Friday, August 22, 2008

another first and a sad last

goodbye sweet cot!! you have been such a part of our life now for over 6 years, life will NEVER be the same:) yes the baby has won the fight and now sleeps on a mattress on the floor (we havent had the time to go shopping for a bed) so far she hasnt tried to escape the room but does protest about having to go to bed. i just cant wait until the teribble twos are over and we can reason with her (i can hear all you seasoned parents laughing) we have to face facts and get on with life. in reality lili and mia were both out of the cot before they were two so it was about time this last stage happened. another first - she had a dry nappy after her nap yesterday so going to the toilet is paying off at last. by the way, babushka is almost fininshed but i am not happy with her base. i will show you as soon as she has all her ribbons on. mmwah rosey


knitty bitty apparel said...

How sweet Rosey---checked out your link----like the drink recipe---I would like to try it, but I don't know what ginger beer is? Maybe I can't get it here?? ANd, I'll add you as a link ;-)

I want a People Mover.. said...

Hi Rosey,
if you want to get rid of your cot or any baby gear.. think of me.. your sweet friend lol.

Loving the blog baby