Saturday, June 13, 2009

this ones for you agapanthas

when i started this blog over a year ago i gave it a name that had personal significance to me. i am the youngest of five, three older sisters and one older brother. my sister Anita was working in a nursing home on the top of the range in our home town of toowoomba. life circumstances saw me living with Anita for most of my senior years at high school and into my uni days. if i wanted to drive her car around i would have to go to her work to get the keys after school while she did night shift. whenever i went to this, to me, dark cold smelly nursing home (smelly like really old people smell)i would talk with the more coherent residents. one in particular would call me goldsworthy and Anita agapanthas. those names have sort of stuck for us and when i say them it brings back many wonderful memories of my teenage years.
anyhow my sister anita/agapanthas has been living overseas for many years now, she has been back and forth for almost 7 years i guess, and she has given my girls nick names.
she calls lili care bear, mia pussicatti and claudia cherry liqueur. i have forgotten why she calls mia and claudia those names but lili actually looks a bit like a care bear she owns.
anyhow little miss claudia has skipped a size in clothing.. she went from size 2 straight to size 4!! when i dug out some hand me downs look at what i found... she looks so sweet in it and it is a perfect fit.
it is a matching set :o) there's even a cherry on the back ok here she is being cute. here she is performing her favourite pastime, (hey clare.. how bout a quote that says if friends were boogas i would pick you? how do you think that would sell?? :o) and this is her usual up to no good look!! not sure where this great set came from, either my gorgeous sister narelle handed it down to me or some friends at school passed it on, whereever it came from we love it.
i miss you agapanthas and hope you are home in time for your birthday next year.
mmwwwaaahhh goldsworthy


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh That would make a pretty funny stitchery!

I always wondered about your blog name,Glad you let us know the story behind the name:)

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Rosey! I'd say that little cherry outfit is 'serendipity' for your Cherry Liquere (hmmm spelling is a chellenge tonight!) And if you're climbing the hill to visit your home town ... bring LOTS of winter woollies, cos it's FREEZING up here!!! Minus temps twice this week - EEK! A cuppa in front of the fire at Choc Cottage and playing with fabric in front of Quilters Angel's fire - definitely the best way to spend time up here! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

Kerryanne English said...

What's a couple of boogas between friends. [giggle]
Claudia sure is growing quickly if she skipped a whole size - perhaps there is something highly nutritious in boogas?? Just a thought :)
hugs ~ Kerryanne

Maria-Thérèse said...

I love that quote!!!

I recently wiped my best friend's baby's nose when there was a lot, um, going on there. Made me feel all REAL grown up and mature. Ha!

Your baby is grooowing! Maybe tomorrow she'll be fifteen!

Bunny said...

That booga-picking pic needs to be your desktop wallpaper! Hehehe It may be gross but she is definitely the world's cutest nose picker. :P


clare's craftroom said...

Hey Rosey all I can say is I'm glad I picked and found a booger in you ! sorry I'm giggling away here ...

bubbachenille said...

Glad my grandson isn't the only one who isn't shy about performing this trick, I was beginning to worry and though that he would grow out of it before his 4th birthday ! He's nearly 4 and there's no sign of him letting up yet! It is very very chilly at the top of the hill! I'm living it!

Miranda said...

My gorgeous "cherry" god daughter.. she looks so cute and growing up tooooo fast !!
Love the blog xx
Love Mirr xx

Agapanthus said...

Isn't it bad... I don't remember the name of the lovely lady who gave us those names. I know that she was sharing a room with her sister in the nursing home right up until the end. Maybe Chrissie will remember, I'll have to ask her one day.

I'd love to tell you on this comment, how Pussicatti and Cherry Liqueur got their names, but I'd prefer to write a blog post about it. Was going to start one last night but after a weekend away on a sofabed my back is perilously close to a major setback, even lying on my back with knees bent as I'm supposed to, laptop on my stomach, was too painful and I found myself going for a walk at 9pm at night to try to stretch it out. I was limping home. Acupuncture this morning first thing, so will see how I am tonight.

Love the cherry outfit. Oh and she's scrumptious, just like a cherry liqueur. xx

PlanningQueen said...

Great to find out the meaning behind the name of the blog. A very sweet story.

Bellamere Cottage said...

Perfect Boooooga quote! She is ADORABLE....even picking.