Monday, April 19, 2010

growing pains

guess who is having the growing pains? ME!! yes i am having the pangs that every mother must have as they slowly realise their child is growing up....
our lili turned 8 in January and is maturing in a text book fashion. mister and i once watched a documentary in which it informed the viewers of the subtle changes that occur around the ages of 8 and 9. some of these changes included, modesty, keeping secrets and a truer understanding of cause and affect. now we knew something was changing when she asked to move into her own room the previous December and requested that she be allowed to shower without the other two knuckleheads. then the request for her ears to be pierced for her birthday really came as a shock, made me think she was really growing up.
acting in her school sacred time
i have noticed that she opts not to go onto those indoor playgrounds anymore and seems to hang around me if we are visiting with friends that have children younger than her. and in the last couple of weeks she has fixed her hair for school and gone back for a second look...almost like she cares about how she looks. that has never happened before, she is always tidy but never really interested in how she appears...we have had simple chats about the boys in her class and how we think some of the boys are quite handsome. we have been particular about which shows we watch but it seems harder and harder to avoid the word sex or passionate kissing even on commercials.
oh well i guess it was going to happen sooner or later. we are lucky she is sensible and innocent she will be the trail blazer for the other 2...GOD HELP ME!!!
she received an award at her school Assembly today for being a great actor in a class presentation.
glad that i am a stay at home mum..i get to see all of these wonderful moments!
i guess i should start reading some material on how to explain the birds and the bees to one of such an age...very simple birds and bees mind you!!
anyhow on a different note...i am working for shona at funky fabrix each Wednesday and some Saturdays and holidays. it is such a welcomed change from teaching! shona is very very nice and i think that this job is exactly what i needed to feel refreshed again. i am also volunteering some of my time to help out in the classrooms at school, in a parental role just like any other stay at home mother. that feels FANTASTIC.
best be off and feed the littlest bonser, she is home on Mondays now and it is OUR day together.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010 ~ part 3 ~

once the hunt was over the children ran back to sort out their bounty.
Linda had placed either a little solid chocolate or a fluffy chick inside each egg. the children were allowed to keep whatever was inside the egg and if they returned 5 coloured plastic eggs they received a large chocolate egg.
after the egg hunt we feasted on lots of goodies.
there were sausages, cupcakes, savoury slice and drinks galore. so much fun and so much to eat.
after the feast the children frolicked in the water until the nasty mummies and daddies said it was time to go home..of course you can imagine the drive home...ZZZZZZZ
that's the last installment of Easter Saturday...i might be back with a very brief wrap up of Easter Sunday...
it seems so long ago, the children are back to school tomorrow and it couldn't come soon enough. they are at each others throats and i am sick of 3 SHADOWS! the house is a constant mess that i seem to be constantly grumbling about. although i love the slower pace that comes with holidays i do thrive on routine @_@
anyhow happy Monday, do hope your week is super sweet.
%*_*% rosey

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010 ~ part 2 ~

so after the kite flying the daddies took the kiddies on a walk along the water while the mummies played bunnies and hid some very colourful eggs...of course i have to mention that the lovely linda organised ALL of this! she had the 'wooded' area adorned with hand made decorations and paper flowers plus 68 colourful eggs to hide. that is as well as all of the play equipment and kite making necessities. all we had to do was turn up!!
anyhoo, mister moo took the camera with him and snatched a few good pictures of the kids and the island too.
Claudia simply LOVES the beach! so does little miss Mia moo.
wowzer, we have never seen a hermit crab THAT big before! the next two photos crack me up...
quick run for your lives...
is that hermit crab chasing us??
I SEE THE BRIDGE! (did you beat me linda?) click on the pictures to get a better view of the bridge that takes you to lindas house.
after the walk was over Linda gathered the kidlets together, gave them their instructions and let them go!
wise adults stood still! @_@
it was every man for themselves, what fun an egg hunt is. every child should have at least 2 each Easter :)
we hid some low and some up high, the kids enjoyed filling up their kites. little miss lili looking very pleased with herself. look at the excitement! she has discovered that there is a chocolate egg inside!
the smiles on the children's faces and the sharing of eggs so that no one missed out makes my heart soar. and to be honest all 10 children were so well mannered, behaved and friendly which made for a very pleasant day.
all done! then it was back to the picnic spot for the next step in the egg hunt...but i wll leave that for part 3 of easter 2010.
do yourself a favour and pop on over to lindas blog, she is the reason i started this blog and why i decided to find my crafty side. i encourage you to follow her blog, you wont be disappointed.

