Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i think i am psychic.....

well maybe the title should read 'i know i am psychic' cause if i am psychic i should know not think, are you following me? why am i psychic i hear you ask or rather sense:p among lots of things, too many to mention here but my closest peeps know them, i have that ability to think of something and then it happens.
as i looked out my window a few mornings ago i imagined seeing an owl camouflaged in our tree, i actually had to look twice to make sure there wasn't one there. that afternoon we took the kids for a great big walk and to the park and as were heading home i spotted two very still tawny owls perched in a tree. one was very fast asleep but the other had his gorgeous eyes on us and followed our every move. how freaky is that, owls in the day in a very low tree. and they were exactly the type of owl i thought was sitting in our tree!
has that ever happened to you? if so leave me a comment on what freaky psychic thing happened to you.
on a different subject, i am going to leave you with photos of a present i received in the mail yesterday from a generous blogger by the name of wish thimble (her link is on my side bar). it was such a thrill to get something from someone i don't even know for no reason at all. thanks again fran.
two great mags, a cute as tape measure, one intriguing book which i have started and...
a tube with some tiny pegs, bee buttons a zebra print buttons. better great creating!!!
p.s. i have changed my settings so that you can leave a comment without being a blogger yourself, so that means you can leave a message anita:) and anyone else who reads my crap.
bye bye for now mmwah mophy


michelle said...

Isn't getting good mail fun? Have you heard the music from the musical baised on Wicked? We love it! Thanks for visiting me !

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Hello Rosey, good morning even!! Pyschic is such a hard word for this time of the morning...but I will join you in your world, I can think of a song I haven't heard for ages and it will come on the radio. I will design something and be so excited and proud of it and then next thing the same sort of thing will be in every craft and home decorating magazine going and I run around going I didn't copy I didn't copy. So many things and it is not freaky at all it is fun...but I DO NOT SEE DEAD PEOPLE!! In fact I haven't even seen that movie..( I know what it is about!) Oh I crack myself up!!
So glad you have entered the world of blogging and have got a parcel!!! So exciting, just like receiving a comment on your blog that is the size of a novel! LOL
Have a great day, Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

Julie said...

Hey Roseleaf,

I know you are psychic from lots of little things you have done for me and my offspring.

Also, look out for those Owls. Remember when one nearly flew at us on a balcony many moons ago.

You are a star blogger. Well done.
Love the Peacock it is genius.
Love Julesy

knitty bitty apparel said...

Wow! I'd LOVE to get something from someone I didn't know---see, you do have fans ;-) I hope you are able to use your new items in some way...and, how did you change your settings to allow all comments????