Sunday, September 28, 2008

w.w.3 and birthdays

another weekend is passing by, not that it really matters as i am on holidays. the only problem is that it means that work is one week closer:( we celebrated two birthdays, we visited chloe for an early cake and swim on friday and a party for mick at dads house on saturday.
chloe turned 2 today and we helped her eat all the watermelon, chips, lollies and cake in between dips in the pool. julie calls her 'bruiser', she is very cute.

birthdays are great when surrounded by those who love you.

we celebrated micks birthday with some pizzas, pavlovas and perfect company. i left mick at dads so that he could continue drinking and not annoy me with his snoring etc... we had a great night and feel blessed to have such a loving family. in this photo - emma holding mia and boris cuddling with lili and chelsea here we have micks brother paddy in the green shirt and uncle mike along with my sister narelle and her middle child kaitlyn here is claudia waiting to bury her head in the mini pavs.
i must be in a good mood because i am straining hard to think of my whinge for this weekend. oh i know...i would like to whinge about the twits who hooned up and down my fathers road, eventually crashing into his retaining wall and absconding from the scene. the street is full of young families with young children and this 'accident' occurred before 6pm, it is just fortunate no human was injured. as for my father, he is a little rattled by it all. he is lucky to have really caring neighbours but it is still unsettling for us knowing he is by himself with these youths only living three houses down. why wasnt i ever that type of teen? and how do i stop my girls from being like them?

anyhow enough of that. i am going to learn how to use our new camera so that it isnt a waste of money. i would like to take some spring shots of our garden, not that it is great but for those of you who havent seen out house in a while it might refresh your memory. it is a shame you cant smell our garden at the moment. although it is killing me and mia with asthma and hayfever it is divine.

have a great week mmmwahh goldsworthy

Friday, September 26, 2008


I AM NOT CLUCKY, I AM NOT CLUCKY... yesterday i spent 1 and a half hours holding, inhaling, crying over, kissing and praising little baby alyssa. wow what a gorgeous little girl, possibly cuter than my babies! the photo below shows how cute she is but it really doesnt do her justice. here she is after her cuddle with 'aunty rose'. sam and simon are handling parenthood very well. like all first time parents they are sleep deprived, emotional and realising with break neck speed that their life has changed forever. the one thing they certainly do have is support. mama kaye and pa are babysitting tonight so that they can head out to dinner and like simon said, his parents would be there in a heart beat if needed. they also have great siblings who would be more than happy to help. holding their baby made me feel so very good and i cant wait until the christening when mick and the girls can meet her too. yesterday was micks birthday, (i didnt plan my visit to toowoomba very well did i?) before i left we opened presents and had a nice breakfast. we got mick some new board shorts, a t-shirt and a dvd. oh and of course the new camera i am using to take these photos. he had a great day with the girls but he had a list as long as his arm about the amusing antics of fattyham (claudia). i might include some of them at the end. a birthday hug! at last i have been able to load the photo of alyssas rattle toy, sam loved it especially the fact that i had personalised it by stitching her name on the crown. she also LOVED the bunting that we bought from lilly cottage, it has brightened the room up as they havent really finished decorating it properly yet. the cot is so lovely, it belong to sam and tina when they were babies. simon painted it white and the bunting really sets it off. (thanks linda, the bunting smelt so pretty too)

click on the picture to get a ggod look at it.

and here is my dismal collection of fabrics. i showed mick wishthimbles collection (link on sidebar) and he almost fell over. i love my fabric box and i think it looks so nice with fabric inside it. it is so nice to have a handy husband. click on it to get a better look

finally i will leave you with a photo of our rascally ratbag that is sure to make you smile and a list of some of the things she did while i was away. got into the jar of Vegemite and gave herself a beard went missing in super cheap auto, mick found her in the CARPARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

threw various items at the heads of her sisters

found a santa hat and paraded around like a goose... just to name a few.

thanks for listening to my ramblings and hope to talk to you all soon. big smooches mmmwwah rosey

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

holidays and day care...

whoever invented the feeling of guilt should feel guilty! the problem with being a teacher is that i need day care for the weeks that i work but not, of course, for the two weeks each term that i get to stay home. i know that i could keep mia and claudia at home with me but then i have that little voice inside my head (and mick) saying 'you are paying so you should send them'. i know that they are having a great time and the staff are so very caring but i still feel guilty:( and then i also feel guilty about how much i love getting all those little things done that i just couldnt possibly do with them around. i know that i am not the first to feel like this and i wont be the last. lili was very good at painting and really enjoyed it. here you can see the white under coat and the colour we chose, actually we didnt have much choice as it was the only colour we had:) trying to save money! one of the things i wanted to get done over the holidays was to paint the inside of the cubby house mick had built a few months ago. lili and i managed to get most of it done, all that is left to do is to go over the frame parts with white again to make it all stand out. i also have photos of the fabric box mick managed to make for me. i have the most dismal collection of fabric, but i am only new to this game.

all that is missing is a latch on the front

remember this old butter box? i bought it for mick for $6 and he turned it into my fabric box.

oh and i forgot to mention this little fella, i made him the other night and have decided to call him lopsy cause he is a bit lop sided, but he is so cute it is hard not to love him;0) look out for his jungle friend coming as soon as i get the time. lili loves him, click on the picture to make it larger. this photo is blurry but it shows his cute little tail. for some crazy reason i cant load any more photos on so i cant show you my fabric collection inside the box or the rattle toy for alyssa! very sad about that. i will try again another time. it is micks birthday tomorrow do i will post some photos of him and his cake as well. big smoochie kiss noises mmmwwah rosey

Monday, September 22, 2008

wanna go to a party?

i am going to let those who dont know me that well in on an interesting fact. on the 31st of october 1998, i met my dream boat mick and from that night on barely a day has gone by that we have not been together. the astute reader out there will have picked up that we met on halloween. (hence the orange coloured font) what is happening to me astute and hence in the same paragraph?!?
well to celebrate 10 years of knowing each other and surviving;0) you are invited to a party here that didnt turn out as prettily as other people do it, i am still learning.
you dont have to have a blog to come, just check in to the link on the 18th of october and check out how differently we all celebrate halloween.
now on to craftier things, i have finished the pillow/rattle toy for alyssa but havent down loaded the photos but here is a sneak peek one step before completion.
i am very happy with her.
hope sammy likes it.
time to sign off and do some blog surfing, check out all the amazing people in cyber space. xx goldsworthy

Sunday, September 21, 2008

W.W. 2

i cant believe its sunday and i havent added to my Weekend Whinge segment (not for the lack of content, but time has been against me). the weekend went so fast, it is actually a blur in my mind and i have to really concentrate to remember what happened. after spending half saturday morning at the 'shops' looking for a gift for little alyssa and a christening present for the gorgeous corbin, i had a brain wave to go and find the perfect something at our favourite shop in all the world, lilly cottage. linda was at her dreamy best, obeying lilis wrapping demands after we found the most gorgeous baby bunting for alyssa and a wooden box of skittle soldiers for corbin. today was spent celebrating corbins 1st birthday combined with his christening. what a beautiful family and such a great spread. we just had a blast especially catching up with colleen, chris and their special girls.... now i am getting to my whinge so stay with me.;0) being out all day meant that claudia didnt have her normal nap and so as you can imagine she was a little biaowch! and where do you think mick was for the afternoon....????? yes in his SHED. he justifies it by making something for me, so technically that means that i shouldnt be pissed off, but by the 3rd hour of the rampaging dr jeckle and mr hyde i was ready to kill someone. after he finished for the day i made him play outside while i cooked dinner, hearing the girls laughing with him washed away some of my anger. why is it that us mothers have to do everything even when the other adult is home? ok enough from me, midsommer murders is starting, better get some tips on how to kill someone;0) for some reason it wont let me add pictures, i had some nice ones of the girls dressed up for the party. oh well next time maybe xx mmwah (kissnoise) rosey

Friday, September 19, 2008

winners are grinners

i had a migraine of sorts yesterday. i think a combination of things caused it. bad back, standing all day with crap sandals and no water on my year three excursion and the end of term in my sights, all rolled into one big mother of a headache. so i begged my dear husband to take a day off work as i knew there would be no way i could deal with the girls. of course i had to get sick on book week parade day and of course it would have to be the day MY LILI WON!!! how, i dont know;0)
if you remember from a few posts back that the girls received a 'just because' package from the gorgeous linda from lilly cottage, well we used the wonderful red wool coat and i simply cut some red fabric from a huge roll i have had for ages, added some rosy cheeks and freckles and hey presto she won.
mick took some photos but didnt have the mummyness to straighten up her 'hood' so she looks a bit funny. she was so proud of herself and i was shocked but happy for her. recently she received highly commended for her art entry which i will post a picture of when we get it back. so all in all a great term for my little grade one girl.
oh and of course little fattyham had to get amongst it too, here she is in her hood.
have a great weekend... did someone say weekend? mmm.... weekend whinge here i come:)
xx rosey

