Thursday, October 9, 2008

sneeky peek

i have been thinking about stitching something chrismassy for over a week now and finally started last night. i think i will turn it into a wall hanging after a buy a hanger from the lovely linda from here (someone has to teach me how to link on this blogger program)
i never know what my creations will be so i do hope i can turn it into something. i will need to buy some matching christmas type fabric to put around the outside of the calico.
the beginnings of a bow, can you guess what it is yet?
maybe this gives you more of a hint... i have a full shot of her but i will keep you in suspense for a few more days.
have a great thursday. xx rosey


Janet said...

Love your work as always :).
O.K, here's what you do. Highlight the word that you want to be the link. Click on the little icon in the blogger toolbar (just above where you type) that looks like a pair of binoculars in front of a globe (well that's what I think it looks like!!). A box will pop up and you can insert the URL of what you are linking to there. That's all there is to it!

Shell said...

Hey thanks for popping over and saying hello :) I've just been looking through your archives and i love what you did with the peacock embroidery!! That you even sketched out the idea to start. I can't draw, it can be so limiting! So we're separated at birth? lol.