Sunday, August 31, 2008

gotta love sidewalk chalk!

click on any of the pictures to enlarge them, this one is worth clicking on!
recently the children drew all over the side of the house with chalk and of course the lack of sideways rain means that their art work (know as MYART in my family) is still visible. lili decided to add a bit more but chose the path this time. i am always surprised by my girls artistic imaginations and love the way our 'rascally apprentice of all things naughty' (otherwise known as cordial, fattyham, or claudia) gets involved by scribbling all over their efforts. while she was safely tucked away in the swing, lili and mia managed to get a few masterpieces down for all eternity, or until the next time it rains:) here is lilis peacock. isnt it great!
this is mias picture of ME, i am very slim, i like it!
the artists at work:)
we love spending as much time outside in the yard as possible and when the children arent fighting it is the most glorious way to spend an afternoon.
time for me to put the girls to sleep, dancing with the stars started again tonight it is their most fav show. they get to stay up late and dance in the dark with their dad as dance partner. I LOVE IT. mmwah goldsworthy

Saturday, August 30, 2008

i like to call it 'project peacock'!

i have one interested viewer (thats all it takes!) who would love to see the sketches and beginnings of my next little project, thanks mir for taking an interest in my crappy crafting efforts. it began as a design on my classroom chalk board and must have remained in my subconscious, because as i doodled a design out it came. it is starting life as a pillow ( i have never made a pillow but i am assuming it isnt that hard) and my next step would be to make a soft toy (softie)based on the same design. i know you're all whistling and shaking your heads at my crazy talk but for some reason this stuff is consuming me and all i want to do is create!! here are the sketches.
design with ideas for additions, might change my mind about things.have seen shimmery wire thread i am hoping to use for crown.have since been given good advice about quilting behind the body but alas i had already started. i will remember that trick for next time.bought a hoop to make it easier, great invention, feel real
professional now:)
long way to go but i am having a blast.
mick and the kids are my number one fans and they encourage me to keep going with their ooohhhs and aaahhhs at how cleaver i am to have designed it all on my own:)i think it will find a good home on our bed as it will really go well with the decor of our bedroom. you can order one if you like with your choice of colours, just let me know. but you might be waiting a while:)
i promise i will show you my babushka as soon as i get the flower (hopefully tonight) and add some bells to her hips. she is pretty cute if i say so myself.
bye for now my gorgeous friends. mmwah rosey

Thursday, August 28, 2008

who said gardening is relaxing???

today began better than yesterday. claudia woke up on the right side of the bed (thank god!) and the weather, although overcast, was fine enough to walk lili to school. we are so lucky to live one street away from school and more often than not we take the 'long' way home which pleases me because we have a lovely view of the mountains from the top of our street. every now and then we run into an older couple leaving their home and the old man is so very friendly, the kind of man that restores your faith in our world. today he had a little chat with claudia about her umbrella and then reached into his pocket and pulled out two gold coins, one for her and one for mia! how nice, we recently met our back door neighbour and he has since been leaving little parcels of home grown goodies like mandarins, oranges and jaboica (cross between grape and lychee) we cut some bird of paradise flowers for our back door neighbour and took some jasmine up the road to our newest best neighbour.
anyhow back to my title, today i started to clear the overgrown patch where 'jane' will eventually reside (read my previous blog to get up to date)
this is the spot i have great dreams for and had a bit of a start on today, but of course i had my little 'apprentices' with me squabbling with each other, pulling out things i wanted to keep, dropping dirt on my head... needless to say i wasnt feeling relaxed!
they on the other hand loved spending that time with me and after a little while claduia wanted to stop and play. i had to follow her inside where we sat in front of the little people toys and lined them up. i didnt know we had 35 little people toys!!
the next two photos speak volumes one person is intense the other looks defeated (can you guess which person looks defeated)
we had a great time playing with the toys until my poor back could not spend one more second on the ground. before we moved off CLAUDIA took this photo, pretty impressive seeing that she wasnt even looking at the screen!!
tomorrow is another day and a few weeds closer to success. wish me luck and pray that some sort of distraction takes my girls away from me for a wee while (yeh right as if thats going to happen, the queen could visit and they would still want to be with me, the wiggles on the other hand...)
mmwah rosey

