Monday, May 31, 2010

move over autumn...

am i the only one who thinks that this year is flying by? i really and honestly cant believe that we are looking down the barrel of our 6th month of 2010. and i have said it before, i am far busier now that i am a stay at home mum than i was when i was working! what is with that??? if i could click my fingers and be in my dream job, then my life would be close to perfect but for now i must keep plodding along and keep our family afloat with love.
the weather is becoming cool with the past couple of days warranting a jumper all is still pleasant enough in the sun and on the odd occasion we like to get out and about on the shores of sandgate or shorncliffe.
yep, they are mine, all mine... #_#
staying at home allows me to be up at the school with the girls so much more and once again i was able to catch Mia at her assembly. i didn't take the camera with me but i took the video instead as mister wanted to see her perform. she had a good speaking bit and looked oh so cute in her farm girl outfit.
we have also been looking after my neighbours son before and after school while she completes her final year of teaching prac. and i am secretly falling in love with him...he is definitely a boy, so different to my girls but a delightful little fella. i feel my heart swell with pride as i watch him get a reward from his teacher and i place a light kiss on top of his head as i send him on his way to class. and i love the way he catches my eye in the afternoon and smiles with the comfort that i am there to pick him up. he told his mummy the other day that he loved coming to our place cause it was a 'nice home' better compliment than that. we only have one more day with him as her prac finishes tomorrow but there will be more to come later in the year :)
and i am starting winter off on the wrong foot..i have a cold!! my nose is dripping like a tap and i am not exaggerating...i am sure you have all experienced that sort of runny nose. my nose is red raw and i feel rather pathetic. nothing a day without children wont cure :) if only i was the type who could sleep during the day.
well i am off to have my cuppa and watch my weekly dose of silly desperate housewives.
stay warm

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

stitching of a different kind...

another busy week has passed, i feel even busier since i stopped work but am loving the freedom of being at home. one of the main reasons i decided to put a hold on my teaching career was the guilt you feel if you have to take a sick day or sending your children to school when you know that they need a day at home. being a stay at home mum means that the pressure is of mister moo, he hardly has to do anything anymore which means that he is less grumpy and can enjoy his afternoons and weekends more. the weekend gone by was wonderful, i managed to get rid of quite a lot of kids toys and clothing at a car boot sale the my sister organised in her church grounds and then Sunday was spent at the markets selling my itty bitty and pretty products along side my market buddy Renata. it was a wonderful day with lots of marching bands, vintage car displays and other fun things to attract the crowds. i forgot my camera but Renata will post about it on her blog if you are interested to see what the day looked like.
anyhow the weekend was wonderful but ended with a bang, or should i say bump... my gorgeous little Claudia tripped up on her own feet and fell head first onto the arch way to our lounge room and cut a wound on her forehead right down to the BONE!!!! basically 20kgs fell without a break onto a metal edge (metal brace under the plaster), we knew it was a trip to the hospital as soon as she hit.
she was so brave, hardly any tears, lots of blood but we reduced the swelling by keeping ice on her gash for the half hour drive into the hospital. as soon as we reached emergency they put cream on her arms to numb the spot where the needle would go to put her under. then we had to wait...2 hours later a doctor took us to another room to inspect the heart nearly jumped out of my chest when the bandage came off, the gash had opened up so much in those 2 hours and we could actually see her SKULL!!! it might not seem that big but when you can see bone you start to freak...
Claudia didn't cry one bit as the doctor inspected it. he decided he could fix it with steristrips instead of stitching. he was not 100% sure so he decided to get the opinion of the doctor in charge. 1 hour later the doctor came back and told us that the chief doctor was too busy to come for an opinion and so he was going ahead with the steristrips. i told him i thought it needed stitches but he assured me that steristrips are the preferred measure and he proceeded to do a very bad job of 'stitching' up my baby. first he cleaned the wound then he began to put the strips on..i recommended that he shave her hair line (as they had done for her other head injury) but he said there was no need... you guessed it, the strip wouldn't stick to the hair and he had to PULL IT OFF my poor child's head and proceed to cut away the hair, once again i said he could shave if he wished but he went ahead with cutting, snipping fine hairs INTO her wound! by this stage i was getting angry and wishing that i was the one performing the procedure. so then i suggested he clean the wound again of any fine hairs and he popped the 3 strips on then realised that he had to take the backing off but of course they are overlapped by each other so he had to pry each cover off basically pulling at the wound and making my little one whimper as the pulling hurt. i had to look away as his incompetence was really getting to me.
anyhow we finally got out of there 4 hours after we arrived with me feeling like the wrong procedure had taken place.
i have a photo below of the wound so don't look if you are squeamish.
feeling rather worried about his technique i took Claudia to our GP yesterday (2 days after the event because she wasn't there on Monday) and showed her that photo..she was of the impression that it need stitches and then was annoyed at how he used the strips. anyhow we both came to the conclusion that her scar will be on the hair line and that there are products available that reduce the look of scars. so my little love now has a scar on both sides of her forehead, one above her top lip and one under her arm. my dad says she can boast later in life and say the scars are from when her horns were removed!
sorry for such a long post but i treat my blog as an online diary and it will be good for us to look back on this in years to come...
i am sure there are many of you with children just like Claudia, she is one brave, tough little character with the most gumption out of all my girls. i just love her to pieces, i love her more and more each day, some days i think my heart will burst from so much love. i am actually crying as i write these words because lately i have been feeling so blessed to have what i have and i get sad to think that there are people in my life who may never experience this feeling. i just have to trust that God has a plan for us all.
now if i had still been teaching, this sort of thing would have sent me into a depression as i would have had to have days off. as it was, i kept the two older ones home on Monday as we didn't get home from the hospital till after 11pm. they slept in till 10am! unheard of :) and then i kept my little Claudia home yesterday and took her to the doctor for a second guilt what so ever.
ok enough from me, i am having a day to myself...with a bit of house work thrown in...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

here's a story of a lovely lady...

