Thursday, July 30, 2009

more bushka brooches

as most of you know i have two blogs, this one i save mostly for my family and the other is mostly for my creations. i just wanted to share with you what i have been working on this week. it is an order of 15 brooches...i am making 9 babushkas and 6 kokeshi for a local shop in mitchelton called funky fabrix . it is no secret that i would like to win the lotto so that i could stitch for a living, but as that is about as likely as me wearing a bikini this summer, i will have to settle for stitching at night and on my days off.
anyhow here are my little girls so far
i haven't started the kokeshi yet....
embellishments are on waiting for...
hair, eyes, cheeks and a mouth. then they just need to be backed with a complimentary colour and brooch and they are ready to go to a new home :)
have fun visiting shona over at funky fabrix, i know i will in a few weeks time when i make my delivery!
mmwwaaahhh rosey

Saturday, July 25, 2009

when i grow up...

last weekend (seems like forever ago)i had the pleasure of helping out at lilly cottage and after you see the photos you will know what i want to be when i grow up :) this one is for the lavender lovers.
gorgeous hand made bags, there was a third bag here but it was sold before i got the chance to take a now lives in Sydney!
pretty birds that like to brighten up any area, they are made to hang and i gifted one of these to my sister when she visited from London. it must be quite exciting to know that your hand made product are all over this globe.
and look at this gorgeous stitchery isn't it just amazing!?! there are a few of these sweet hangings in the shop as well. now lets go through the front doors... lots of sweet accessories to make your kitchen pretty...don't you think you might be more likely to bake if you had a heart shaped mixing bowl? :)
more china cabinet fillers, i would be happy with anything in this display... there's even more contemporary pretties for your home... this children's plate set comes in a sweet case and was very reasonably priced, perfect for a that little princess in your life.
it really isn't like working at all. Linda's mum Jan let me be chief wrapper of all sales and i also fluffed and chatted the day away.
this little cottage is made up of two rooms and a front 'veranda' where all of this pretty stock is on display. the inner room is also filled with pretty things...
Linda stocks some of the most gorgeous 'bling' and she also makes some amazing denim and lace cuffs that really jazz up any outfit. and just in case you don't think there is anything for the boys.... here is a corner of BLUE delights just to entice you. this shop really is special and i know that i can always find something for everyone here.
i don't expect to be paid for these wonderful one off days of 'work' but as usual Jan gifted me with something i had my eye on, it is a lovely oil painting of a posy of violets and it reminds me of my grandmother Jane.
here it is on my bedroom wall, the photos don't really do this painting justice but you get the idea.
these two photos are taken outside to give you a better idea of what it looks like.
it makes my soul feel nourished when i look at it.. thank you Jan and Linda.
if you live locally this shop can be found out at old petrie town and is really a special place to visit. lilly cottage is open from Wednesday to Sunday (along with some other specialty shops) but the best day to go is Sunday when the rest of the market is open.
remember to click on the link to get a better look at the shop and click on any of the pictures to enlarge them so you can drool even more :)
so i guess it is pretty clear that when i grow up i want to work in lilly cottage or even better work alongside lilly cottage with the dream shop i have in my mind...come on lotto!!
have a great weekend...i bet you know where i am taking the kids tomorrow :)
mmwwaahh goldsworthy

Thursday, July 23, 2009

insert sentimental quote here....

my poor little blog has been a bit neglected of late, what with starting a new school term and keeping up with the house work, but more importantly... meeting old and new faces!! back row left - poppy Jim, paddy holding his son Henry, mister moo, Clinton
front row left - Jessica, Mia, Michaela, Claudia sitting on Alexandra and lili
the 'mummies' were taking photos.
mister moo's brother Clinton and his lovely family came up from NSW for a week long visit. it has been 7 years since we have seen them (except Clint's overnight stay for paddy's wedding 2005) so we had one little family member to meet and they had three. (Mia, Claudia and Henry)
we met up with them at paddy's house (micks younger brother) and had a lovely lunch and a great catch up. what i love about family is that no matter how long you spend apart you can just pick up where you left off and that gap just closes up. the children got on so well straight away and played the afternoon away.
Claudia, Lexie, Michaela, Mia, lili and Henry
this photo screams 'FAMILY'
these two look so much like poppy Jim, aren't they just the sweetest little blondies!
the cat was centre of attention, we really must get a pet..
Lexie is just such a sweet natured, easy going girl and doted on Claudia the whole time. she is so pretty!
and H-MAN (Henry) just followed the girls around having a ball, he also likes his tucker :)
my favourite photo mick with his brothers
paddy, Clinton and mick (yes that is a muppet t-shirt mick is wearing, my fav character ANIMAL !)
they then headed back up the coast to stay with micks dad and be 'tourists' with the promise that they would be back down to stay with us for a couple of nights. our two nights together were great and really makes me wish they still lived here. for some reason i didn't take many photos on those two nights but the children just had a ball playing and the conversation never stopped for the adults. they are now safe and sound back home and enjoying the last of their holidays.
some other things that have kept me busy are finally finishing this girl...
she has safely arrived in her new home and her new owners are more than happy with her!! (thank god) and the other thing that i cant wait to post about is my day at lilly cottage. i haven't uploaded the photos yet but i will in the next few days.
i am still on my count down to my long service...8 weeks to go!!
mmwwaahh rosey