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

as promised

as promised, here the lovely little purchases we made at our local sunday markets. it really is our favourite thing to do as a family after a good old 'bonser breakfast'. the first photo is of the gorgeous little silver figurines each of the girls bought that now have a place on the hutch (will show photos of it after i have a clean up and reorganisation). lili bought a little mouse sitting on a piece of wheat, mia bought a rabbit and we chose a cat for claudia. little bit blurry, need a new camera. seriously! we moved on to lilly cottage and lili and mia bought lucky dips and some lavender (which now resides in their clothes wardrobe, just Divine) and we chose another bird for claudia, we have a flock of them! aaahh life is so good!! i actually bought MYSELF something from the cottage. i have great plans for this little bird that i have named 'jane'. it involves me and some gardening tools. alright stop laughing, i'll show you! i will take a before shot and i might just knock your socks off:) here she is my little Jane. isnt she gorgeous, dont you think she looks just like a jane? and finally mick got something too. mia and i snuck away to get it cause he would never buy anything for himself. he is going to turn it into a fabric storer for me, just wait to see how it turns out. before i sign off i did some sketches of an idea i have for my next project (babushka is just waiting for some bells and the little flowers my gorgeous sister has made) would you like a sneak peek at my sketches? leave me a comment and i might just oblige:) sending you all sweet kisses mmwah goldsworthy

Sunday, August 24, 2008

just playing

mia dresses herself each day and mick and i have a giggle each time. here she is with a head band on but looks more like a tennis player from the 80's than a child of the new millenium.
trying to put photos in anywhere

can i put another photo here?

oh my god i just did it without anyones help...except mick sitting beside me eggign me on,( except he makes me laugh when he asks "who are you talking to?") i am not sure if anyone out there is reading this but really it is more for me anyway!! ready for another photo?

claudia working out!!

well folks this old dog has just learnt a new trick. catch you later. xx goldsworthy

i think i may have found an earth angel or two...

well toowoombrrrrrrrrr certainly didnt let us down on the cold front. we knew it would be cold but we didnt expect the arctic winds that greeted us as we hopped out of the car. earth angel number 1 ( the gorgeous miranda) greeted us with the prospect of sleet but we scurried up to the cosy comfort of her little unit as quick our legs could carry us.
why is she an earth angel i hear you ask? well she makes my little family feel like they are the most important people on this planet and nothing they ever do seems to annoy her. i never feel judged as a mother around mir, rather she makes me feel like i am doing a good job with my girls. i wish that all her dreams come true because out of all the people i know, she deserves it the most.
now onto earth angel number 2... a little lady from lilly cottage (link on sidebar) by the name of linda gave my girls a big parcel of goodies, just because!!! she wasnt at the shop due to illness, so we could thank her in person but if she reads this, three little girls (and one big one) want to cover her with thousands of juicy kisses and hundreds of neck breaking hugs!! the girls each had $6 to spend at the markets and after buying a little pewterish animal for $2 they headed straight for their favourite place on earth to spend the rest. waiting for them was lindas mother with a big bag full of gorgeous hand made and vintage stuff from linda. the photos above show the booty, a little something for each of them. it is nice to know that kind and generous people do exist. thanks again earth angel linda.
the next post will show what we actually bought on our trip out:)
mmwah rosey
p.s. wish i could put the photos through my text rather than at the top would make so much more sense, if anyone has any tips???

Friday, August 22, 2008

another first and a sad last

goodbye sweet cot!! you have been such a part of our life now for over 6 years, life will NEVER be the same:) yes the baby has won the fight and now sleeps on a mattress on the floor (we havent had the time to go shopping for a bed) so far she hasnt tried to escape the room but does protest about having to go to bed. i just cant wait until the teribble twos are over and we can reason with her (i can hear all you seasoned parents laughing) we have to face facts and get on with life. in reality lili and mia were both out of the cot before they were two so it was about time this last stage happened. another first - she had a dry nappy after her nap yesterday so going to the toilet is paying off at last. by the way, babushka is almost fininshed but i am not happy with her base. i will show you as soon as she has all her ribbons on. mmwah rosey

Sunday, August 17, 2008

baby for sale!

on the 3rd july, 2006, claudia came into this world quiet, compliant and ready to be the text book 3rd child. she slept through at 4 and half weeks, was so quiet that she didnt even cry for a feed. a midwife once labeled her as a 'placid baby' and we, proud of our parenting skills, patted each other on the back and imagined our future with a child that just did as we asked and never rocked the boat.
(cue sinister music) basically the minute she turned 1 all hell broke loose, you could literally see her rubbing her hands together and thinking ha had you all fooled. she has run us ragged for the past year and anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with her can attest to that! she has a faster grab than an octopus, a louder scream than a banshee, sleeps more lightly than the greatest spy, has a more cunning mind than a fox and more climbing ability than a monkey! last night she put all those skills to use as we woke her while retiring for the night. we have used the controlled crying method with our children but this was not going to work on this occasion as the little minx scaled the walls of the cot about 80 times from 11pm till 3am. we tried having her in bed with us but she was too awake to fall back to sleep. finally, after poor old mick had put her back for the umpteenth time i got up grabbed her forcefully and smacked her as she started to get out again. i told her off and it got through to her. we are so tired and worried about tonight!
please say your prayers to the cosmic gods who have somehow put her karma off kilter to restore our little angel.
mmwah rosey

