Thursday, October 2, 2008

show and tell

a few other blogs have had a show and tell post (i am a bit slow) so i have decided to show you some of the gorgeous treasures lili and i have bought over the past few weekends. the first little guy speaks volumes for himself. he is about the 4th avon perfume bottle i have found in the last few months and only cost $2.

isnt he dawgeous (bonser speak for gorgeous),he is so pensive he makes me want to howl ;0)

the next fella is a bit rascally and loves an adventure! can you spot him deep in the african jungle?, actually it is our parsley bush but dont tell him ;0)

peek a boo!

he's also fond of frolicking in the flowers. i cant believe someone left him at the trash and treasure markets, i couldnt leave him on the boring old shelves, so i saved him for 50c!

he thinks the white flowers will camouflage him :P

tins, tins, tins what is the fascination with these things? i found these guys (not really that vintage, just cute) at the trash markets for 50c each and just couldnt go past them. one for pepper, one for salt and the other for Parmesan cheese. lili has caught my bug, she found the santa tin at the markets and bought the round tin at a garage sale (actually not any garage sale but lindas from lilly cottage) once you see them maybe you can tell me whether i should stop loving them or keep collecting.

here they are, the photo doesnt really do them justice they are just so kitchenaliaish ( not really a word but i think it suits)

these are lilis sweet tins. the little girl even looks like lili!

finally i came across this book recently and just had to have it. it is just the sweetest thing i have ever seen. the title says it all! it is full of old fashioned good sense and a real hoot to look through.

things all good little girls should know! have i whetted your appetite. maybe some more chapters another time. time to sign off and get ready to visit some of our good friends. if you have time check out these blogs and find their show and tell posts, the links are on my side bar. from memory sadie lou who and one red robin have posts but their are probably more. big smoochie kiss noises mmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhh rosey

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knitty bitty apparel said...

HI Rosey---what fun treasures! I especially like the elephant adventures---made me smile this morning!