Sunday, July 12, 2009

change your room in an instant

i have gone and bought myself another wall decal, this time for our dining room wall. the photos don't do it justice, but as the lighting isn't that wonderful you will have to imagine.
it frames the pictures of the girls nicely.
i sort of wish the birds were brown but it is still lovely.
i like the way the blossoms 'fall' from the branches
click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.
i have done a bit of snooping and have found you a website for this product. go here to see more designs. the one that i chose was only $19!
well i am back at work tomorrow but only for 10 weeks then i start my huge holiday of 18 weeks!!! let the count down begin :)
have a great week
%*_*% rosey
p.s. if you do enlarge the pictures you will see the wonderful photography of my good friend darren, visit his website to see his more of his great work.


clare's craftroom said...

Thanks , I have been checking these out but the ones you have found are much cheaper , I love yours so I'm off to have a look .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these Rosey.I sure have a place in mind for one.In my living room its a dark wine wall and I think it really will look cute with something there.

CkmetroPhotos said...

Hey Rose I LOVE what you guys did with your images - Fantatic - It must be soon time to update the family Images :) - Ayway love the wall Rose !

babalisme said...

I've been crazy about wall decals for long!! You're right it's a room makeover without a fuss

babalisme said...

..for the Kelly bag printable, just click on the top right icon of rainbow Kelly, the one with the words :"I want it I'll have it" from there you'll directly transferred to a place of thousands (ummm.. I exaggerated, but still it's quite much) Kelly design to download and print. You should print at least 4 of em, for you and the little fashionistas!

Miranda said...

Love the wall Rosey ! Really brightens up your kitchen and adds sparkles of happiness & peacefullness with the birds in the twigs!

Christy said...

beautiful decals! they light up a room instantly!