Sunday, August 31, 2008

gotta love sidewalk chalk!

click on any of the pictures to enlarge them, this one is worth clicking on!
recently the children drew all over the side of the house with chalk and of course the lack of sideways rain means that their art work (know as MYART in my family) is still visible. lili decided to add a bit more but chose the path this time. i am always surprised by my girls artistic imaginations and love the way our 'rascally apprentice of all things naughty' (otherwise known as cordial, fattyham, or claudia) gets involved by scribbling all over their efforts. while she was safely tucked away in the swing, lili and mia managed to get a few masterpieces down for all eternity, or until the next time it rains:) here is lilis peacock. isnt it great!
this is mias picture of ME, i am very slim, i like it!
the artists at work:)
we love spending as much time outside in the yard as possible and when the children arent fighting it is the most glorious way to spend an afternoon.
time for me to put the girls to sleep, dancing with the stars started again tonight it is their most fav show. they get to stay up late and dance in the dark with their dad as dance partner. I LOVE IT. mmwah goldsworthy


tantehilde said...

What a beautiful peacock! Sometimes it's a pity they draw the most beautiful things with chalk, so you can't save it forever...luckily there are photocamera's!

Frances said...

That is a great peacock! Wish I could draw half as well...
Thanks for dropping by wishthimble...please send me a postal address and I'll pop a little crafty thing in the post.
All the best, Fran.