Thursday, September 11, 2008

we now have a playroom!

after another woeful night with claudia, her in our bed mick in her bed, we have decided to put her in with lil and moo. we moved the desk out and her mattress in and hopefully have put an end to her night time awakenings. she is down now for her daytime nap in her 'new room' and so far so good. it will also mean that the girls can all go to bed at the same time and maybe mick and i can regain some of our night together as the two bigger girls were going to bed closer to 8:30pm aaarggggggg. on the flip side, we now have a playroom or a guest bedroom if we have visitors (my sister and her girls will be sleeping over very soon). maybe some of the stuff cluttering up my lounge can find its way into the playroom;) lili is back at school today. after 3 days at home she was well enough to go but i think poor old mia is now getting it:( i hate being a mummy when they are sick. mia moo needs to be better for the birthday party of her fav friend charlotte cross on saturday. please send your best get well wishes her way.... ****oooohhh i think i just felt some wishes, thanks **** mmwah rosey lili 5am monday morning, needless to day i had to stay home.

stiff neck, high temp no other symptoms, poor baby.


hilde said...

ooh poor baby, she looks so ill and not happy, I hope she gets well soon!!

knitty bitty apparel said...

AHHH....poor baby...hope she gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lili looks soooo sick. What remedy did you use? Did it work? I suggested Belladonna, what did you go with in the end? Hey what happened to the weekend whinge or stitch and bitch? Seems to have disappeared. I liked it. Don't think I got to finish reading it. Bring it back. Will start up a blog soon, promise... Anita xxx