Sunday, June 28, 2009

alice in bonserland

Alice was drowsily listening to her sister read, when she saw a White Rabbit hurry by. He had a big smile and carried a pocket watch in the shape of a tea pot.
She thought this was very curious, so she followed him down a rabbit hole...
and she fell down, down down! Alice landed with a thump, only to see the White Rabbit disappearing through a door that was much too small for her. a bottle sat on the table. the label on it read:
Alice took a drink and shrank to a very small size. she could fit through the door now.... but she could no longer reach the key!
'I'll never find the White Rabbit now'! and she began to cry. she cried so much her tears flooded the room and she floated through the keyhole. finally she found the white rabbit
he asked Alice to fetch his gloves from his house. Alice entered the house and found a cupcake labelled: so she did. suddenly she grew as large as the house, eating a chocolate cookie from his garden shrank her down so small, she was soon lost in the grass!

in the garden Alice happened upon a haughty caterpillar.

he told her to eat some of his mushroom to return to her normal size.

Alice took a bite and grew taller than the trees! when she took another bite, she returned to her normal size. Bonserland sure was strange and it became stranger still when she met the Cheshire Cat.

'I'd ask the Mad Hatter if i wanted to find the White Rabbit'.

Alice found the Mad Hatter

he had invited the Cheshire Cat and the and the White Rabbit and welcomed Alice to the table. they had a wonderful time

they ate

colourful treats

drank cup after cup

ate scrumptious finger sandwiches

and even had time for a game of cards

Alice had her fill of fine food and laughter and as she had found the White Rabbit she decided it was time to go home. she wandered around until she happened upon the queens guards who had painted the white roses red.

Alice found this all too much and ran and ran until she could run no more. finally exhausted she climbed a tree and fell asleep. when she woke she realised it was all a dream, a curious dream in Bonserland.

thanks to Vanessa from a fanciful twist for hosting such a fun party. as my sister said, we are building wonderful, whimsical childhood memories and for that i thank you!

smooches to you all, now i cant wait to come visit you! xx rosey AKA the queen of tarts :0)

Friday, June 26, 2009

crazy hair dudes

crazy hair dudes is 'bonser speak' for crazy hair do or crazy hair day as it is more commonly known. i sent the girls off in coloured clothing and crazy hair for the last day of term while Claudia and i went to my school to sign an application for LONG SERVICE!!!! i will leave you with these lasting impressions :0)

crazy hair

crazy curls

and just plain crazy! enjoy your weekend xxrosey

p.s. i will be late with my mad hatters tea party but i guess it makes sense to be late!

visit a fanciful twist to see what all the fuss is about

Thursday, June 25, 2009

wall decal heaven

a few local gals have been asking me where i purchased this lovely removable wall decal from.
i got them from a stall at the lawnton markets which is held in the pine rivers show grounds (or maybe it is even called the lawnton show grounds). they hold a market every Saturday, i had never seen this stall before and hope that they will be there again. there were heaps of designs, each as beautiful as the next. i will be buying more for sure.
this was only $13, i am not sure what the larger packets were priced at but to be honest it is a cheap way of giving a room a huge lift.
so if you live locally head on out to lawnton but don't forget to blog about your purchase!!
have a great Thursday
p.s. i am officially on holidays, 2 weeks to rest, relax and clean out every god damn cupboard in this house!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

the week that was ~part 2~

so much has happened since the last post, my head is spinning and it is quite hard to remember a minute ago let alone last week...i will do my best. after our lovely weekend with micks family, the working week began with no one sick or needing to stay home! once again i had parent teacher interviews so i didn't get home until after dark and the girls greeted me with a parcel from Dione of sewfunky. a little while back i had won her giveaway and look at the vintage fabric she has used to make this tissue holder and the buttons are fabulous and will be put to good use some time soon. thanks again Dione
i am not going to put this tissue holder in my bag cause it might get all screwed up in the 'black hole' that is my bag. i am going to keep it here in my 'studyio' where i can see it but also use it.
now don't hate me for what i am going to tell you next but... i didn't attend my children's school sports day :( i do have a valid excuse though. i work a 5 day fortnight which means that every second Wednesday i get one day to myself as the baby is still in day care and the older two are at school. now i am hard pressed giving this one day a fortnight up for anything and some sports day was not going to stand in my way. well didn't i feel like THE WORST mother ever when my girls presented me with these...
yes that is third! she was so excited telling me all about how she raced so well i was so proud of her but i also felt so guilty at the same time.
and lili had also came third in her race and received a well done ribbon for some other event. in my heart i have vowed never to miss another sports day if i am not working.
i guess what made me feel better was the fact that our mystery gifter had struck again, this time with a parcel for the girls
i have narrowed my suspects and will reveal whom i think it is at the end of this post!
similar sign off as last time.
my biggest clue... someone whose name starts with a J...
anyhow look at what was inside
three of the most gorgeous hand made dolls. the lighting isn't the best but you get the general idea of how sweet they are.
this belongs to lili
mia chose this one
and my favourite colour of all time went to clauds.
they were so thrilled with these marvelous and unique little dolls. they are made out of calico which is stuffed and then weighted at the bottom so that they stand up.
ok are you ready to find out who i think gifted these to my girls? a lovely friend of mine who lives in Ipswich whose name is Jo she has a lovely little blog called a birdhouse in your soul which she doesn't update often enough :P now i am not sure if she made these dolls or bought them but i NEED to know if i am right. so Jo, i know you read this little old blog of mine... did you send these to my girls?? answer me or i will have to hunt you down and leave my kids with you :0)
there you have it more of the week that was. i will come back and catch up on the second half of the week, which also involves a blog award, a gorgeous money box and a mad, mad party.
enjoy what is left of your weekend, smooches rosey

