Thursday, October 23, 2008

hands up if you think this fella is cute

first of all... no i didnt make this 'wee one' a very generous and talented lady by the name of gail did.
isnt he just the cutest little birdie?
i know he doesnt belong in a bird cage, even he looks a bit perturbed about that, it was just for the photo shoot.
he has come to roost in my fabric box, behind wire, in the hopes he will be safe from the clutches of fattyham (claudia) aaaarrrggg evil 2 year old
oh how i wish i could be so talented to created little softies like this one.
this was not the only handmade toy she gave my girls. a teddy each and a bed doll will be waiting for them under the christmas tree. i will post a photo of them another day when i can take a photo of them without the chance of someone catching me in the act. thank you once again gail for the precious gifts.
two things about me that you may have noticed, one i will try to rectify the other you will just have to live with.
  • i type without full punctuation (even though i know how, it just takes too much time)
  • i start crafting jobs and dont finish them... with the exception of my babushka doll and the rattle toy for sams baby alyssa. the peacock pillow is in limbo, the christmas stitching is in limbo and the garden spot for my bird 'jane' is growing weeds again!

now can you guess which one i want to rectify? yes the second point seems to take precedence (^_^) so i hereby promise that on my non school days to do a tiny bit of crafting at some stage of the day or night. do you believe me?

ok better go and walk the talk xx goldsworthy

p.s. anita, mel beat you to it, even she has set up her own blog everyday miracles.


Katie said...

Hi Rosey...My hand is up...He's adorable! Have a good day...Katie

Bitterbetty said...

That is a cute penguin.. and please.. roll me, Rosey.. I'd be honored!

ateche said...

What a sweet little guy! I checked out your blog after you posted on mine. I fell in LOVE with that little guy. Have a great day!