Sunday, August 24, 2008

i think i may have found an earth angel or two...

well toowoombrrrrrrrrr certainly didnt let us down on the cold front. we knew it would be cold but we didnt expect the arctic winds that greeted us as we hopped out of the car. earth angel number 1 ( the gorgeous miranda) greeted us with the prospect of sleet but we scurried up to the cosy comfort of her little unit as quick our legs could carry us.
why is she an earth angel i hear you ask? well she makes my little family feel like they are the most important people on this planet and nothing they ever do seems to annoy her. i never feel judged as a mother around mir, rather she makes me feel like i am doing a good job with my girls. i wish that all her dreams come true because out of all the people i know, she deserves it the most.
now onto earth angel number 2... a little lady from lilly cottage (link on sidebar) by the name of linda gave my girls a big parcel of goodies, just because!!! she wasnt at the shop due to illness, so we could thank her in person but if she reads this, three little girls (and one big one) want to cover her with thousands of juicy kisses and hundreds of neck breaking hugs!! the girls each had $6 to spend at the markets and after buying a little pewterish animal for $2 they headed straight for their favourite place on earth to spend the rest. waiting for them was lindas mother with a big bag full of gorgeous hand made and vintage stuff from linda. the photos above show the booty, a little something for each of them. it is nice to know that kind and generous people do exist. thanks again earth angel linda.
the next post will show what we actually bought on our trip out:)
mmwah rosey
p.s. wish i could put the photos through my text rather than at the top would make so much more sense, if anyone has any tips???


Miranda said...

Oh Rosey... You are my Rock.. I do love you and your family so much.. I am so touched by your blog you wrote about me.. Words cannot explain what a wonderful friend you are to me and how much you mean to me...
Always your friend xx

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Hello gorgeous girls, you are more than welcome for your little parcel, how nice is it to give just because presents and know that you will get a warm fuzzy for both giving and receiving!! Thank you for the kind kind words and all my kisses and hugs!!! Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage