Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the world should be in black and white

why do photos always look nicer in black and white or sepia? perhaps they disguise the wrinkles, soften the effect of aging! but even my youngest looks cuter, if thats possible. i have been playing with our new camera and might even do a quick digital camera course to get the most out of it. i will leave you with a sample, tell me what you think.
here is fattyham hugging her ragdoll, sweet dont you think?
little miss lili in black and white, cute as a button.
some sisterly love, if only they stayed that way!
a self portrait, sorry if it scares you but that is me in sepia.
do you like like this or...
this? i prefer sepia.
i also mucked around with the vivid colour button but i need to learn how to take close ups without blurring the photo. here are some of the ones that were not blurry.
not sure if it is really that great.
i think i might have ruined this while i was learning about the editing process. oh well practise makes perfect. i am going to post some on my flickr site - goldsworthy (not sure how to make a link to it)
ok off to have a cuppa and a kiss with mick. 8 weeks of work left to go!!!!!!
big noisy kisses mmmwwwaaahh rosey


Miranda said...

Rosey.. you are soooo super talented !! I don't know how you get time to be so crafty ! I love the photos of the girls in Sepia.. very clever and artistic.. Hope to see you again soon.. craving some Rosey and Bonser hugs & love :)
Luv Mir xxx

Shell said...

i like the lion in sepia too :) looks like you're having fun with yout camera and software!!

Heather said...

Your eldest looks like a 'minime' version

And yes b&w and sepia are very forgiving - especially for those of us past 25!