Monday, April 5, 2010

easter 2010 ~ part 1 ~

the festivities of Easter this year have been so full on that i am going to have to post about them in parts so as not to bore anyone with endless photos of egg hunts and baskets over flowing.
even before the Easter break began each of the girls had eggs in their baskets...teachers generously allowing the Easter bunny to find his way into the classroom ~_~ Easter Friday was spent in bed until about 8am, even though the fog horn was up much earlier than that. we had a lovely day, each of us doing our own thing. mister managed to finish off 'project day bed' and i cooked up a cupcake feast while the girls played the day away.
the next day we headed off to
not sure why this happens..turn your head or the screen whichever is easier :)
i really wasn't expecting such a glorious spot to spend my Easter Saturday. it is a place that we are sure to revisit very very soon. today i will let you in on the first part of the morning...kite making and flying!
i didn't manage to get any photos of the actual process of making kites because the wind was threatening to blow EVERYTHING away and my hands were needed to hold things down. but Linda made sure that everything was pre cut and ready to go (she is a kindy mum from way back)
love these photos, especially these two.
Linda's youngest and my eldest get on very well together, so much so it is hard to tell them apart at times...
this little hamster loved every minute of the day and kept us all laughing with her good humor and cheeky smile.
i love the way the background is blurry but Alanah is in focus. she had a great time racing around and got along very well with Mia.
and of course Linda had other things to do while you were waiting to make a kite... you could through bean bags into hula hoops or use them for what they were intended...
there were some boys there too but they were too quick for me to get a picture!!
so much fun i tell ya!
anyhoo that is enough for this post, back with my next installment of what came after kite making.


I see the bridge!!! said...

Oh I love the photos of Mia with the hula hoop!!! In fact I love all the photos...I know what happens next but I am really keen to see your photos...
Thank you so much for coming and for our most gorgeous easter Present, I shall post soon, it was soooo gorgeous, I have claimed what was probably DH's....I loved them too much.
Kiss Noises Linda

Bunny said...

Beautiful photos, Rosey! Linda is one creative lady, that invite is adorable!

My goodness, I think the girls get taller every time you post photos. Stop growing up, darn it! ;)


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Rosey,
What a way to spend Easter with your family. Great family photo's and memories to keep.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

What a gorgeous time you had in beautiful settings... and people to spend time with!

soggibottom said...

When ever you have pics of your beautiful kids on here they always looks so happy. It's lovely :-)
x x x
No, Fluffs did nott have an easter egg.. I tried to find fish flavor ones :-) x

Kerryanne English said...

Oh that lovely Lilly Linda!! Is there anyone more gorgeous and generous than she? I look forward to following this Easter adventure.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne