Friday, October 31, 2008

introducing nicholas waternoose... oh and happy halloween

Introducing Mr Nicholas Waternoose he is a happy chappy who likes to daydream and tell jokes, his favourite treat is jellybelly jelly beans (green of course) and he hopes to one day run a rehab pond for troubled tadpoles.

here he is posing for a photo with his new friend Lopsy Turnbull. Lopsy has been waiting patiently for a friend to play with and i get the feeling these two are going to have some good times together. what adventures do you suppose they might get up to? when i hear 'bumps in the night' i will know where to look *^_^* now onto matters of all things spooky. i feel like halloween has already happened around here because of our blog party hosted by miss Vanessa, boy that was fun! i have a habit of giving the girls teachers presents throughout the year to mark things like valentines day or easter etc... we usually make cards and give little treats. here are some photos to show what i came up with this year. i used the skull and bat as templates (they came off a broken head band we bought for the party) i then glued them to the front of some brown paper. simple i know! the end product looked like this, only two designs i am no artist let me tell you! add some writing and a little sketch of my own....

add some ghoulishly gorgeous chocolates and we're done. what do you think? after looking at all the other bloggers out there who are so creative and artistic i feel a bit embarrassed by my ability but my heart and soul goes into what i do and that's all that matters. by the way, i would like to send big kisses to those of you who visit me but dont leave comments. thanks for popping in every now and then, it means the world to me. mmwwwwhhhaa rosey

Thursday, October 30, 2008

holiday confusion

holiday confusion or evil mastermind trying to take over halloween?
is santa recruiting the easter bunny to slowly take over this pagan ritual?
this ghost seems to be laughing at santas threats, he knows that halloween will never be overthrown...
even these ladies cant help but gossip... wonder if they are talking about santas mental state?
i noticed that my hutch is becoming a little overcrowded and might need to be reorganised *^_^* oohh how i wish these ladies could do it for me, they would know exactly how things should look. it is a job that has been on my mind for quite some time. i need more hours in the night, so that i can do all the things i want to do but cant do with rugrats around. mick built my hutch while i was pregnant with lili and it holds all our precious 'treasures'. whenever i look at my hutch i feel safe, happy, love, home (all the warm fuzzy words you can think of) so i owe it to her to tidy her up. i will one day soon. promise.
ill be back tomorrow to show you the halloween cards i made for the girls teachers.
big kisses mmmwwwaahhh rosey

Saturday, October 25, 2008

'mad woman' or just a parent?

yesterday i realised something very scary... i have become a muttering, crazy person who people avoid making eye contact with. how come every week i vow never again to go shopping with my 2 year old and every week i find myself back in the shops, muttering obscenities under my breath, not only about the thousand other shoppers after the same item as me but also about how much i didnt want a third child and that it was more micks idea than mine. any bystander would think i was a NUTTER and shouldnt be in charge of two small children. my generous father then treats us to a coffee break, which although a welcomed gesture, ends very quickly in my blood pressure going through the roof while mia and claudia climb on chairs, spill drinks, drop food and basically ignore my every request to sit still and be NORMAL. so next time you come upon someone muttering under their breath, dont be quick to judge them, unless of course they are childless then run in the other direction. *^_^* am i allowed another whinge? (it is the weekend after all) i hate cleaning my house when the kids are around because they like to 'HELP'. now i can hear all the mums with teenagers saying i should consider myself lucky to have enthusiastic volunteers, but it is very hard to clean the ring around the bath tub with 'grubby bubby' following behind me making more mess on my clean spots. it just bothers me that i cant just get in and do it and be done with it. the whole process takes 3 hours instead of 1 and still isnt done right. aaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggggg i dont think i am explaining myself properly so i wont bore you any longer. on a lighter note i have finished the christmas stitching! but have no idea what to do next... i will scour the magazines and come up with a plan. seems wrong not to post a picture so here is a photo of three little pups that aunty Anita bought ages ago . it is amazing how much each of the pups do look like their owner! from left to right claudias pup 'chilli' mias pup 'max' and lilis pup 'goldie' hang on, just found an old pic of the stitching (which is now finished) and what it looked like a few weeks ago... next time you see this it will be finished. ok now i am off to a party.... big noises kisses mmwwaah rosey

Thursday, October 23, 2008

hands up if you think this fella is cute

first of all... no i didnt make this 'wee one' a very generous and talented lady by the name of gail did.
isnt he just the cutest little birdie?
i know he doesnt belong in a bird cage, even he looks a bit perturbed about that, it was just for the photo shoot.
he has come to roost in my fabric box, behind wire, in the hopes he will be safe from the clutches of fattyham (claudia) aaaarrrggg evil 2 year old
oh how i wish i could be so talented to created little softies like this one.
this was not the only handmade toy she gave my girls. a teddy each and a bed doll will be waiting for them under the christmas tree. i will post a photo of them another day when i can take a photo of them without the chance of someone catching me in the act. thank you once again gail for the precious gifts.
two things about me that you may have noticed, one i will try to rectify the other you will just have to live with.
  • i type without full punctuation (even though i know how, it just takes too much time)
  • i start crafting jobs and dont finish them... with the exception of my babushka doll and the rattle toy for sams baby alyssa. the peacock pillow is in limbo, the christmas stitching is in limbo and the garden spot for my bird 'jane' is growing weeds again!

now can you guess which one i want to rectify? yes the second point seems to take precedence (^_^) so i hereby promise that on my non school days to do a tiny bit of crafting at some stage of the day or night. do you believe me?

ok better go and walk the talk xx goldsworthy

p.s. anita, mel beat you to it, even she has set up her own blog everyday miracles.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

M & M's B & B

The following story is about two weary travellers who make a welcomed stop on their way to a Halloween party on the other side of the world… After travelling for some time Stanislav and Stephania came across a welcomed sign. Mirella and Malinda’s Bed and Breakfast Enchanting overnight and weekend stays Vacancy Mirella answered the knock at the door with her meanest face, in the hopes of scaring any potential trick or treaters but was pleasantly surprised to find the weary travellers and put them straight to bed.
While the travellers slept, Mirella and Malinda set about preparing their tea room to serve their guests a scrumptious morning tea.
The witchy sisters set about baking some ghoulishly gorgeous cupcakes only to find that their increasingly senile father had used all the eggs. First Mirella confronted him…
Did you eat all the eggs?
As usual the response was this…
Eggs? What are eggs? Then Malinda decided to get a confession out of him…
but that resulted in…
So Malinda had no other choice but to dash off to the local market to haggle for some eggs.
Mirella was most impressed with her sister’s speed and set about baking before Stanislav and Stephania awoke.
Before too long a batch of cupcakes were ready for sharing
and it was time to wake the guests. Quietly and gently the sisters entered the guest room and invited them to join in a tea party.
The travelling skeletons welcomed the company and were famished from their long trek. Malinda poured the tea
While Mirella told them what was on the menu this morning
The cupcakes were delicious; Stanislav chose one with a chocolate spider on top and recommended that Stephania do the same.
The travellers ate their cupcakes and enjoyed a long chat with the witchy sisters. They spoke of the good old days when brooms were made of straw and spells couldn’t be bought on eBay. However all good things must come to an end and it was time to say goodbye. The ghostly chocolates gave them the energy to move on and continue the long journey to the other side of the world.
Goodbye Stanislav and Stephania it was nice to have met you, please tell others of our hospitality and good luck with the rest of your travels.
As Mirella and Malinda were congratulating themselves of a job well done two more guests arrived. Prunella and Gloria, relatives twice removed, wasted no time helping themselves to some of the devilishly tasty cupcakes and tea and proceeded to polish off every tasty crumb.
After the last morsel was eaten the sisters said goodbye to Prunella and Gloria, tidied their tea room and put the night light on in the hopes that they may entertain some more revellers on their way to a Halloween party….
Postscript: Even though this is a fictitious story, some of the names have a connection to people in our lives. My girls had so much fun setting this up and even though we would have preferred to have done a night shoot (our camera isn’t that great)the results were just as good. The photos came first then the story! I had to use all my brain power and imagination to make this story up, (this sort of thing doesn’t come naturally to us all) remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them and have fun. A big thank you to Vanessa for organising such a fun party, I can’t wait to see all the different posts. visit here to view all the rest Big noisy kisses mmmmwwwahhhh rosey

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i like this compound word

dont you just love that word. for those who dont know, i work a five day fortnight which means every second wednesday i have a day without children. lili is at school and mia and claudia are at day care which gives me a day to mop, vacuum, take dad to the library or shops... the list goes on. well i decided that this wednesday i would do something for myself (before i mopped and vacuumed the house!). i arrived as the doors to spotlight opened and left AN HOUR AND A HALF later. it was so nice not to have rugrats annoying me and the time just flew by and i only spent $25. i bought some fabric to make a shaggy pillow, some fabric to go around the little christmas stitching i am working on, felt for a little frog and a surprise! ( gotta keep you in suspense)

i have a dream shop in mind which I WILL OPEN one day with my sisters, but i think i will have to reserve one counter for fabrics, (whether they like or not). big juicy kisses goldsworthy

Monday, October 13, 2008

something to whet your appetite

dont forget to visit me on the 18th for my halloween blog party...expect a bit of THIS!!! isnt she scary??!! and a bit of this... i added these in for linda cause i know how much she likes chocolate ;0) until saturday, goodnight, sleep tight dont let the werewolf bite (cue sinister laughter) big juicy kisses p.s. did i see a full moon out my window?