Saturday, August 16, 2008

show and tell

i have been busy creating little things for my girls, inspired by the lovely ladies at lilly cottage (their link is on the side bar). i am so bad at sewing but am enjoying making things so much that i wish it was my full time job (except for the back ache from working on the couch, not a good spot). one night while mick was assuming his usual position, on the couch ASLEEP, i created a sweet little angel. when i woke him he like what he saw and said now what? i hadnt thought that far ahead, after some deep thinking we came up with making her into the tooth fairy and then turning it into a pouch. it is so bad cause i have no idea how to line a bag but lili loves it, so it has found a place on our hutch. the other photo is of a work in progress, my babushka doll, i will post her completed after i beg my gorgeous sister melissa to make me a crocheted flower.
i am so bad at writing, hop my blog isnt boring you to death!!
anyhow bye for now
x rosey

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