Saturday, October 11, 2008

rain = sleepy heads = happy mummy

it is raining today, slow drizzly rain that soaks into the soil and is not a bother to walk around in, actually enjoyable to walk around in. the children are asleep (1:30pm) yes all THREE of them and mick is in, you guessed it, the shed, so i thought i might sneak a post in. nothing major just some shots of our garden when it is wet and the tin lili bought today for $1.
we visited boris this morning to take him some much needed supplies like jim beam ;0), milk etc... and came across 7 garage sales along the way. we bought a compost bin for $6 and this tin.
these little ones were too cute to pass up, now all i have to do is rearrange my hutch to fit all of this 'clutter' in.
i am so glad the rain has come as our little tank (it only holds 300L) needed a top up. we have recently planted some new flowers and they needed some drinks on those very hot days. this plant lives on the side of our house and thrives alongside some big umbrella style ferns.
this is the view from the swings. love the little droplets of rain on the leaves. when i was young i would try to drink the drops off the leaves.
here is our passion fruit vine that so far has had no fruit!!! is there such a thing as a non flowering passion fruit? it would be our luck to get the only non flowering plant that was up for grabs over a year ago :0(
i love this creeping plant we put in a few weeks back, it has silvery green foliage and reminds me of violets without the purple flowers. i love this garden, it is becoming so personalised as the girls add their painted rock creations.
enjoy the rest of your weekend, we are off to see poppy jim (micks dad) and meet his new love interest. mmwwaahh rosey


Janet said...

Wasn't today dreamy? And your kids ALL slept!! (you lucky thing).

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a really lovely day. The Thai place is in Chinook Street (your friend will probably know where that is) and it is takeaway only but SOOOOOOO good (I particularly recommend the chicken penang).

I live right near your friend!!!!! (Raven Street). I wonder if we have ever crossed paths?

CkmetroPhotos said...

Pleased you had a great day Rose @!