Saturday, June 20, 2009

the week that was ~part 2~

so much has happened since the last post, my head is spinning and it is quite hard to remember a minute ago let alone last week...i will do my best. after our lovely weekend with micks family, the working week began with no one sick or needing to stay home! once again i had parent teacher interviews so i didn't get home until after dark and the girls greeted me with a parcel from Dione of sewfunky. a little while back i had won her giveaway and look at the vintage fabric she has used to make this tissue holder and the buttons are fabulous and will be put to good use some time soon. thanks again Dione
i am not going to put this tissue holder in my bag cause it might get all screwed up in the 'black hole' that is my bag. i am going to keep it here in my 'studyio' where i can see it but also use it.
now don't hate me for what i am going to tell you next but... i didn't attend my children's school sports day :( i do have a valid excuse though. i work a 5 day fortnight which means that every second Wednesday i get one day to myself as the baby is still in day care and the older two are at school. now i am hard pressed giving this one day a fortnight up for anything and some sports day was not going to stand in my way. well didn't i feel like THE WORST mother ever when my girls presented me with these...
yes that is third! she was so excited telling me all about how she raced so well i was so proud of her but i also felt so guilty at the same time.
and lili had also came third in her race and received a well done ribbon for some other event. in my heart i have vowed never to miss another sports day if i am not working.
i guess what made me feel better was the fact that our mystery gifter had struck again, this time with a parcel for the girls
i have narrowed my suspects and will reveal whom i think it is at the end of this post!
similar sign off as last time.
my biggest clue... someone whose name starts with a J...
anyhow look at what was inside
three of the most gorgeous hand made dolls. the lighting isn't the best but you get the general idea of how sweet they are.
this belongs to lili
mia chose this one
and my favourite colour of all time went to clauds.
they were so thrilled with these marvelous and unique little dolls. they are made out of calico which is stuffed and then weighted at the bottom so that they stand up.
ok are you ready to find out who i think gifted these to my girls? a lovely friend of mine who lives in Ipswich whose name is Jo she has a lovely little blog called a birdhouse in your soul which she doesn't update often enough :P now i am not sure if she made these dolls or bought them but i NEED to know if i am right. so Jo, i know you read this little old blog of mine... did you send these to my girls?? answer me or i will have to hunt you down and leave my kids with you :0)
there you have it more of the week that was. i will come back and catch up on the second half of the week, which also involves a blog award, a gorgeous money box and a mad, mad party.
enjoy what is left of your weekend, smooches rosey


I now drive a people mover! said...

Me? Why would I send you lot anything? Lol..Just wanted to let you know that we think of you often and my Rosie talks about you a lot.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

How sweet to have someone think of your girls and give them Little gifties.
And such sporty girls too:)

i cant sew said...

thanks jo, i think of you and rosie often too. you are so kind. write on you blog and post a few photos of those in your care.
smooches rosey

Christy said...

Lucky you to have such a sweet, thoughtful friend. Your little girls' gifts are very cute!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the girls!Love that blonde little doll.But they are all really cute.It reminds me of your curly haired daughter.

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Great job girls, and again those dolls were the sweetest little present. You're busy busy busy around there girlie.
♥ Teresa

Kerryanne English said...

A mystery gifter - how exciting for your girls. We all need a bit of mystery in our lives sometimes.
Gorgoeus dolls!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

babalisme said...

wooooooo surprises!! I love surprises! You are sooo lucky to have a really cool secret admirer (well, he/she seems to admire your girls more:))

Don't feel bad about sport day. Every working mother knows how you feel and you're not doing anything bad/wrong to them, They know how much you love them, that's the most important thing!

lexie said...

Glad your feeling better Rosey! Love the dolls and congrats to the girls on their sports achievements!

Linda said...

I love the dolls they are so cute, I know what you mean about missing the Sports Day I am normally so good about going to them, some years it has been a whole week long event depending on what grade the boys are, one year I missed half a day, that was the day that my oldest son missed the school
800m record by 1 second, he said that he could of gone harder and that he won it easy, but I feel if I had of been there maybe he would of pushed himself to the end and beaten the record, I have never missed another day again. Glad to hear that you are all now feeling better. Could you let me know what market you got the wall decal from it is so cute.
Cheers and best wishes.