Monday, April 5, 2010

easter 2010 ~ part 1 ~

the festivities of Easter this year have been so full on that i am going to have to post about them in parts so as not to bore anyone with endless photos of egg hunts and baskets over flowing.
even before the Easter break began each of the girls had eggs in their baskets...teachers generously allowing the Easter bunny to find his way into the classroom ~_~ Easter Friday was spent in bed until about 8am, even though the fog horn was up much earlier than that. we had a lovely day, each of us doing our own thing. mister managed to finish off 'project day bed' and i cooked up a cupcake feast while the girls played the day away.
the next day we headed off to
not sure why this happens..turn your head or the screen whichever is easier :)
i really wasn't expecting such a glorious spot to spend my Easter Saturday. it is a place that we are sure to revisit very very soon. today i will let you in on the first part of the morning...kite making and flying!
i didn't manage to get any photos of the actual process of making kites because the wind was threatening to blow EVERYTHING away and my hands were needed to hold things down. but Linda made sure that everything was pre cut and ready to go (she is a kindy mum from way back)
love these photos, especially these two.
Linda's youngest and my eldest get on very well together, so much so it is hard to tell them apart at times...
this little hamster loved every minute of the day and kept us all laughing with her good humor and cheeky smile.
i love the way the background is blurry but Alanah is in focus. she had a great time racing around and got along very well with Mia.
and of course Linda had other things to do while you were waiting to make a kite... you could through bean bags into hula hoops or use them for what they were intended...
there were some boys there too but they were too quick for me to get a picture!!
so much fun i tell ya!
anyhoo that is enough for this post, back with my next installment of what came after kite making.

Friday, April 2, 2010

not that sort of tea party...

no mad hatters tea party here sorry... just a party for my little girl who turned 6 last month and 6 of her sweet little friends. but before the day of the party...
it seems to be quickly becoming tradition that we cut cake at my fathers house followed by an afternoon of good laughs, coffee and treats. it is an open invitation to all those that can make it and no matter if it is just us or all of the family we seem to mark the occasion with much love and new memories.
we also follow tradition with a dinner of the birthday girl/boys choice.
Mia chose 'hogs breath cafe' for our meal and we happily headed out the night before her party. we have been to this restaurant 3 times so far this year!! we don't eat out much so i guess it is a bit of an extravagance we can afford :)
here are the girls excited to be all dressed up and ready to go. mick and the girls on one side and Claudia and i on the other. we love this family restaurant, colouring pages for the children, drink, meal and sweets all for just $8.95!
the following morning as early as everyone can bear we open presents on our bed. we buy three presents. one from each sibling and one from us.
here she is with her new favourite toys! littlest pet shop seems to be all the rage around here, they are so cute i can understand why they like them so much.
once all the presents were unwrapped it was time to get the party started...well set up in our case. we put out the little tea cups made by the girls the previous night...
i made fresh fairy bread and iced the cupcakes. mick cut up fruit and made cordial for the tea pots.
and then the little guests arrived. the girls had so much fun. nothing fancy at this party, just good old fashioned fun. while they played on the sings and in the cubby house
here she is with her "bestest buddy" jorja
or jumped on the trampoline
we prepared for some party games...we had pass the tea pot...
wrapped lollies inside the pot made for lots of fun and no messy newspaper to clean up :)
we also played balancing the book on your head and seeing who would walk down the path the much fun and lots of giggles. and we also played pin the cherry on the cupcake...
excuse my crude cupcake...i made it at about 11:30 the night before!
the girls had so much fun, we had hot finger food and still hadn't cut the cake when parents started to arrive to take their children home!
anyhow no birthday is complete without a cake...and our favourite and most requested cake is the raspberry swirl (packet mix of course). i coloured the icing pink and decorated it with flowers made out of marshmallows.
(love that cake plate i got on sale at spotlight for $20!)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet curly haired angel! it is hard to believe you are 6! you make us so happy and i love our special cuddles. you are constantly curling up on my lap expecting to be tickled :) you are smart, above average so i am love to ride your bike and you love to play with your sisters.
we love you more than you will ever know and so do all those around you. big smooches your number 1 fan mummy
and if you are still here after that super long post, have a happy Easter and a safe break.