Thursday, October 16, 2008

i like this compound word

dont you just love that word. for those who dont know, i work a five day fortnight which means every second wednesday i have a day without children. lili is at school and mia and claudia are at day care which gives me a day to mop, vacuum, take dad to the library or shops... the list goes on. well i decided that this wednesday i would do something for myself (before i mopped and vacuumed the house!). i arrived as the doors to spotlight opened and left AN HOUR AND A HALF later. it was so nice not to have rugrats annoying me and the time just flew by and i only spent $25. i bought some fabric to make a shaggy pillow, some fabric to go around the little christmas stitching i am working on, felt for a little frog and a surprise! ( gotta keep you in suspense)

i have a dream shop in mind which I WILL OPEN one day with my sisters, but i think i will have to reserve one counter for fabrics, (whether they like or not). big juicy kisses goldsworthy


Tanya said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, I appreciate the encouragement.

Lesalicious said...

Hey came across your blog and wanted to check you out. Love your blog. Love your work. Keep up the great work.

Katie said...

Hi Rosey...Thank you for visiting my blog today...You are a faithful reader! Your students are very lucky to have you...Who knows all the different ways you will affect their lives...Talk soon, Katie