Saturday, September 13, 2008

weekend whinge or stitch and bitch?

i am going to start my first ever regular segment but am not sure whether to call it stitch and bitch or weekend whinge{:( i might need your help on this one. let me explain the concept and the need for such a weekly segment.
i am not complaining, i have a gorgeous husband who does a few things that help the smooth running of our organised chaos, and i have three adorable chickadees, but a woman has to bitch or we blow up! (i have it on good authority that it is true).
partners in crime lili lou, mia moo, and claudia boo!
the original partners in crime, mick with my dad boris. so it goes like this anytime over the weekend i can leave a post that contains nothing but me ranting and raving over the tiny things that slowly do my head in:) and the best bit is you can join in. leave a comment so that we can all stroke our chins and nod in agreement and perhaps even take a bit of solace in the fact that someone else lives in a similar domestic hell as we do!!
the bitch session starts friday night and ends sunday, so you have plenty of time to let off steam and perhaps we may even be able to help each other through the hard times... with a great cocktail recipe ;)
here goes my first tid bit - i hate it when just as my bum cheeks hit the toilet seat, one of my darling little offspring needs me and without any thought to my privacy yanks open the door standing there expecting me to help with whatever urgent mundane task, or simply to find out where i am. I AM HERE CLEARING MY BODY OF WASTE IF THATS ALL RIGHT WITH YOU!!!! i have heaps more but i will save them for later, remember i have tomorrow as well:)
before i go i will leave you with snippets of something i have started for baby alissa born yesterday morning. i think i will turn it into a rattling toy, dont ask me how:P you might have to click on them to enlarge them to see them better.
isnt she sweet?
might do a design on her dress.
if i was talented i would do a fabric dress as a feature but not feeling that confident...
remember let off your steam and leave your vote for the title of the segment. wish i was sharing a scotch with you right now... mmwah rosey

Friday, September 12, 2008

im not lying! do you believe me?

remember my post about being psychic???? well get ready to be blown away!!!!!!!!! one of my gorgeous long time friends, Sammy, was due to have her baby later this month but my little 'fairies' told me otherwise. (the origins of these fairies date back over 6 years now and is another story in itself) last night i had the urge to ring sam cause as i said to mick, i have a feeling something is happening, i think she is having her baby. when i rang i got the message machine and in my heart of hearts i knew what it meant! this morning while lying in bed, somewhere between 6:35 and 7:05am out of the blue i said to mick 'she has had the baby.' i know the time to be that cause the alarm goes off at 6:30 plus two rug rats were at the side of the bed annoying me;) and at 7:05 i said we better get up it is after 7:00. i thought nothing more of it until the phone rang after 8am and it was sams sister tina with the great news, that after an emergency caesar, little Alissa Clara was born at 6:48am!!!!!!!!!!!!! apart from screaming the house down with sheer excitement i was a bit spooked by my premonition. i have mick as my witness to this and many other anomalies because i really think people do not believe the freaky things that happen to me. so that means that project peacock will have to go on hold and the idea in my mind has to be put to paper then to fabric, and i had better get a wriggle on as we will be heading up in about two weeks. thanks for listening to my ramblings. i know that some believers do exist out there specially my good friend juls. till next time take care. mmwah rosey

Thursday, September 11, 2008

we now have a playroom!

after another woeful night with claudia, her in our bed mick in her bed, we have decided to put her in with lil and moo. we moved the desk out and her mattress in and hopefully have put an end to her night time awakenings. she is down now for her daytime nap in her 'new room' and so far so good. it will also mean that the girls can all go to bed at the same time and maybe mick and i can regain some of our night together as the two bigger girls were going to bed closer to 8:30pm aaarggggggg. on the flip side, we now have a playroom or a guest bedroom if we have visitors (my sister and her girls will be sleeping over very soon). maybe some of the stuff cluttering up my lounge can find its way into the playroom;) lili is back at school today. after 3 days at home she was well enough to go but i think poor old mia is now getting it:( i hate being a mummy when they are sick. mia moo needs to be better for the birthday party of her fav friend charlotte cross on saturday. please send your best get well wishes her way.... ****oooohhh i think i just felt some wishes, thanks **** mmwah rosey lili 5am monday morning, needless to day i had to stay home.

stiff neck, high temp no other symptoms, poor baby.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i think i am psychic.....

