Saturday, August 30, 2008

i like to call it 'project peacock'!

i have one interested viewer (thats all it takes!) who would love to see the sketches and beginnings of my next little project, thanks mir for taking an interest in my crappy crafting efforts. it began as a design on my classroom chalk board and must have remained in my subconscious, because as i doodled a design out it came. it is starting life as a pillow ( i have never made a pillow but i am assuming it isnt that hard) and my next step would be to make a soft toy (softie)based on the same design. i know you're all whistling and shaking your heads at my crazy talk but for some reason this stuff is consuming me and all i want to do is create!! here are the sketches.
design with ideas for additions, might change my mind about things.have seen shimmery wire thread i am hoping to use for crown.have since been given good advice about quilting behind the body but alas i had already started. i will remember that trick for next time.bought a hoop to make it easier, great invention, feel real
professional now:)
long way to go but i am having a blast.
mick and the kids are my number one fans and they encourage me to keep going with their ooohhhs and aaahhhs at how cleaver i am to have designed it all on my own:)i think it will find a good home on our bed as it will really go well with the decor of our bedroom. you can order one if you like with your choice of colours, just let me know. but you might be waiting a while:)
i promise i will show you my babushka as soon as i get the flower (hopefully tonight) and add some bells to her hips. she is pretty cute if i say so myself.
bye for now my gorgeous friends. mmwah rosey


Julie said...

You always were very artistic at school. Unlike my poor efforts in art class. I am proud of your efforts my friend. Look forward to watching the peacock progress.

knitty bitty apparel said...

OOOHHHH....can't wait to see more---and the doll too!! Have a great weekend!

Miranda said...

I can't wait to see the end result rosey...
Love reading up on the progress !
Love Mir xx