Friday, September 5, 2008

tax cheque pending....

thanks to my gorgeous sister melissa, we have now lodged our tax and are expecting a small amount back for all our hard work. not sure how it all works, but i cant help feeling like i didnt get enough back:( it is all earmarked of course) first we will put money aside for my car rego, then money away for our week at the beach in december and the last and most exciting thing of all is i will pay off the lay-by i started last night of a CANON 8 MEGAPIXEL 4 ZOOM POWERSHOT DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to get my hands on it.
i will be able to take better photos than the ones below
we just loved these guys, they are forcing us to save some of our pennies:P
lili and mia got this owl money box for 20c at a car boot sale!
the tin is an old match box and i just loved the little fella.
enjoy this blurry photo while it lasts for soon i shall have no more blurry photos!:)
this most gorgeous musical clock belongs to my niece, mick was hoping to fix it but it has proven too much for him. it holds time well just the casing has been cracked.
and this is the study chair we picked up for next to nothing. mick has had a go at giving it a vintage look and we all just love it.
father's day is just around the corner, cant wait to pamper mick! catch you all soon love rosey

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