps more photos, too many to add here.
maybe one last one...every roll of film (in the old days) had to have...
a SELF PORTRAIT!! god bless her :)
after that day was over we prepared ourselves for the second week. we had wonderful visits from wonderful friends, we saw toy story 3 and tried not to cry. and we clean our house for visitors from the south...
micks younger brother, who is terminally ill with cancer, decided to have a birthday to remember, so people travelled from far and wide to help him celebrate. we made room in our home for his older brother and sister in law and their 3 gorgeous girls. in a house full of 10 people not a moment of silence and not one fight!! i loved having them here. they are easy going, the girls are well behaved and they are genuinely nice people. we had a lovely 3 days together and it was sad to see them go.
alex, michaela, claudia, mia, jessica and lili
saturday night saw 33 candles being blown out...
here is the ginormous cake!! very very tasty indeed.
paddy and his wife jordy put on a wonderful night. jukebox, daiquiri machine and a wonderful roast dinner. we had great time.
micks dad and his wife leona, with micks older brother clinton and his daughter jess.
mia having a cuddle with her aunty melissa, our sister in law.
i snatched a photo of paddys son henry. he is always on the go i can never get him to sit still long enough for a picture!
paddys wife, jordy, in the middle with her brother and sister who travelled from south australia to be here.
the song that is playing is ' my sharona' (hit single for the knack) you can tell by the pursed lips that it is the part where they sing oooooooooooooohhh my sharona!! jordys sisters name is sharona! (the lady holding the baby)
and finally before the night was over the cake was cut and paddy said a few words of thanks.
we had a great night and just pray to god that we will be celebrating with paddy this time next year.
didnt mean for it to be such a long post, sorry.
head over here to see some of the goodies that will be on offer at our christmas in july market day.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

my youngest is getting older

it is hard to believe that on the 3rd of July my little Claudia turned 4! she is the light and laughter of our home and loved to pieces by us all. i am so glad that i have taken this year off to be a stay at home mum, Claudia and i spend 3 whole days out of 7 together, alone, just us :) we exist so beautifully when we are at home, she sets up games while i do a chore then we play that game and the as she sets up the next game i do another chore...then she has a long colouring break cause that is her favourite way to pass the day...so my mister moo had a great idea for a present that she would actually use.
first present...a new pencil case with new felt pens.
present number 2...new colouring book. isn't she a cutie!!
present number 3...
her own little table! and boy does she love it! her sisters love it too :)
money well spent!
we had a wonderful day, 15 young friends at a hungry jacks party followed by cake and family at our place. she was so lucky and received lots of lovely presents. she has a purse full of money thanks to some special people that live a little way away and from one that lives close by. she was even gifted this wonderful 'make your won tiara' before her birthday by a very close friend of ours.
excuse the messy face @_@
we are so blessed to know so many people who are not blood related that love my girls!
a few things about my little girl...
her nicknames are. hammy, hamster, smooch, Gloria
she is so very very bright
each day she does something to make us laugh out loud
she wakes us up early and crawls into the middle of our bed for a cuddle
she no longer has a bottle or uses a pram, she is a big girl now!
her favourite colour is yellow
she loves to talk to strangers and pat dogs
she has 4 scars, 3 of them are on her face!!
she has a birthmark on her cheek in the shape of a Scottie dog
she is so very pretty, my heart melts each time i look at her
i love her so much when i hold her i want to melt her back into my body
children are such a blessing, i do hope that i don't make too many mistake raising my 3 gorgeous gals.
have a great weekend