Thursday, July 16, 2009

something different

mr moo recently tried to turn a kokeshi doll up for me but they looked a bit more like toadstools so...
while Claudia had a nap today i started to paint them. i will have to finish them tomorrow but this is what they look like at the moment. i really want to embrace my inner artist but alas i think it is hiding way way down too deep to come out.
i also wanted to give you a sneak peek at something i am working on for my etsy shop. i have neglected it of late, not that i had a rush of sales or anything but if i build up some stock i can endeavour to hold a market stall one day :) plus someone clever once told me the trick to a successful etsy shop is good photos and lots of stock.
mmmm sweet laced hanky and a gorgeous pattern...
whenever i show a peek of something i feel that ~Truman cottage~ moment happening (read a few posts back to understand what i am talking about)
speaking of ~Truman cottage~, i was talking to mick about a great show called stars in their eyes where amateur singers would dress up like a singer and sing their song and then a commercial for Australian idol came on and it is based on that idea...amazing hey!
off to get the girls from school then i might have to start the fire as it is rather chilly at the moment.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

change your room in an instant

i have gone and bought myself another wall decal, this time for our dining room wall. the photos don't do it justice, but as the lighting isn't that wonderful you will have to imagine.
it frames the pictures of the girls nicely.
i sort of wish the birds were brown but it is still lovely.
i like the way the blossoms 'fall' from the branches
click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.
i have done a bit of snooping and have found you a website for this product. go here to see more designs. the one that i chose was only $19!
well i am back at work tomorrow but only for 10 weeks then i start my huge holiday of 18 weeks!!! let the count down begin :)
have a great week
%*_*% rosey
p.s. if you do enlarge the pictures you will see the wonderful photography of my good friend darren, visit his website to see his more of his great work.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

hippo birdie two ewes

just a shout out to all those having a birthday this all of my family and friends that read this if you are not with me : i miss you! if we are close: lets get together for a drink! if you read this blog go visit these links of some of the birthday girls my sister Anita at mad cow moments my good friend and secret gift giver Jo at a birdhouse in your soul my craftilicious friend linda at lilly cottage my oldest friends daughter India at dishwater dude and these are just a few! birthday smooches to you all if you visit, dont forget to tell them i sent you :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

just had to show you....

Claudia's 3rd birthday was celebrated with family and close friends and it really was a lovely afternoon. i just had to share with you two of the many presents she received that day.
the first is from my eldest sister and her family.
yes it is a hippos head, watch what it becomes when we turn it on its side...
a bean bag chair! i love it and so does Claudia :)
this is where you put your bum
and just in case you need some encouragement...
and the second present i wanted to share was from my niece renata who hand made Claudia this lovely little purse
it is a sweet triangular felt bag.
it will be filled with all sorts lip glosses and little trinkets.
my girls are very lucky to be surrounded by such love.
my holidays are drawing to an end, i am heading into work tomorrow to work out our unit. i have had a restful break and am looking forward to the prospect of going on long service for all of term 4!
mmwaahh rosey
p.s. the hippo also reminds me of my tattoo ;0)

Monday, July 6, 2009

what's in a name??

i love it when people name their homes, it makes me feel warm and comfortable and offers a bit of intrigue into why the name exists. my earliest memory of house naming has to be of my brother in laws parents home. they have YAWNOC adorning the outside of their family home (well the only home i have ever known them to have) and i remember Vincent revealing the is their last name CONWAY spelt backwards! how simple is that?
then when i met my now husband their home had the sign ARUNDEL HILLS hanging on the outside wall. mister moo says it is the family name of his fathers aunty who was much loved by all of the family and mick still talks fondly of them now.
my very good friends who live locally here in shorncliffe have named their family home LA PASIBLE which is loosely translated as the PEACEFUL PLACE and it really is!
then blog pal Kris from tag along teddies often refers to her house as MEARE'S MADHOUSE and if she doesn't have a sign saying this on her house she sure should get one.
the last house name i have come across is SOGGIBOTTOM which from my understanding comes from the fact that they live at the bottom of a flood way...(correct me if i am wrong Michelle) isn't that a cool name for a place?
anyhow it got me thinking (once again cause i have thought of it before) of what we should name our place. THE COOP has come to mind before, but yesterday as we were watching the girls play in the park and i was talking to my mister about naming our house and THE name came to us.
for the longest time mick and i have felt like we are on the Truman show (Jim carrey classic), like our every move is being watched. everything we do seems to be replicated in the papers or on the news, involving other more famous people of course. if we like something it becomes popular, if we talk about something it becomes is hard to describe but the most recent situation involves those little teacup cookies i made. now by no means are they my idea but i replicated them to share at lindas tea party, then wouldn't you know it they were featured on last weeks better homes and gardens episode.
so in honour of how we feel about our little life here in Del Rio street we are going to name our house TRUMAN MANOR/PLACE/COTTAGE? haven't yet decided :)
there you have it...i would be so curious to know if you have a name for your home??
have a great week