no I'm not talking about...
I'm talking about a real life celebrity, well a celebrity in the eyes of my three girls! Linda of the famous Lilly Cottage (found online and various markets in and around Brisbane)
here she is in her 'mobile' Lilly Cottage and looking as gorgeous as ever. i was lucky enough to meet Linda a few years ago and our friendship has grown ever since. she has always been SUPER generous to me but mostly to my three kidlets. i swear that each time we visited her shop (now closed) my girls would be showered with extra pretties just for being cute! mothers day became even more special when we visited the markets to find Linda back in her old stomping grounds.
i secretly knew that Linda would be at the markets but didn't tell the girls so as to surprise them.
you should have heard their squeals of delight when they spotted Linda's stall! and why wouldn't you shout..look at all these pretties. each of the girls had their purses with different amounts of money inside...both lili and mia were able to buy something.... this was mias hearts desire but it was a little bit out of her price range. isn't it just the sweetest thing you have ever seen?!?
Claudia's purse was a little on the empty side but of course the generous Linda gifted her with a hand made heart which now lives in our car...i love that it is in the car and we all get to see it every day. we each went away happy, lili bought a nest pin cushion, mia bought a collectible ceramic owl and i bought myself a denim and lace wristcuff...very pretty indeed.
not only has Linda been generous to my family but also supportive of my crafting venture, encouraging me all the way and even dragging herself along to my very first stall to buy something from me. on that special day she also gifted my lili with this...
yes..a personalised pillow made from gorgeous scraps of fabric and hand stitched with significant embroidery.
it was a belated birthday unexpected and so wonderfully appreciated. lili simply loves Linda she actually aspires to be Linda. this meant a whole lot to my little lilcant you feel the love oozing out of this pillow!! i don't know how i can ever repay Linda for her generosity, kindness and friendship not that she would expect anything cause that's the kinda gal she is. my prayers are always with her for good health, wealth and happiness and the strength to keep making her pretties which brighten so many other peoples hearts.
do yourself a favour and visit her blog and keep her in mind when shopping for that someone special in your life.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i'm hooked

i have finally found a moment to sit down and share my thoughts on my first market stall experience. i have no measure to go against but i feel that it all went better than i expected. petrie markets is such a laid back place to have a stall so that certainly put me in the right frame of mind right from the moment i pulled into the driveway. we were shown to a lovely spot right in between two gorgeous trees giving us full shade for most of the day. Renata was the perfect other half to my hand made goodies and her quilled cards certainly were a draw card. i was so pleased that she too went away having done better than expected and keen to be a regular partner in crime. i did well, but of course would hope to equal or do better next time and this experience gave me an insight into how to improve my sales. one lovely lady who runs the scrap booking shop reminded me that even if people didn't buy today they would be able to keep a memory of what i have for sale and buy it at a later date if i became a regular. i thought that was good advise and a great way of thinking. here are a few murky shots to share with you.

this is early in the morning and i am told by the lovely linda that our stall was by far the prettiest!!

we both had a sale at the same time which made us so happy we had to have a cuddle :) that is my gorgeous niece Renata who now has her online shop up and running, head over and have a look at her blog you wont be disappointed.

and here is my father who came for a visit with my eldest sister (reantas mum), he is a great supporter of all that i do (and all of his children for that matter) and bought an item from both me and Renata to help boost our sales. thanks dad, you're the best!!

i would like to thank my good friend Jo for visiting and spending up big and introducing me to some of the gorgeous children she so lovingly cares for in her role as a foster mum. and of course the lovely Linda for supporting me even though she was on deaths door. not only did she buy some of my hand made lovelies but she gifted my lili with THE most GORGEOUS hand made pillow you have ever seen. i am saving that for my next post :)

well thanks for stopping by and checking in on me. overall the market was so good that i am keen to get out again. we have a definite date of the 23rd of this month but i sure do wish it was sooner :)

have a great hump day..whats left of it!


p.s. i have made something totally new, and am working on something i started ages ago...will share some sneaky peeks later...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

please dont let it rain

tomorrow the 2nd of May marks the very first date of my very first market stall! i will be joining forces with my niece Renata,who is a talented young artist, at the petire markets, dayboro road petrie. our wonderful hand made wares will be on sale from 8-2pm. the prices of my handmade pretties ranges from $1.50 up to $32. there is something for everyone even the boys! what is for sale i hear you ask?...
  • fabric bunting
  • hand made gift cards and greeting cards
  • pretty pastel diva peg dolls
  • toy soldier peg dolls
  • chicks on sticks
  • heart garlands
  • lavender hearts
  • lavender birds
  • pastel chalkboards (recycled timber crafted by my mister and painted by me)
  • vintage avon perfume bottles
  • and a few other items scattered around.

so if you're looking for something to do, come and support local Aussie crafters and buy something hand made for mum this mother's day.

i will leave you with a few pictures of what is on offer.

heart garlands which can be strung anywhere to brighten any room

lavender hearts and birds to freshen your cupboards

not sure how to make it look more appealing but i guess i will have time on the morning to work on that.

these fellas are just a bit of fun...

hand made cards some with lovely sentiments inside others are blank .

now i havent left you much time to comment...if you have any tips or suggestions about spending the day at a market please leave me a message and i will try to read this in the morning.

wish me luck