Sunday, September 21, 2008

W.W. 2

i cant believe its sunday and i havent added to my Weekend Whinge segment (not for the lack of content, but time has been against me). the weekend went so fast, it is actually a blur in my mind and i have to really concentrate to remember what happened. after spending half saturday morning at the 'shops' looking for a gift for little alyssa and a christening present for the gorgeous corbin, i had a brain wave to go and find the perfect something at our favourite shop in all the world, lilly cottage. linda was at her dreamy best, obeying lilis wrapping demands after we found the most gorgeous baby bunting for alyssa and a wooden box of skittle soldiers for corbin. today was spent celebrating corbins 1st birthday combined with his christening. what a beautiful family and such a great spread. we just had a blast especially catching up with colleen, chris and their special girls.... now i am getting to my whinge so stay with me.;0) being out all day meant that claudia didnt have her normal nap and so as you can imagine she was a little biaowch! and where do you think mick was for the afternoon....????? yes in his SHED. he justifies it by making something for me, so technically that means that i shouldnt be pissed off, but by the 3rd hour of the rampaging dr jeckle and mr hyde i was ready to kill someone. after he finished for the day i made him play outside while i cooked dinner, hearing the girls laughing with him washed away some of my anger. why is it that us mothers have to do everything even when the other adult is home? ok enough from me, midsommer murders is starting, better get some tips on how to kill someone;0) for some reason it wont let me add pictures, i had some nice ones of the girls dressed up for the party. oh well next time maybe xx mmwah (kissnoise) rosey

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Suzanne said...

Hi Beautiful Girl,
I know EXACTLY what you mean. At least he's doing something for someone else. Mine hogs the computer.
We enjoyed having you be part of our big day. George Pordge didn't get his sleep either. We had lots of interesting ideas about what we were going to do to him. Needless to say, bedtime didn't come fast enough!