Saturday, August 16, 2008

drinks anyone????

i like friday and saturday nights cause i relax with my dear ol hubby with a scotch or two. however, since a recent trip away with my 20 year old friends, i mean friends i have known for 20 years (although when we get together we revert bakc to when we were 20) i was introduced to a new drink. aaahhh the siberian mule... it is so dreamily delicious, light but punchy, tantilising without being overpowering, basically easy to drink, too easy!! because i like you i shall share the recipe with all acknowledgement and accolades going to teeny bop (aka tina)
1 nip of vodka
half a glass of club soda
half a glass of ginger beer
squeeze of lime
all in a tall glass filled with ice
now i know that limes are $20 a kilo so if you have a kind neighbour that will give you some, knock 'em down and them and share your booty with me!! jokes aside, what it really means is that once you have cut open the lime you have to have as many drinks as it takes to finish it off:)
well i'm off to tidy up and dream of the moment when the girls are bedded down and i hear the tinkling of ice...
mmwah rosey (stole that kiss noise from miranda)

show and tell

i have been busy creating little things for my girls, inspired by the lovely ladies at lilly cottage (their link is on the side bar). i am so bad at sewing but am enjoying making things so much that i wish it was my full time job (except for the back ache from working on the couch, not a good spot). one night while mick was assuming his usual position, on the couch ASLEEP, i created a sweet little angel. when i woke him he like what he saw and said now what? i hadnt thought that far ahead, after some deep thinking we came up with making her into the tooth fairy and then turning it into a pouch. it is so bad cause i have no idea how to line a bag but lili loves it, so it has found a place on our hutch. the other photo is of a work in progress, my babushka doll, i will post her completed after i beg my gorgeous sister melissa to make me a crocheted flower.
i am so bad at writing, hop my blog isnt boring you to death!!
anyhow bye for now
x rosey

Thursday, August 14, 2008

vintage treasures

this is so much fun, i am learning how to navigate this blog the more i use it. so i realise now that 5 photos is the the limit so here is the photo of my vintage treasures that only cost me $3. lili and i had so much fun finding them.
xx goldsworthy

a claytons holiday!

this week has been fantastic! week 5 of term three is over for me and i only had to go to work for one day! the whole bonser family had monday off for the show holiday celebrated by morteon region citizens and then just lili and i had wednesday off for the brisbane citizens turn to visit the ekka. technically i would have had wednesday off anyway but it was the first time in a very long time that it was just lili and i at home. needless to say we did not stay home. we did what we like to do best - trawling the thrift shops for 'treasures' as we like to call it. we didnt find much but we had such a good time together.
one of my favourite things to do is to leave little presents on the childrens bed and we found something sweet to add to the hutch (i will show you our hutch another time). we could only find two little birds but claudia was just as happy with the packet of cheese balls:)
i would like to add lots of photos but i am not sure how. i will give it a go. the photos i would like to show are of the birds, cheesy cheese ball grin and the vintage books and record that we found - 'treasures'
xx goldsworthy

Sunday, August 10, 2008

a rose by any other name...

i want to tell you about my blog spot title. it is a name dear to me and my sister anita ( i have 3 gorgeous, generous, loving and inspiring sisters). many moons ago when i lived with my sister anita, she worked in a nursing home caring for dear old men and women. one lady ( i will have to ask anita to remind me of her name but i think it was 'goldie') would with out fail call anita agapanthas and me goldsworthy, even though we would correct her. after a while we stopped correcting her and those have been our nicknames for each other for over 20 years now. x goldsworthy
p.s. the photo is of me, (rosey) and my sister anita i am not good at loading more than one photo at a time so i will have to show you a photo of my other sisters another time.:)

Friday, August 8, 2008


we love to bake when the baby is asleep. then it is all cooled and ready to ice just as she wakes up. we decided to make a lemon cake and we all agreed that the best bit was licking the beaters!

my very first go

here goes my first attempt at blogging. i love to blog surf and have been wanting to start my own for such a long time just to share a bit about me and my life. i have just started to make little items of craft to give to others and it has become a little addivctive. so i will use this site to share and get ideas and comments off other bloggers.