Friday, June 19, 2009

birthday request completed

your mission should you choose to accept: create a babushka phone charm
my response: but i cant sew!!!
just add a ribbon to the top of the head: oh i can do that, but it will be the same size as the phone
happy with the end result just hope the birthday girl is too.
i also decided to make her a little ninja. i copied one that i won from urbancraft a few months ago. it was my first attempt so i am not that happy with him but i am sure my 15year old niece will be.
my ninja is the one without the buttons for eyes. here she is singing them to sleep.
i will be back to post about the rest of my week

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the week that was ~ part 1~

this time last week i was a walking zombie, i kept the children home from school simply because i didn't have the strength to get them ready and take them. well i am not 100% better but i am 100% better than i was a week ago. so much happens week to week around here as i am sure it does in every house hold regardless of how sick you are. wouldn't it be nice to push that pause button on life and get all of the jobs done that seem to pile up when you are wounded. well i am rewinding this post to last Wednesday (my worst day, day 3 of flu) when my children came bursting into my bedroom with an envelope from the gorgeous Linda from Lilly cottage. i had enough strength to open it and that's about it. so now days later i can get very excited to show you what the letter said....
for those of you who don't know, Vanessa at a fanciful twist is hosting a blog party in the theme of 'a mad hatters tea party'. my girls are very excited as they remember last year when we joined her Halloween blog party. Linda has invited me to be part of her party (if she is well enough) and on Sunday the bonser girls are going to have their own party. so watch this space on the 27th of this month for photos of our party.
so this Saturday, 2 more sleeps, i get to go and play with Linda!! it should be heaps of fun.
as the week moved on i gained more strength and by Saturday i was ready to drive to the markets for our weekly fruit and veges. on the way out i spotted a stall selling reusable wall decals.... each one was gorgeous so it was a hard decision but for $13 i bought this....
isn't it sweet!! they had heaps more in different designs, but i thought this would suit the colour of this room and the the theme we are slowly creating in this space that technically is my 'studyio'. now if you promise not to judge my mess (remember i don't have a house cleaner and i work part time and i have 3 kids..) i will show you how it looks in this room...
i chose that wall as i can see it as i walk in and as i sit by the computer. yes that is my crafting table, it is in desperate need of a clean up, lucky i am on holidays as of next Wednesday. :0)
and here is the view on the opposite wall, my art from afiori and a fanciful twist and my family and friends inspiration board. i want to make a new inspiration board... i have an idea in my mind but i need time to find the materials to put it all together.
this little purchase made me feel happy and i would like to buy more of these as they are a very cheap way of changing a space.
on Thursday night we got a call from my father in laws partner to ask us to meet her at a local pub for a surprise lunch for his birthday which is actually this weekend. she wanted to have it ahead of his actual birthday so as to really surprise him and it worked. it was so funny to see his face when he saw us there and then give him a present, it took him about 10 minutes to realise that she had actually set it all up. anyhow it was so lovely to spend some time with them and micks brother and his little family. the pub we went to has a great space for children it even has a carousel that only costs $2 per ride or $1 when you purchase a book of 10 rides.
here are the girls on the pumpkin carriage...
and here is their cousin Henry, this little fella is like a pocket rocket everything he does is at full speed! he was premature and spent months in hospital and is quite small for his age but that does not stop him or slow him down :0) the girls love him and he loves them especially Mia.
i think that is enough for now, i will be back with part 2... when i will show you my win from sewfunky and another mystery gift this time for the girls!!
mmwwaahh rosey
p.s. do yourself a favour and visit the blogs that i have linked to, you will not be sorry.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

pretty doesnt equal pretty

what happens when you take this pretty little find...

out of the bag?

papa bear

big bear

middle size bear

and baby bear

the last photo is a classic!

i am feeling 100% better than this time last week... i am still coughing and am all stuffed up but the aches have gone. thanks for all of your get well wishes. two more weeks and we will be on school holidays, no plans just resting!

have a great week.