Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010 ~ part 3 ~

once the hunt was over the children ran back to sort out their bounty.
Linda had placed either a little solid chocolate or a fluffy chick inside each egg. the children were allowed to keep whatever was inside the egg and if they returned 5 coloured plastic eggs they received a large chocolate egg.
after the egg hunt we feasted on lots of goodies.
there were sausages, cupcakes, savoury slice and drinks galore. so much fun and so much to eat.
after the feast the children frolicked in the water until the nasty mummies and daddies said it was time to go home..of course you can imagine the drive home...ZZZZZZZ
that's the last installment of Easter Saturday...i might be back with a very brief wrap up of Easter Sunday...
it seems so long ago, the children are back to school tomorrow and it couldn't come soon enough. they are at each others throats and i am sick of 3 SHADOWS! the house is a constant mess that i seem to be constantly grumbling about. although i love the slower pace that comes with holidays i do thrive on routine @_@
anyhow happy Monday, do hope your week is super sweet.
%*_*% rosey


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Looks and sounds so fun!
The kids would love the water,I know mine are like fish!
Though the weather here has been like 10 degrees til nearly lunchtime last couple of days

I see the Bridge! said...

Oh I so agree about the school holidays...a quick trip to the shops took forever and cost me a kazillion dollars....I am looking for for school to start again tomorrow so I can think straight! I wish everyday was a playing inthe park and swimming day.
Love the picture of little C on the board pushed by the big C...
Kiss Noises Linda

clare's craftroom said...

You must have had a great time ! We've still got a week of holidays here but my house is always a mess , lol !