Wednesday, August 27, 2008

as promised

as promised, here the lovely little purchases we made at our local sunday markets. it really is our favourite thing to do as a family after a good old 'bonser breakfast'. the first photo is of the gorgeous little silver figurines each of the girls bought that now have a place on the hutch (will show photos of it after i have a clean up and reorganisation). lili bought a little mouse sitting on a piece of wheat, mia bought a rabbit and we chose a cat for claudia. little bit blurry, need a new camera. seriously! we moved on to lilly cottage and lili and mia bought lucky dips and some lavender (which now resides in their clothes wardrobe, just Divine) and we chose another bird for claudia, we have a flock of them! aaahh life is so good!! i actually bought MYSELF something from the cottage. i have great plans for this little bird that i have named 'jane'. it involves me and some gardening tools. alright stop laughing, i'll show you! i will take a before shot and i might just knock your socks off:) here she is my little Jane. isnt she gorgeous, dont you think she looks just like a jane? and finally mick got something too. mia and i snuck away to get it cause he would never buy anything for himself. he is going to turn it into a fabric storer for me, just wait to see how it turns out. before i sign off i did some sketches of an idea i have for my next project (babushka is just waiting for some bells and the little flowers my gorgeous sister has made) would you like a sneak peek at my sketches? leave me a comment and i might just oblige:) sending you all sweet kisses mmwah goldsworthy


Miranda said...

Yes Rosey.. I would love to see your sketches.. and see the end result of your little "Jane" after you have played with the tools... don't hammer your finger !!
Love Mir x

Julie said...

Hey Rose
Love your blog spot. It is the gas. Am enjoying the bonser exploits especially the ones involving the tender two year old so like my own. The little dear just left a present of an iced vo vo in my handbag as a parting gift.
Love Jules