Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cury or straight? that is the question...

i recently bought myself a relatively cheap hair straightener ($68) after seeing the results of my nieces i will admit that the cheap straightener is NOWHERE near as good as the real thing but look at the transformation of my little Mia.
from this to...
i might be a bit biased but i think she looks pretty...but i do prefer her curls :)
my attempt at a professional shot
i am now saving my pennies for the real deal.
p.s. my first day of relief teaching went really well, just like riding a bike.


Miranda said...

wow Rosey.. Mia's hair looks lovely ! Glad your first day relief teaching went well.. thinking of you..
Love you xx

clare's craftroom said...

Gorgeous little girl ! So glad you enjoyed being back on the bike ,lol !

Anonymous said...

So sweet both ways Rosey.I loveeeeeeee the curls but I think she looks so cute with it straight as well.I think she look older with it straight.Do you?

Agapanthus said...

Hold onto your pennies, when I get home we can share custody of mine... I've owned them for over a year and they have only been used once (and that was when my hairdresser used them on me to show me how to use them). I'd say they'd get more action at your place than with me. As for lovely Pussicatti, I love both looks. She's just simply gorgeous. Love you all. xx

nata_says_so said...

She's adorable either way. At least you now know when she's older she can change from curly to straight hair depending on the occasion, and who doesn't love versatile hair?

She'll be a glamour puss no doubt.


Julia said...

She's so pretty either way, but I would leave the curls alone!!!! I've always wanted curls!!!