Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010 ~ part 2 ~

so after the kite flying the daddies took the kiddies on a walk along the water while the mummies played bunnies and hid some very colourful eggs...of course i have to mention that the lovely linda organised ALL of this! she had the 'wooded' area adorned with hand made decorations and paper flowers plus 68 colourful eggs to hide. that is as well as all of the play equipment and kite making necessities. all we had to do was turn up!!
anyhoo, mister moo took the camera with him and snatched a few good pictures of the kids and the island too.
Claudia simply LOVES the beach! so does little miss Mia moo.
wowzer, we have never seen a hermit crab THAT big before! the next two photos crack me up...
quick run for your lives...
is that hermit crab chasing us??
I SEE THE BRIDGE! (did you beat me linda?) click on the pictures to get a better view of the bridge that takes you to lindas house.
after the walk was over Linda gathered the kidlets together, gave them their instructions and let them go!
wise adults stood still! @_@
it was every man for themselves, what fun an egg hunt is. every child should have at least 2 each Easter :)
we hid some low and some up high, the kids enjoyed filling up their kites. little miss lili looking very pleased with herself. look at the excitement! she has discovered that there is a chocolate egg inside!
the smiles on the children's faces and the sharing of eggs so that no one missed out makes my heart soar. and to be honest all 10 children were so well mannered, behaved and friendly which made for a very pleasant day.
all done! then it was back to the picnic spot for the next step in the egg hunt...but i wll leave that for part 3 of easter 2010.
do yourself a favour and pop on over to lindas blog, she is the reason i started this blog and why i decided to find my crafty side. i encourage you to follow her blog, you wont be disappointed.


becky said...

Looks like fun rosey! I would love to visit there, Austrailia, but the plane ride would drive me nuts that long LOL.Mia looks so adorable in that hat too cute

Happy Wednesday Rosey.

Bunny said...

What fun!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Fun1
I love the idea of the kites becomming the goody bag too!

Julia said...

All I can say is "FUN!"

Kerryanne English said...

Amazing photos Rosey of what looks like a very special annual event. Those smiles are priceless!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

lexie said...

What a great day! Great pics too!