Saturday, October 4, 2008

i've been tagged!!!

for those of you who dont know what it means to be tagged, (i was you a few months ago) i will try to explain. somewhere in blog land someone makes up 7 questions and then sends them to 7 friends who then have to answer and post those 7 questions and then choose another 7 bloggers to tag. and so on it goes. i have been tagged by the lovely blog hog linda*^_^* so here goes. i will put a photo in between to keep you interested.

one of my first projects, she has since flown away. 7 things to do before i die:

  • this one might sound crazy, but mick and i want to go to a sand sculpting show/ gala/event not sure what they call it. they go all around the world, google it sometime and see what i am talking about.
  • scull an alcoholic shot of something.
  • eat a whole pizza to myself
  • see egypt and canada without my kids, just mick and me
  • live in toowoomba again
  • open my dream shop with my dreamy sisters!!!!
  • make peace with my brother

7 things i do now:

  • i am addicted to blogging, so i seem to spend hours at night on the computer.
  • try to make soft toys
  • i think i am best at stitching so i will make a few more things using that skill
  • collect vintage things (some might say crap) lili, mick and i could spend days trawling through second hand shops etc.. for that little treasure as we like to call it.
  • i am reading the book 'wicked' and am loving every single word!! would love to take my dad to see the stage production
  • i am loving my girls painting rocks at the moment, our garden is filling up with wonderful creations. there are spiders, mushrooms, pumpkins, beetles and my favourite a hill, it is simply green ;0) so how does that answer the question things i do now? i am allowing them to do it!
  • juggle working 5 days a fortnight, raising 3 girls aged 2, 4.5, and 6.5 keeping my marriage on the right path and trying to put crafting and blogging out of my mind for the first 3 days of the week!!!!!!!!
we call this button art. mias creation ;0) 7 things i cant do:
  • for those who dont know me close your eyes now, i cant poo in public places! i have to go home to poo. i believe the only way to cure myself of this problem is to go overseas ( i am serious) if my peeps read this they will leave testimonies of the places we have left because of me.
  • i cant stand men with long fingernails! my brother-in-law only just gets away with his long fingernails as he needs them for plucking the strings of his guitar ( i just cant look at them). i pester my dad about the length of his all the time.
  • i also cant stand shower curtains that stick to you ;0)
  • i cant hold a grudge
  • i cant go one single day without hearing music or singing or listening to my girls sing
  • i cant knit and i dont think i have an inclination to learn, but i really admire all those knitters out there especially, julie who made my lili a scarf and little miss stacey from itty bitty apparel (link on side bar)
  • i cant do cartwheels

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

  • short hair
  • nice eyes
  • good sense of humor
  • good with children
  • little bit old fashioned... buy you dinner, open doors etc...
  • good smelling cologne
  • interesting conversation

7 things i say most often:

  • YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS after having my name called for the thousandth bloody time ( sorry about the swear word but you can tell how passionate i am about it)
  • what now?
  • mia stop yelling! / ssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh mia/ no need to shout mia.... the list goes on. mia has been diagnosed with hypercausis which basically means very heightened sense of hearing. now, you would think that she would be quieter wouldnt you? YOU WOULD BE WRONG, what she has done is changed the pitch of her voice to suit her hearing but for all those around her it is LOUD
  • there is another adult in the house, go ask him!
  • girls, stop fighting
  • come and give me a kiss
  • i love you
i do LOVE these rascals, lili mia and claudia 7 celebrities i admire: to me a celebrity is someone famous so it is hard to admire them for anything worthwhile, so here goes
  • tom jones cause he was hot and is still hot and has an amazing voice
  • the guys off little britain for their humor
  • the band crowded house for their musicality
  • oprah ( i can hear the moans from all the oprah bashers but i do still like her)
  • bono and geldolf for their efforts to feed the hungry
  • denton for his interviewing skills
  • david attenbourough (not sure how to spell it) one heck of a guy

thank god that one is over!!

7 favourite foods:

  • micks home made pizza
  • oysters kilpatrick
  • thai satay chicken
  • muffin breaks double choc muffin accompanied by a cappuccino
  • normal chocolate, but not plain. i mean i dont like things like Ferraro, lindt etc. i love cadbury but not plain. i love chickitos?, cherry ripe, picnics etc..
  • mangoes
  • roast anything as long as there is gravy and crunchy roasted potatoes im happy
i made these guys last christmas, so very yummy! 7 people to tag: i am going to suck at this cause i dont know how to do the link thingy, plus i dont know 7 people who follow my blog... aaarrggg
  • i give up until i learn how to link. i can hear linda all the way from brighton tut tutting me*^-^*
  • if i knew how these are the people... stacey from itty bitty apparel
  • gingham world
  • tantehilde
  • a fanciful twist
  • janet from 37 stitches in a row

thats it folks, how did i do? too much to read i think ;0)

what about my weekend whinge?? why is it that when i go shopping for clothes i still have to ring back and check that the baby is being fed and put to bed? lucky i did because at 11:45 mick was still out building the 'troll bridge' ( will post photo soon) and poor old fattyham was fending for herself. when i got home the place was a mess, and claudia was still awake at 9:30pm cause mick let her sleep till almost 3!!!!!

funny how my whinges are always about mick and the kids ;0)

bad trend, will pray for new annoyances. ok enough from me, if you got this far, i love you

mmmwwaah rosey


Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Yay!!! Well done Goldsworthy!! Love your did way better than I di, I just couldn't finish some and rattled on about nothing on others!! Great job...I need NEED need to know how to make those snowmen. Please do a how to post about them....they look fabulous....oh and I am sure that beautiful birdie has found a place to rest and is being well looked fact I know it and also know she is rather fond of LIndt chocolate as well!! Kiss Noises Happy Sunday, Linda Lilly Cottage ( aka blog hog).

Suzie Sews said...

I love this, is a big Tag but so fun to find out more about the blogger....

MarmaladeRose said...

So glad I stopped by, I've been inspired by Mia's button art! Which is a good thing as I've just acquired 3 tins of smelly, dirty old buttons.

Julie said...

Wow Rose,
I have just meandered through your recent blogs. You have been busy. I am familar with a lot of your 7 things and have lots of stories about one in particular. I have just spent a glorious half an hour away from my studies. Thanks very much.
Love Jules

Janet said...

Oh my goodness, we really were separated at birth!! The poo thing, I totally get it. Lots of other things struck a cord too! Thanks for the tag - will get to it shortly.

To answer your questions: Sampler Gameboard is the name of the design, which will eventually look like a little gameboard with half the motifs up one way and half the other.

I'm in McDowall (the old crappy part, not the new posh part *sigh*).