Sunday, September 28, 2008

w.w.3 and birthdays

another weekend is passing by, not that it really matters as i am on holidays. the only problem is that it means that work is one week closer:( we celebrated two birthdays, we visited chloe for an early cake and swim on friday and a party for mick at dads house on saturday.
chloe turned 2 today and we helped her eat all the watermelon, chips, lollies and cake in between dips in the pool. julie calls her 'bruiser', she is very cute.

birthdays are great when surrounded by those who love you.

we celebrated micks birthday with some pizzas, pavlovas and perfect company. i left mick at dads so that he could continue drinking and not annoy me with his snoring etc... we had a great night and feel blessed to have such a loving family. in this photo - emma holding mia and boris cuddling with lili and chelsea here we have micks brother paddy in the green shirt and uncle mike along with my sister narelle and her middle child kaitlyn here is claudia waiting to bury her head in the mini pavs.
i must be in a good mood because i am straining hard to think of my whinge for this weekend. oh i know...i would like to whinge about the twits who hooned up and down my fathers road, eventually crashing into his retaining wall and absconding from the scene. the street is full of young families with young children and this 'accident' occurred before 6pm, it is just fortunate no human was injured. as for my father, he is a little rattled by it all. he is lucky to have really caring neighbours but it is still unsettling for us knowing he is by himself with these youths only living three houses down. why wasnt i ever that type of teen? and how do i stop my girls from being like them?

anyhow enough of that. i am going to learn how to use our new camera so that it isnt a waste of money. i would like to take some spring shots of our garden, not that it is great but for those of you who havent seen out house in a while it might refresh your memory. it is a shame you cant smell our garden at the moment. although it is killing me and mia with asthma and hayfever it is divine.

have a great week mmmwahh goldsworthy


knitty bitty apparel said...

Love the last pic of that sweet baby girl---really, all three of your girls look like little angels!

Janet said...

Lovely photos and happy birthday everyone!! I tried to respond to the comment you left on my blog but I don't think it worked. Thanks for adding me to your list - I'm thrilled!! Will add you to mine as soon as I have time to do so. I am in Brissy too - on the north side. My email is on my profile if you ever want to catch up in real life.

Julie said...

Hey Roseleaf,
Thanks for helping us celebrate Chloesters 2nd B'day. She loves her little upsy daisy and we are now regular viewers of the night garden.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosey, What a lovely blog you have and I'm looking forward to visiting again. Thank you so much for visiting mine (*waves to Stacey*) and good luck in the contest! All the best ~ Sharon

knitty bitty apparel said...

HI Rosey---your WONDERFUL package came today---YIPEEEE----such a treat to open! View my blog to read all about it! MMMWWWWAAAAHHH Stacey