Monday, July 6, 2009

what's in a name??

i love it when people name their homes, it makes me feel warm and comfortable and offers a bit of intrigue into why the name exists. my earliest memory of house naming has to be of my brother in laws parents home. they have YAWNOC adorning the outside of their family home (well the only home i have ever known them to have) and i remember Vincent revealing the is their last name CONWAY spelt backwards! how simple is that?
then when i met my now husband their home had the sign ARUNDEL HILLS hanging on the outside wall. mister moo says it is the family name of his fathers aunty who was much loved by all of the family and mick still talks fondly of them now.
my very good friends who live locally here in shorncliffe have named their family home LA PASIBLE which is loosely translated as the PEACEFUL PLACE and it really is!
then blog pal Kris from tag along teddies often refers to her house as MEARE'S MADHOUSE and if she doesn't have a sign saying this on her house she sure should get one.
the last house name i have come across is SOGGIBOTTOM which from my understanding comes from the fact that they live at the bottom of a flood way...(correct me if i am wrong Michelle) isn't that a cool name for a place?
anyhow it got me thinking (once again cause i have thought of it before) of what we should name our place. THE COOP has come to mind before, but yesterday as we were watching the girls play in the park and i was talking to my mister about naming our house and THE name came to us.
for the longest time mick and i have felt like we are on the Truman show (Jim carrey classic), like our every move is being watched. everything we do seems to be replicated in the papers or on the news, involving other more famous people of course. if we like something it becomes popular, if we talk about something it becomes is hard to describe but the most recent situation involves those little teacup cookies i made. now by no means are they my idea but i replicated them to share at lindas tea party, then wouldn't you know it they were featured on last weeks better homes and gardens episode.
so in honour of how we feel about our little life here in Del Rio street we are going to name our house TRUMAN MANOR/PLACE/COTTAGE? haven't yet decided :)
there you have it...i would be so curious to know if you have a name for your home??
have a great week


Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! Nope, we don't have a name sign for the "Meares' Madhouse" - that's just what it usually is!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Like you, I've often thought about the perfect name for our house (besides the nickname!) and keep thinking I'd like something Celtic, but haven't found anything yet ... still looking! Oh ... "Cottage" sounds cosier than "Place" or "Manor". Bear Hugs! KRIS

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Nope don't have a name for our house, though I refer to the chook house as the chicken Taj Mahal and now the guinea pigs have their own Taj Mahal...Will have to think about a name...The house with the big trees out the front is simply too long a name..
I shall get back to you on that one.
Kiss Noises Linda

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

First of all, I LOVE THE COOKIES! Those are the most adorable ever!!! and I love the names you're considering, sounds like any of them would be fitting. I've contemplated naming my home too, I think it would have to be Camp Run-A-Muck, cause it's always crazy around here. lol!!!
Have a super day!
♥ Teresa

Maria-Thérèse said...

Famous cookies!!!!!

Hm, can you give a flat a name? :-D

The only houses with names I've visited have been big and famous ones like Villa d'Este in Tivoli. Maybe one should START with a name - and voilà, a famous place! :-D
Be warned though - what will happen when all the tourists come to visit?
That's right - better start making those cookies! :D

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I too love homes with names....Our home has a sign that hangs from the front door...
Hmmm? Nope going to stop there,You have inspired me to do a Blog post,WON'T BE TONiGHT MABEY TOMMORROW....
Been crazy here so when I get time I will do our house sign/name.

All the best with the Truman Taj Mahal!

LissyLou said...

our house doesn't have a name but the house i lived in with my mum and dad was called 'Padua' a town near venice. 2 sisters lived in the 2 cottages - the other one was named after a town in france i think.

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking cookies darn you,LOL.I have NEVER heard of naming your home.Very interesting, thought maybe it was an aussie thing.We name streets here but not Rose does have a great one though,camp Run-a-muck LOL... to funny.

clare's craftroom said...

I often say my house looks like Ma and Pa Kettle live here !

Anonymous said...

My house is called Coed Y Glyn ,witch means woods of Glyn .It was named when we bought it .
From sesga xxx

Anonymous said...

The house I grew up (and currently live) in doesn't have a name, but on the blog I like to call it Bunny's Hutch. I like Truman Cottage! That was a good movie, by the way. :)


CkmetroPhotos said...

It has to be Trueman mannor guys !!

Linda said...

Hi Rosey,
My family has a history of naming our homes, I won't tell you what they all are because you just inspired me to do a post about them, thank you I have been a bit stuck at the moment. Did you know that a lot of truckies also name their trucks (well for some their truck is their home.)
Cheers Linda

soggibottom said...

As always I am the last to find anything, before this post gets filed away better hurry...........

The name Soggibottom.......hopefully also made you smile. x x x