Friday, July 3, 2009

is she still a baby?

i guess i started this blog to start documenting my crafting adventures but have come to realise that this blog is so much more than that. not only is what i write here forever but it is a way for those friends who are not geographically close to me be able to watch our girls grow and keep up with the crazy life we lead. i started journals for each of my girls but saw huge gaps in entries and almost felt guilted into writing in them. this blog is different... because i can add photos and blog about all three girls at once, it is more appealing.
anyhow the reason for todays post is... our baby turns 3 today!! and that is the question mister moo asked me this morning, is she a baby? or is she a toddler? or is she something else? she is something else alright!! we refer to her as babygirl all the time and i guess she will always be our baby but what is the technical term for a 3 year old?? any ideas?? i would also like to know what nick names you have for your precious children.
all our birthdays start with a gathering on our bed with the presents handed out one by one.
here is the birthday girl ready for the first present. she is opening a cute little sylvanian families baby.(our little brambly hedge dolls live beside our bed)
then the next and largest present...
a mega blocks wagon filled with blocks, oh boy was she excited!! we bought a few more blocks to go with it so that she had some characters to play with. we gave her this wonderful children's but real video camera that takes photos too. i got it a few months ago when it was on sale for $50 what a bargain as i saw them in the shops yesterday for $150! she also got this lovely book from her godmother Miranda, thanks mir! she has already spent the money she received from mama and pa in toowoomba! a ball, push car and dvd had her more than satisfied. and this is the 'book' puff ball made for her baby sister. now to end this post with a few words about claudia...
  • your eyes are stunning!
  • we love your unique birthmark which we think is in the shape of a scotty dog.
  • you make us laugh all the time
  • you are a diva
  • you speak very well for a 3 year old
  • you like to sneak into our bed early in the morning for a extra special squeeze, you usually give us tiny kisses and tell us that you love us
  • you are very very pretty
  • you like sparkles in your hair every day
  • you still have one bottle of milk at night
  • you fight with your sisters but sometimes you can be so very peaceful and loving
  • you love any type of music
  • you love being naked :0)
  • you are loved so very much by all those around you especially your little family!
  • our nicknames for you are...fattyham or hammy

i will be back with more photos after we cut your cake with family and friends tomorrow afternoon.

mmwwaahh rosey/mummy

Thursday, July 2, 2009

up the hill and back again

it is hard to believe that almost a week has passed since we visited my home town of toowoomba for baby Adelaide's christening. once again we were a little bit excited to be spending the night in a hotel but even more excited to be having dinner at Miranda's place. Miranda treated us to a tasty dish of spaghetti which the girls gobbled up and ice cream for sweets. of course she showered the girls with gifts and a birthday present for her goddaughter Claudia.
here we are after our lovely meal ready to go home to have a sleep before the big day. thanks mir you are the best, and most loved by all the bonsers!
the next morning we got rugged up and headed the 30 second drive to the chapel (god i love toowoomba) and proceeded to be witness in welcoming baby Adelaide into 'gods house'.
it was a lovely ceremony and the belle of the ball was very well behaved.
she is lucky to have such wonderful god parents and is surrounded by love and happiness.
oh and not to mention a mother who is a hairdresser and a father who is a brilliant photographer...this girl has it made in the shade, hair, makeup and photos covered!!
on a serious took a while for this bundle to arrive and even when she did arrive it took a while for her to come home. her parents are doing a wonderful job and she is a perfect little girl.
Sarena, Adelaide and Darren
after the chapel we headed back to Darren and Sarena's place for brunch....oh boy what a spread!! food, food and more food
and the next best thing to food is cuddles
this is Jed, he is so cute and oh so healthy, in other words he is a ham ready to be eaten!!
and baby Alyssa is cute as a button and loved smooching me!! this little lady is very very sweet and a very good baby too.
and here is my girl, who turns 3 tomorrow, enjoying her favourite sweet treat, custard tart.
in this photo we have my god daughter Abi holding her brother Jed sitting with Claudia, lili and Mia. it was a lovely day catching up with old friends and the girls had a great time playing and eating.
after the cake was cut..
and the presents opened... i ended up giving them a children's bible and book of prayers cause this little lady wasn't ready...
too lop sided for my liking... have started a new one.
after a good chat and a good laugh we headed back down the hill to our little place on the earth. we had a wonderful time and cant wait for a reason to go back.
here i am with my good friend Darren, it is hard to believe that we have been mates for almost 20years.
i love this blog, this memory is here forever!
mmwwaahh rosey