well maybe the title should read 'i know i am psychic' cause if i am psychic i should know not think, are you following me? why am i psychic i hear you ask or rather sense:p among lots of things, too many to mention here but my closest peeps know them, i have that ability to think of something and then it happens.
as i looked out my window a few mornings ago i imagined seeing an owl camouflaged in our tree, i actually had to look twice to make sure there wasn't one there. that afternoon we took the kids for a great big walk and to the park and as were heading home i spotted two very still tawny owls perched in a tree. one was very fast asleep but the other had his gorgeous eyes on us and followed our every move. how freaky is that, owls in the day in a very low tree. and they were exactly the type of owl i thought was sitting in our tree!
has that ever happened to you? if so leave me a comment on what freaky psychic thing happened to you.
on a different subject, i am going to leave you with photos of a present i received in the mail yesterday from a generous blogger by the name of wish thimble (her link is on my side bar). it was such a thrill to get something from someone i don't even know for no reason at all. thanks again fran.
two great mags, a cute as tape measure, one intriguing book which i have started and...
a tube with some tiny pegs, bee buttons a zebra print buttons. better great creating!!!
p.s. i have changed my settings so that you can leave a comment without being a blogger yourself, so that means you can leave a message anita:) and anyone else who reads my crap.
bye bye for now mmwah mophy

Sunday, September 7, 2008

meet pablo

i love days like today, no agenda, opening presents on the bed, bonser breakfast, treasure hunts for the kids, so much fun!!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY not only to my husband but to all the gorgeous daddys out there.
mick scored well from the school fathers day stall and we also got him series two of frasier on dvd and a shirt for work. we then had pancakes and circles, which are one of our favourite breakfasts to have on the weekend, accompanied by two pots of tea...mmmmmm. we got together with my sisters and visited grandpa boris yesterday and gave him the borat dvd along with the mankini, he promises to wear it on christmas day:)
poppy jim was away this weekend, but we bought him a yellow rose to plant alongside his other beautiful roses.
on to the new man in my life, meet PABLOgod only knows what i am doing, but last night i lay all his feathered eyes out on the backdrop, then lined them with some sort of iron on backing and now they are firmly in place never to be moved again. i will stitch around them to make them stand out more but i was actually hoping for a more padded effect but obviously not the right product. if anyone is reading this that knows about applique please HELP!!!!!!!!!
there is still so much to do but sunday nights are school nights and my rules are school work on sunday, monday and tuesday nights and the rest of the week craft, blog, crap, cleaning, crap, cleaning you get the picture. i just dont know what to do for his crown. in my mind i want the top of his crown to be little heart shapes but do i use metallic thread, buttons, felt i guess i wont know till i do it. i will leave you with one last photo and the reason why we now have locks on the pantry!! love that bum. have a great week and i will blog in again real soon. thinking of you xx goldsworthy

Friday, September 5, 2008

tax cheque pending....

thanks to my gorgeous sister melissa, we have now lodged our tax and are expecting a small amount back for all our hard work. not sure how it all works, but i cant help feeling like i didnt get enough back:( it is all earmarked of course) first we will put money aside for my car rego, then money away for our week at the beach in december and the last and most exciting thing of all is i will pay off the lay-by i started last night of a CANON 8 MEGAPIXEL 4 ZOOM POWERSHOT DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to get my hands on it.
i will be able to take better photos than the ones below
we just loved these guys, they are forcing us to save some of our pennies:P
lili and mia got this owl money box for 20c at a car boot sale!
the tin is an old match box and i just loved the little fella.
enjoy this blurry photo while it lasts for soon i shall have no more blurry photos!:)
this most gorgeous musical clock belongs to my niece, mick was hoping to fix it but it has proven too much for him. it holds time well just the casing has been cracked.
and this is the study chair we picked up for next to nothing. mick has had a go at giving it a vintage look and we all just love it.
father's day is just around the corner, cant wait to pamper mick! catch you all soon love rosey

Thursday, September 4, 2008

i like my bottom better...

at last i am ready to show you my little babushka doll! she is not perfect and i know that all the professional crafters will be scrutinising it with their creative eyes but i just wanted to finish her!! the main problem is her base. not having ever made a doll before i didnt sew the base properly and the other problem is that i didnt stuff her enough and the recent cuddles have made her a bit floppy:) but as the photos show she is a bit of a hit. the photos work better outside. lili wants one with blonder hair. mia wants one with curly hair, how will i do that? claudia has claimed this one as her own, aint no one getting this off her!!! and finally here is the bottom, i am determined to make some more of this gorgeous gals but i will get help with the bottom so i dont repeat this mistake. i really enjoyed making her and when i find the time i will make some more. dont forget to click on the pictures to make them bigger. i will work some more on my peacock tonight, not sure how it will turn out but that is the fun of it all. enjoy this rainy weather. mmwah rosey