Thursday, June 18, 2009

the week that was ~ part 1~

this time last week i was a walking zombie, i kept the children home from school simply because i didn't have the strength to get them ready and take them. well i am not 100% better but i am 100% better than i was a week ago. so much happens week to week around here as i am sure it does in every house hold regardless of how sick you are. wouldn't it be nice to push that pause button on life and get all of the jobs done that seem to pile up when you are wounded. well i am rewinding this post to last Wednesday (my worst day, day 3 of flu) when my children came bursting into my bedroom with an envelope from the gorgeous Linda from Lilly cottage. i had enough strength to open it and that's about it. so now days later i can get very excited to show you what the letter said....
for those of you who don't know, Vanessa at a fanciful twist is hosting a blog party in the theme of 'a mad hatters tea party'. my girls are very excited as they remember last year when we joined her Halloween blog party. Linda has invited me to be part of her party (if she is well enough) and on Sunday the bonser girls are going to have their own party. so watch this space on the 27th of this month for photos of our party.
so this Saturday, 2 more sleeps, i get to go and play with Linda!! it should be heaps of fun.
as the week moved on i gained more strength and by Saturday i was ready to drive to the markets for our weekly fruit and veges. on the way out i spotted a stall selling reusable wall decals.... each one was gorgeous so it was a hard decision but for $13 i bought this....
isn't it sweet!! they had heaps more in different designs, but i thought this would suit the colour of this room and the the theme we are slowly creating in this space that technically is my 'studyio'. now if you promise not to judge my mess (remember i don't have a house cleaner and i work part time and i have 3 kids..) i will show you how it looks in this room...
i chose that wall as i can see it as i walk in and as i sit by the computer. yes that is my crafting table, it is in desperate need of a clean up, lucky i am on holidays as of next Wednesday. :0)
and here is the view on the opposite wall, my art from afiori and a fanciful twist and my family and friends inspiration board. i want to make a new inspiration board... i have an idea in my mind but i need time to find the materials to put it all together.
this little purchase made me feel happy and i would like to buy more of these as they are a very cheap way of changing a space.
on Thursday night we got a call from my father in laws partner to ask us to meet her at a local pub for a surprise lunch for his birthday which is actually this weekend. she wanted to have it ahead of his actual birthday so as to really surprise him and it worked. it was so funny to see his face when he saw us there and then give him a present, it took him about 10 minutes to realise that she had actually set it all up. anyhow it was so lovely to spend some time with them and micks brother and his little family. the pub we went to has a great space for children it even has a carousel that only costs $2 per ride or $1 when you purchase a book of 10 rides.
here are the girls on the pumpkin carriage...
and here is their cousin Henry, this little fella is like a pocket rocket everything he does is at full speed! he was premature and spent months in hospital and is quite small for his age but that does not stop him or slow him down :0) the girls love him and he loves them especially Mia.
i think that is enough for now, i will be back with part 2... when i will show you my win from sewfunky and another mystery gift this time for the girls!!
mmwwaahh rosey
p.s. do yourself a favour and visit the blogs that i have linked to, you will not be sorry.


babalisme said...

Oh my, I hope you fell better now already! Have some chicken soup, just call and have it deliver to your home, if you're unable to cook it yourself.

And what are you talking about? I can't see any mess in that room (just a lovely curly girl over at the computer) I always envy those who has craft corner (I don't, sob!), and the decal looks really great! (more envy)

Say my hi to dear little Henry, he's so adorable. I was born prematurely too, yes I am still on the smaller side, but here I am! :D

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

OH I need need need one of those decals, where did you buy them from again, they are gorgeous!!! Of course I don't have a spare pained wall in my room but the rest of the house is open slather and then of course there is LIlly looks perfect in your room!!
Tea Party preparations are full steam ahead..see you soon,
Kiss Noises Linda moi

twinklestarart said...

That blog tea party sounds awesome! I love the wall decals, so sweet. Thanks for tweeting about my giveaway. Best of luck with it :)

ps hope you're feeling better. I've kept my kids at home before too. It is exhausting enough just doing a school run on a good day, unthinkable when feeling sick ;)

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

So sorry you've been soo sick, the flu is no fun at all. It would be nice if we could just stop everything when we're sick wouldn't it?
I love your little studio, it's not a mess at all, you should see my teenager's room. Whoa!, now that would be a mess.
Looks like the kids had a blast on their outing, and glad you're feeling a little bit better, as my Mom used to say, That Flu will really knock the wind out of your sails. hee hee.
♥ Teresa

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Being crook and being Mum all in one is never nice or easy!
Hope you get really well really soon.

Love ,love the wall decal...
I have 3 one for each kids bedrooms,
One in my lounge,Which I blogged about awhile back and One in our bedroom that is a Quote!

But I paid close to $280 for the 5 of them!

How I "lust" over the Fact you have a whole room for computing,crafting and decorating!
How I want a room all for me and My Bits and Pieces...Lucky you!