Monday, September 22, 2008

wanna go to a party?

i am going to let those who dont know me that well in on an interesting fact. on the 31st of october 1998, i met my dream boat mick and from that night on barely a day has gone by that we have not been together. the astute reader out there will have picked up that we met on halloween. (hence the orange coloured font) what is happening to me astute and hence in the same paragraph?!?
well to celebrate 10 years of knowing each other and surviving;0) you are invited to a party here that didnt turn out as prettily as other people do it, i am still learning.
you dont have to have a blog to come, just check in to the link on the 18th of october and check out how differently we all celebrate halloween.
now on to craftier things, i have finished the pillow/rattle toy for alyssa but havent down loaded the photos but here is a sneak peek one step before completion.
i am very happy with her.
hope sammy likes it.
time to sign off and do some blog surfing, check out all the amazing people in cyber space. xx goldsworthy


knitty bitty apparel said...

Rosey!! How fun---can't wait to come to the "party" I'm smiling now--you are just so creative. And, can't wait to see the pillow. Were you able to find the Rice Krispy cereal link??

Miranda said...

Very clever Rosey !! 10 years since you met Mickey heh !! Wow!!

Janet said...

Oh wow, that pillow/rattle is just dreamy!! Love the stitching. What a lucky baby!