Monday, September 28, 2009

blue is the new pink

just had to share these two photos of my gorgeous girls. they were heading off to a birthday party and rarely look so nice, i just had to snap a pic of them. i had recently bought them each a new dress and by chance they all were blue. being in a house that is predominantly pink this is a nice change. click on the photos to enlarge them and check out how pretty they look. and yes dad i will get you some printed off at the shops...
have a great week!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

mister moo is happy!

for many months now, mick has been gathering bits of wood, plasterboard, screws, nails etc.. like a squirrel gathers nuts. and for many months he has been dreaming of these September holidays as they meant that his renovations could begin. we have been in 'Truman cottage' for over 2 years now and have been very happy with our home, but we could see the need for a second lounge or rumpus area as the children grow. we were lucky enough to have a garage of sorts, two walls and then a wall of roller doors, so all mick had to do was take down the roller doors and erect two walls. i must say that in 3 full days of work he has managed to get our room to 'lock up stage' and another 2 or so days and the outside will be ready to paint! we will have to wait to finish off the inside but we are thinking that might be a December holidays plan.
there was a roller door there, now it is a gorgeous window which mick thrifted from a friends house, so that means it was FREE and i LOVE it.
here is the frame for the wall where there never has been a wall. it means now that we wont be able to see our neighbours at all... and that is the sunny side so hopefully with some insulation we can keep most of the heat out. and here it is finished! just like that. the second roller door came down to make way for the doorway.
door way ready.
this little monkey has been hanging round like a bad smell, look at the face on it! and here she is as an apprentice chippy!
here is Truman cottage the new renovations are to the far left of this picture. i will post a few more pictures when mick has fully finished the outside and we have painted it.
mick is just about to go and get our NEW CAR!!! we are all so excited and cant wait to turn the music up with out it buzzing and have the air con on low and high without it making a ear piercing whistle, drive without being embarrassed about the paint job and many other things that most people with new cars take for granted.
i will post a picture very very soon.
%*_*% rosey p.s. when i say new it is an 05 model but it is in excellent condition.

Friday, September 18, 2009

pop the champagne!

yes ladies and gentlemen let the celebrations begin...holidays have started for this little black duck and then in two weeks time i will officially begin 9 weeks of long service leave!! my 'teacher cap' is already somewhere on the study floor and my 'mummy cap' firmly in place :p i leave behind a lovely class and a wonderful teaching partner but i so need this break. i can already see how fast the time will fly as i fill up my calendar with 'must do lists'. the first list to complete is my order of hearts and birds for funky fabrix. it will be so worth it to see my creations in her shop front window!
the last time i wrote i was heading off to my 20 year high school reunion... well it wasn't so bad after all and i was the same as every other gorgeous gal there. i had a lovely night but sadly a nasty migraine of sorts started to take over the night and i actually begged my friend to take me home. i walked in the door, vomited and immediately felt the pressure of the headache release. i guess we could have headed back out but i went to bed instead. how sad is that!! i need a do over but that ain't going to happen. i have decided that i will just head back up the hill and have a night out with my close high school pals instead, sometime closer to the festive season.
here we are just before heading out. i am in the blue shirt then my friends Kylie, Julie and Miranda
and here is the cohort of seniors from 1989, we had a good turn out but once again some of the faces i would have liked to have seen were not there.
Tina and Juls
Mandy and Kylie. i have known Kylie since grade 3 which means that we have been friends for 30 years!! i just love her and always have fun when she is around.
after my husbands comment about looking like i was wearing a jockey's shirt...i went and bought a new top, it was actually really nice to wear as it hid all of my lumps and bumps. lucky i have an honest mister isn't it?!? so there you have it, a good night ruined by a big headache. the best thing for my self esteem was to see these lovely ladies and knowing that we have all aged well.
i will be back with a spring cleaning update, that is also on my to do list...
and before i go, check out my new online shopfront on madeit, it is in Aussie dollars which sort of makes it easier for any Aussie customers that i might have. i have called it 'itty bitty and pretty' just in case i ever get together with my sister and niece and hold a market stall...
smooches from a very relaxed ME %*_*%

Friday, September 11, 2009

it's book week parade time...

yes it is that time of the year again where you spot stressed out mothers trying to create a book character out of NOTHING (all before 7am on a work day). it was a little easier this year as the theme was based around jungle animals and lili wanted to be a monkey..i trotted down to the local shop and bought 4 pairs of cheap brown stockings and voila!
attention! ignore the mess in the background
my attempt at making her look like a chimp
gosh she is pretty
i am not really into spending a lot of money on these sorts of days and so far the girls have been happy with our efforts (last year lili won brightest dressed thanks to the gorgeous red swing coat that Linda had gifted us)
we have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of hand me downs from family and friends and Mia's outfit has been in the dress up box for a few years now and she was very happy to wear this 101 Dalmatians type costume...
my Mia is so pretty and she looks even cuter as a puppy!
and of course hammy had to get in on the act, i had to go to work so i am not sure what she looked like when she left for day care!
here she is applying a bit more face paint... she is just so cute, sometimes i think my kids look like characters from those Dr Seuss movies.. Mia reminds me of thing 1 and thing 2 off the cat in the hat and Claudia looks like one of the characters out of Horton hears a who.
so there you have it, book week parade for 2009 over and out!
i am going to post about my sweet parcel that arrived from Vanessa at a fanciful twist over at my other blog icantsewcreations. a big thank you to Vanessa for being so sweet and adorning my walls with her art. one day i will purchase one of her canvas's!
and i am once again holding my sister to ransom, she has sent a gorgeous parcel for Claudia's birthday but i am not going to post about it until SHE UPDATES HER BLOG ~ mad cow moments
i am off to towoomba tomorrow so i will check back in with you all next week. wish me luck at my reunion and hope that everyone else has aged just as much as me :)
%*_*% rosey

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the mirror dont lie

i am having one of those 3 more sleeps i am heading up the hill to my home town toowoomba to attend my 20 year reunion and i feel fat, old and frumpy!! i have more wrinkles than my sister Melissa who is 9 years older than me...i have put on about 3 kgs since this time last year...i have been plucking black hairs out of moles on MY FACE!! (sorry if that disturbed you) ...i spent all of today looking for a shirt to wear and when i showed my purchase to my husband his only comment was which horse was i racing on (making reference to its silky material that i looks like a jockey's shirt) i know that i will have a great time and that everyone else has aged 20 years but i just wish i had the money and time to treat myself to a nice new outfit, streaks for my hair, an eyebrow wax and i just wish that i had started a beauty regime 20 years ago! i am going to try and get out for a spot of night shopping tomorrow as soon as i am able to get away from here. i will take my camera so that you can see which horse i am on :p xx wish me luck

Sunday, September 6, 2009

arachnophobics look away now....

let me start by wishing all of the fathers out there a Happy Father's Day...our mister moo enjoyed opening his many made and bought gifts and is currently tinkering away in his shed which is his idea of heaven :)
i have some very intriguing photos to share with you and if you are like me they might just make your skin crawl. i had noticed the other day that one of our 3 cameila bushes was covered in something and upon closer inspection it turned out to be a spider web!! yes the spider web is covering nearly every trunk, branch or twig on the bush and is FREAKING me out!! i can only imagine what sort of spider is creating such a web as i have yet to spot it. i am too scared to even touch the web with a stick just in case i rouse the owner/occupant.
the following photos although blurry give you an idea of what it looks like...
anyone want to play hide and seek in my garden?? the problem is my husband is even more afraid of spiders than i am (don't tell him i told you that) so i have no chance of getting rid of it!
have a great week ahead and may it be spider free :)
%*_*% rosey