Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a post on a tuesday?

hello, i would not ordinarily be writing on my blog at 10:30am on a Tuesday morning but a little accident has brought me home... this morning 3 out of 5 people in this household felt ill... 3 out of 5 had toilet issues and 1 out of 5 'sharted' as she so eloquently put it. my eldest did have a slight accident in her knickers, but i didn't really give it much thought. 3 out of 5 decided to just keep soldiering on and headed off to before school care and work. 5 minutes after i got to work i got the call from before school care to say that the eldest had soiled her knickers and would need to go home. my profession does not respond well to this sort of conundrum at 8am in the morning. our blessed secretary rang a list of relief teachers and finally found someone to relieve me. i picked up a solitary lili from before school care and as soon as we reached home the toilet was in use... and has been frequented many times in the past 3 hours :( when i rang mister moo to tell him of the situation he was... you guessed it on the toilet!! yes he is one of the 3 that is under the weather. i wouldnt be surprised if he came home too. so that is the reason i am here and not at work.
onto nicer news...i discovered this blog coloured buttons a few weeks ago (cant remember who recommended her blog, might have been christy from sweet tidings) and have been totally blown away by her creativity. you really should check out her matchbox Monday posts... really creative. anyhow, a while ago Trixie found a toy rabbit who needed a name. Mia decided that the bunny should be called Minty and that is exactly what Trixie called the rabbit. in gratitude for finding a name, Trixie sent the girls a gift each!! yes my little girls are winners too.
Trixie sent them a little poseable worm, each one is different and oh so cute. Minty had also included some shells that she had gathered while in the sea ( you have to read the post on this toy to understand, just scroll down till you find it) and we have added them to our collection of miniature shells. thanks Minty! each worm came with a tag and from memory... lili called hers ~Megan~ Mia called hers ~minty~ (she really likes that name) and Claudia called hers ~Olivia~
i had to hunt them down in order to photograph them, i found one wrapped around a tea pot, another around a mini vase and another in the arms of my wooden art doll. and when they aren't hanging around on the hutch they are....
cuddling fairies or hanging round with lions or nibbling on our strawberries!
thanks a bunch Trixie, you really brightened their day! i just love them, they make me smile and i like it when they get moved around the house.
now don't hit me through the screen but... i have won another giveaway!! i didn't mean to honest. i entered a few giveaways from sew mama sews may giveaway and i won a gorgeous tissue case and some buttons, i am overjoyed. do your self a favour and head over to sew funky and scroll through her posts. her vintage fabrics are to die for! thanks Dione you are a gem.
ok off to feed the sick one some bland toast and hope that vomiting doesn't accompany this bout of 'sicky bum' as we like to call it round here.
mmwwaahhh rosey


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ewwwwww Not good about sicky Bum!
Hope it passes quickley!...No pun intended!!!
Those worms are just so so so Gorgeous!
My Kids would go through the roof to get pressies in the post!
Super exciting for them eh?

And you Another giveaway! You go girl!

Kerryanne English said...

Oh no... not 'sicky bum'. Is there anything worse? I think not. I don't envy you today Rosey. I've got sickies at home too but at least ours is just 'green nose'.
Hope you remain well.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

babalisme said...

Sicky bum! Not good! But those are really neat looking worms your girls have! I love the name Minty too!!

LissyLou said...

Thanks for introducing us to coloured buttons, what a great site for things to do with kiddies!!!!!

Hope your all fighting fit soon xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh dear poor sicky bum family !!
love those bead worms though they are cool :-)
hope all better soon x

Anonymous said...

Awww, so sorry to hear of your lovely family's yucky illness. There was a housewide bout of puking and the other stuff while my brother was home, so I can fully relate to how awful it is. Best wishes that they get well soon! And wishing that you stay healthy!

Now what lucky little girlies you have to receive such nice presents. Those caterpillars are adorable, the girls must have been ecstatic! The girls gave them sweet names. Love the photos!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Oooh, sorry everyone is so sick, hope everyone is well soon.

I'm glad I found your other crafty blog!! I didn't even know you had two!! Those worms are adorable!!!
♥ Teresa