Thursday, August 14, 2008

a claytons holiday!

this week has been fantastic! week 5 of term three is over for me and i only had to go to work for one day! the whole bonser family had monday off for the show holiday celebrated by morteon region citizens and then just lili and i had wednesday off for the brisbane citizens turn to visit the ekka. technically i would have had wednesday off anyway but it was the first time in a very long time that it was just lili and i at home. needless to say we did not stay home. we did what we like to do best - trawling the thrift shops for 'treasures' as we like to call it. we didnt find much but we had such a good time together.
one of my favourite things to do is to leave little presents on the childrens bed and we found something sweet to add to the hutch (i will show you our hutch another time). we could only find two little birds but claudia was just as happy with the packet of cheese balls:)
i would like to add lots of photos but i am not sure how. i will give it a go. the photos i would like to show are of the birds, cheesy cheese ball grin and the vintage books and record that we found - 'treasures'
xx goldsworthy

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Ckmetro said...

Great work guys !!