Saturday, August 16, 2008

drinks anyone????

i like friday and saturday nights cause i relax with my dear ol hubby with a scotch or two. however, since a recent trip away with my 20 year old friends, i mean friends i have known for 20 years (although when we get together we revert bakc to when we were 20) i was introduced to a new drink. aaahhh the siberian mule... it is so dreamily delicious, light but punchy, tantilising without being overpowering, basically easy to drink, too easy!! because i like you i shall share the recipe with all acknowledgement and accolades going to teeny bop (aka tina)
1 nip of vodka
half a glass of club soda
half a glass of ginger beer
squeeze of lime
all in a tall glass filled with ice
now i know that limes are $20 a kilo so if you have a kind neighbour that will give you some, knock 'em down and them and share your booty with me!! jokes aside, what it really means is that once you have cut open the lime you have to have as many drinks as it takes to finish it off:)
well i'm off to tidy up and dream of the moment when the girls are bedded down and i hear the tinkling of ice...
mmwah rosey (stole that kiss noise from miranda)

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