Sunday, June 12, 2011

i'm in love again!

not only am i a good aunty i am a great aunty!!! yes that's right my gorgeous niece Renata welcomed Nathan Edward into the world on the 22nd of May weighing in at 8lb 8oz. hubs Matthew is over the moon proud and of course has a new found respect for his wife. i have visited with Nathan once at his home and then a week later at his uncles 18th birthday party and haven't been well enough to see him since....i have the dreaded cold again, this time seems to be worse than the last which seems near impossible! anyhow i will get my fix soon enough and as you can see from the photos he is a beautiful and very well loved. he has managed to meet his great grandparents, aunties and cousins on Renata's side and was passed around like a lucky charm. grab a cuppa and enjoy the photos. and get a glimpse of my family ~_~
my first at first sight!
4 days old...looks so much older
yes that is a real connection we have going on
ah love that! great lungs...time to pass him back ~_~
the loving gaze of mummy
great aunty Anita having her first cuddle (my sister)
and my sister melissa, proud grandmother of nathan
proud grandfather Vincent with Matthew in the background
my father...great grandfather Boris
great aunty narelle (my sister)
uncle Tristan, Renata's brother
and the birthday boy uncle Dylan.
i love babies, they make the world a better place. now i have to concentrate on getting better so that i can go for more cuddles!!
have a great long weekend.