Friday, September 19, 2008

winners are grinners

i had a migraine of sorts yesterday. i think a combination of things caused it. bad back, standing all day with crap sandals and no water on my year three excursion and the end of term in my sights, all rolled into one big mother of a headache. so i begged my dear husband to take a day off work as i knew there would be no way i could deal with the girls. of course i had to get sick on book week parade day and of course it would have to be the day MY LILI WON!!! how, i dont know;0)
if you remember from a few posts back that the girls received a 'just because' package from the gorgeous linda from lilly cottage, well we used the wonderful red wool coat and i simply cut some red fabric from a huge roll i have had for ages, added some rosy cheeks and freckles and hey presto she won.
mick took some photos but didnt have the mummyness to straighten up her 'hood' so she looks a bit funny. she was so proud of herself and i was shocked but happy for her. recently she received highly commended for her art entry which i will post a picture of when we get it back. so all in all a great term for my little grade one girl.
oh and of course little fattyham had to get amongst it too, here she is in her hood.
have a great weekend... did someone say weekend? mmm.... weekend whinge here i come:)
xx rosey


Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Woohoo!!! Well done Lili!!!! How gorgeous you look and I am sooooo happy for you I could nearly cry...aaahh I knew there was a reason that stunning coat had to live at your house!! I hope your headache getsbetter soon, you know the drill rest up, put a cold pack on your neck and a cool damp washer on your eyes and stay there. Of course you must also drink lots...of scotch for you will not help!! Big weekend and start of school holiday Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage...woohoo again!

Miranda said...

Very cute Lili!! She is a little talent isnt she !!
Mir xxx

Julie said...


Congratulations Lili Jane. She looked so fantastic. I am so proud of her for her art work and
1st prize dress up. Your girls successes are testament to your mothering.


knitty bitty apparel said...

LOVE the costume---and so very clever!!! I'll have to keep that idea in mind if I ever need something quick...althought you do have to have the red coat, and the ability to sew and...... ;-) Have a great weekend!! mmwah Stacey